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 Coroner ignores critical information in deciding the cause of a child’s death following a covid injection

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  1. This young man has been poorly served by all who should have protected him.
    His parents accepted the government propaganda that a vx was a wise action.
    They chose to ignore the warnings of others. It proved to be poor advice and a fatal decision.
    Now the Coroner cherry-picks his expert advice so the vx can’t be responsible.
    What an absolute crock



    • Cornoer are not experts at anything. They are second grade ;lawyers writing reports these days.
      based on what others tell them.
      Then they in their supposed wisdom and with the legal profession having prostituted themselves decide what the answer is.
      No as usual with all these things, FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.



  2. The expert from Otago University.
    ….. University of Otago Professor of biochemistry and infectious disease physician Kurt Krause said contracting myocarditis as a result of the vaccine was “very rare”.
    Myocarditis is most often caused by viruses, he said, and it was much more common to get myocarditis as a result of the Covid-19 virus, rather than the vaccine.
    He cited a recent paper in the journal Biomedicines, which found the incidence rate of myocarditis and pericarditis was calculated to be 5.98 instances per million Covid-19 vaccine doses delivered.
    The rare risk is heightened in young males, he said, and if people got it, the disease can be “very serious”.
    He said generally these people respond well to treatment if the myocarditis was caught – but that the risks needed to be consistently monitored into the future.

    I see there were 2 pathologists that checked things quite thoroughly in finding 2 virus but why do I think they are like Lord Nelson, pressing the telescope / microscope to their blind eye.
    To stay on message at all costs.

    It seems to be so great that all the public health authorities in New Zealand still give the big tick of safe & efficacy, for the mRNA jabs, well supposedly not going to hospital, and it could have been worse, & the problem is the pandemic of the unvaccinated.
    What else can NZ pathologists say ? ? As well as many other pathologists that are caught up in the systemic Public Health authoritative ways.
    2022 ….. rigorous studies are not being conducted.
    “You cannot find that for which you do not look,” he [Ryan Cole pathologist] says.

    Further to that another pathologist found he could determine the difference between Covid virus Spike protein and Covid vaccine Spike protein.
    2022 …… solid proof. Such proof can be obtained using immunohistochemistry, …..
    ….. To distinguish between infection and injection, we can again use immunohistochemistry, …..
    ……. The absence of nucleocapsid indicates that the expression of the spike protein must be attributed ot the vaccine rather than an infection with SARS-CoV-2. ….

    Arne Burkhardt gave some good points in this video interview in May 2023 before his death.
    Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Final Interview – Revealing the Grave Dangers of mRNA Vaccines
    2 hours 25 secs : Dec 23, 2023 :
    ….. “Autopsy is not only a service to the doctors who were responsible for the patient, but it is a public service for our health system.” – Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt ….
    ……… Prof. Burkhardt not only provided strong evidence of vaccine causation, it substantiated the professional medical hypotheses of doctors and scientists around the world. …….
    …… Prof. Burkhardt explains several of his findings in detail as well as which testing mechanisms he uses. Additionally, he shares his perspectives on the public health industry and academic and medical science as well as what motivates him to do this work. …

    Thanks to the one’s who keep on looking, searching & standing firm to bring forth what you do see & notice in your many different fields.
    Thanks Prof Burkhardt, and RIP. Lest we forget.



  3. So if the Prof from Otago says it is from the virus, but some young male dies days or weeks after the jab and he wasn’t sick prior to the jab it means, according to the Prof, the guy got Covid after the jab. Simple logic says the jab does not work.

    These experts obviously think we are all as stupid as he is.



    • It could be compared to:

      [1] Having your car failed at the WOF station for “failed” brakes, as the WOF station tested your brakes and it came back positive on the new “thumb suck” brake test, confirming your brakes have a “brake virus”.

      [2] Under new mandated regulations designed to lower road deaths from “faulty” brakes, you must have this new brand brake systems, consisting of new hydraulics including lines, new brake disks, pads etc, to counteract this “brake” virus.

      [3] Without the new brake system, you will not get a warrant and therefore not be able to drive your car on the road.

      [4] Expert local and international mechanics, including mechanics looking after top racing teams, long haul trucking firms, R and D at top car builders like Bugatti, Mercedes, BMW, and Ford, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (and Mr Wilman), state there is nothing wrong with the old brakes, and call it bullshit.

      These people are labeled “tin foil hat wearers who know nothing about cars” and “debunked” by the govt “experts”. Many of these “experts” have shares in the brake companies manufacturing these “new brake systems”.

      [5] The new brake systems are rolled out and mandated, and car accidents start rising as a result of brake failure, “confirming” just how bad the “brake virus” actually is.

      [6] Stats start to emerge that the bulk of accidents are occurring with the new brake systems. But if the accident occurred on the new brake system within 30 days of installation, it was counted as an accident on the old brake system.

      [7] Furthermore, failures in the new brake systems, leading to accidents and deaths, are blamed on cars still using the old brake systems. It is stated by NZ’s “brake expert” Mr Morris, a tutor at Polytech, stated that if two cars are within 100m of each other and one car has the old brake system, the car with the new brake system will suffer brake failure. Rules are put in place to have cars maintain a 200m distance rule.

      [8] Strangely, no accidents have ever been recorded with cars using the old brake system. And drivers of cars with the new brake system, drive like they are bulletproof, driving through red lights and tailgating.

      [9] The mandates are eventually dropped under public protest, allowing cars with the old brake system to once again get a WOF.

      [10] After being unable to contain the data about failures and therefore accidents with the new brake systems, the govt says this just confirms how bad the brake virus is, and recommends having new brake pads, brake hydraulics flushed, new seals fitted and brake fluid replaced every 3 months. All govt subsidised.

      An unaware section of the population line up every 3/8 months, convinced that they are doing the right thing, labeling those on the old brake systems as “heretics” and “conspiracy theorists”.

      [11] There are still brake failures and therefore accidents and deaths with the new brake systems. There are many accounts of single car accidents, where brakes simply lock up, causing said car to skid or veer into a tree. Even on brand new or low mileage cars. Reports of single vehicle cars and truck accidents resulting in death are a daily occurrence. Accidents are blamed on previously undetected mechanical failures, even in cars that crashed a day after getting a WOF or new brakes.

      “Officials say that there is nothing to see here. These are just coincidental deaths.”

      [12] Again strangely, no accidents/deaths have ever been recorded due to brake failure in cars using the old brake system.



  4. The warnings the jab ‘was dangerous were easy to find early on. The wilful blindness of medical ‘experts’ is a travesty. It was either incompetence or they chose not to look or listen and participated willingly. Shame on them when joe average skeptic could easily join the dots.



  5. From the article:

    ……” (the coroner) is both a legal expert on insurance claims and a registered nurse”…….

    Which gives a fair idea of how far the rot & corruption has infiltrated “The System”. Most coroners are appointed from the ranks of pedestrian lawyers but this one actually has a valid medical background.

    There is little cause for hope.



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