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Convicted Pedophile Released From Prison




Convicted Pedophile Released From Prison After Claiming He Is Transgender

A convicted pedophile serving a 15-year-sentence for a series of horrific child sex crimes has been allowed to walk free from prison after changing his gender while behind bars.

Clive Bundy, 61, who now identifies as Claire Fox, was sentenced in 2016 for sexually abusing his 8-year-old daughter over nine years and circulating explicit photos of her for other pedophiles to share online.

Bundy, who lived as a man for six decades and fathered eight children, claimed to be transgender while incarcerated in 2021, a claim he had never previously made. His decision has drawn criticism and suspicion, with many suggesting that he used the transition as a cynical ploy to manipulate the legal system.

Ceri-Lee Galvin, now 24, was the victim of Bundy’s horrific crimes. Waiving her right to anonymity, she has come forward to denounce her father’s release and draw attention to a legal loophole that allows sex predators to hide their past by adopting a new gender identity.

“My father is not a woman and I refuse to recognize him as such,” Ceri-Lee told Daily Mail. “He changed his gender in prison to make his life there easier. But now he is out and already up to his usual tricks – conning everyone he meets.”

“I was abused as a child by a man who now identifies as a woman and I only know because he allowed them to tell me. It’s just appalling that his right to privacy seems to over-rule any rights I have as a victim.”

GWP reports: She fears that her father’s new gender identity might enable him to continue his predatory behaviour, noting that Bundy, despite his claims of being transgender, has shown no remorse for his crimes and openly admits finding children attractive.

She voiced concern over the lack of information to local schools and authorities about his presence.

“There have been no meetings I’m aware of to tell local schools about his presence, he has no tag and no curfew. He has just been put into this community and given all he could wish for – food, furniture, a home and a laptop.”

Ceri-Lee, now a student paramedic, clarified, “I am in no way transphobic and I feel incredibly sorry for people who genuinely need to transition. They face stigma and worse because of cases like this. But it should just not be an option for those convicted of sexual offenses against children to suddenly say that they want to be a woman.”

She further revealed that Bundy’s claim of gender dysphoria arose at the end of 2021 when he was due to be moved to an open prison but had a violent altercation with a fellow prisoner.

“This only arose at the end of 2021 when he was due to be moved to an open prison but then had a fight with a fellow prisoner that was serious enough to stop the move. That is when he went for the gender change – when he was almost 60, having been a macho man all his life and having had eight children and having never mentioned gender dysphoria before.”


  1. He’s now living in a tiny Welsh town where now hopefully everybody knows him. The article keeps saying he changed gender but all he did was grow his hair and wear a dress, until he has had the full surgery he’s a transvestite, not transgender.



  2. Colonialism made him do it… Probably a descendant of a slave and Black to boot. Be Kind…. Now a caring doctor would offer to do the operation for free and fuck up the anaesthetics. A friend of mine who became an anaesthetist said he would gladly put me out for free…it was the waking up that was expensive…. Accidents happen during operations. Just saying…



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