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A guest post from nzsovsupporter

I have been reading alternative news (e.g. Instapundit) for at least 18 years, with a particular interest in USA politics. Let me tell you a recent story.

President Obama’s policies, such as the stimulus bill and Obamacare were very unpopular. As a result, in the 2014 midterm elections the Republicans gained control of Congress (Senate and House).

Republicans in the House voted to repeal Obamacare more that 50 times and at least one bill passed the Senate in 2015, but of course the President Obama vetoed it.

In 2016 Trump was elected. With control over all three branches of government, Obamacare repeal should have been as easy as 1 2 3 for the Republicans to achieve.

But they didn’t. They also didn’t provide funding for the border wall Trump campaigned on. Instead, in the midterm elections they lost the House.

Why couldn’t the Republicans achieve their aims? Why couldn’t they repeal Obamacare ( a bill passed the House but this time did not pass the senate). Why couldn’t they help Trump with his wall?

In a way Republicans did achieve their aims. See – they don’t work for the voters. They are bought and paid for by the special interests. Their aims are to stop Trump.There is only one UniParty in Washington.

$5.8 milllion per lawmaker per year buys a lot of resistance. The illusion of opposition can be maintained as most Republicans are safe to vote the way a true opposition would.

Back to New Zealand. The establishment know that when they attack our freedoms, we will need an outlet for our frustrations. A party that gives the illusion of opposition.

Act is the perfect fit for this role. They are allowed to talk about free speech and gun laws as much as they please to gather a following. However there is nothing in their policy online on the UN Migration Pact. This is because the public are largely in the dark about it, and it is best from an establishment point of view that it is not talked about.

So if you want to wake up the public – talk about the Pact – the establishment don’t want you to do this!

I have come to the same conclusion about ACT and their refusal to discuss the UN Migration Pact in public. Therefore we the public need to keep at them until they WILL discuss it.

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  1. You are on to it.
    Act and Seymour just say things on topical issues to try and attract support from the disaffected but underneath it all he is a false prophet.
    He is a choirboy for diversity and multiculturalism, supporter of refugees and yesterday showed for all to see his support for free speech is as changeable as the wind also.
    Would not surprise me if all his policy announcements are vetted by National first.



    • “Would not surprise me if all his policy announcements are vetted by National first.”

      I think the divide between ACT and National is as wide as it ever has been. The voters in NZ are pretty flaky and while ardern umms and ahhs her way through it all National is keeping their powder dry until there is an issue that provides a clear division betwenn them and the coalition.

      Too many voters are dumb enough to believe in man made climate change so drawing a line in the sand there is just plain dumb, same with firearms. The land issue in Auckland is one that may provide a clear path but until ardern makes up her mind we’ll just have to watch and wait.



      • I’m amazed by your total unwavering support of these cretins, TM. You always manage to come up with something positive to say about them. If YOU were on their campaign team I’m sure they would be in a much more healthy polling position than they are now.

        You’re pure gold, mate! ???



  2. With control over all three branches of government, Obamacare repeal should have been as easy as 1 2 3 for the Republicans to achieve

    Save us from ignorance, please.

    This Conservative Blog has a very good explanation of why the Republicans could not repeal Obamacare.

    Not because they forgot to wear their tinfoil hats, but because they only had 52 of the 60 seats necessary to do a repeal of the bill. You need 3/5th of the senate to repeal legislation. That’s 60 seats. Repeal was impossible and Trump didn’t even try to repeal it, because they simply did not have the numbers.

    They could vote for a reconciliation bill that allowed them to tweak it (requiring 51 votes). This is what they tried, but failed because 3 Republican senators voted against it and they had good reasons (according to them).

    Or they could entirely change the rules of how their houses work and make it a simple majority, again requiring 51 votes, but that has wider implications to how their democracy works.

    Understanding how their government works means you don’t make stupid comments like “Obamacare repeal should have been as easy as 1 2 3 for the Republicans to achieve



    • Bit harsh, you mean it would have been as easy as 1,2,3 if the three Republican swamp dwellers hadn’t voted against party lines? Which all kind of fits nicely into the line nzsovs was explaining ie that there is a uniparty system and that you can’t expect to get what you vote for when you vote Republican (Flake voting with the harpies on Kavanaugh was a perfect example).



      • Uhm, that’s actually the point. Even if the three had voted to party lines they did not have the numbers to repeal it. You need a 60% majority to repeal legislation under the American system. Not a 50% majority.

        The Republicans only have 52 seats of a 100 seat senate. That is not 60%. Do you understand basic mathematics?

        His whole idea of them being able to repeal it is false, it was impossible to repeal. The only mechanism they had available was to restructure the budget of it and change the bill slightly, which is what they tried to do and failed.

        What nzsovs was explaining was impossible under the American system of government.



  3. Great piece nzsovsupporter. One can only hope the general public are more awakened to the migration pact, dreams are free. Without more transparency my vote (and I am sure many others) is a huge question mark. Its becoming increasing concerning how little representation there is for anyone that doesn’t buy in to the increasingly left leaning agenda we find ourselves watching unfold.



  4. “The UN Global Compact for Migration strips New Zealand of control over its own borders, public policy direction and presents a genuine danger to the preservation of New Zealand’s values of free speech and individual liberty. ACT is opposed to signing and implementing this agreement.”




    • That’s a similar position to New Conservatives. There is a press release that is nearly 8 months old saying they don’t want it signed, but it is not easy to find out what they would do now that it is signed, except from the three eyewitnesses in Christchurch. (Cross the Rub, Nida Yasa (twitter – that mum of three – you must remember her, Angelica YouTube comment – might be more now)

      Could you ask them to update their immigration policy to make it clear? I already asked New Conservatives and they just pointed me to the press release – not very promising.



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