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President Trump: ‘My Biggest Opponent Isn’t Biden, It’s The Corrupt Media’

Baxter Dmitry:

My biggest opponent isn’t Biden. It’s not the Democrats. It’s the corrupt media,” Trump told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” in a phone interview yesterday. “We have a corrupt media in this country.

It’s one truth that should be self-evident to every American, but President Donald Trump still nailed it Monday morning.

President Donald Trump won’t be taking on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the increasingly leftist Democrat Party in the November election, he will be taking on the entire corrupt media.

It’s the massive, dishonest establishment media that has spent four years plotting to make voters reconsider the rebellion of 2016, when millions of Americans decided to put a stop to the country’s seemingly relentless drift to the hopeless socialism of the “hope and change” Obama years.

Every Republican president is fighting an uphill battle against the mainstream media, of course. They hated Richard Nixon, they loathed and feared Ronald Reagan, they despised Bush 43 and they abhorred Bush 45. But the ferocity of the media war against Trump is beyond all that — and everyone on every side of politics knows it.

A new analysis published Monday by the conservative Media Research Center proves Trump’s point – and makes it clear just how far the establishment media have gone in their propaganda war against the White House the American people elected four years ago.

Published at 8:15 EDT, it went out at virtually the same time Trump was being interviewed.

“I’ve been studying the news media and elections for more than 35 years,” wrote Richard Noyes, MRC’s research director. “Trust me — there’s never been anything like it.”

According to Noyes, MRC studied ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from June 1 through July 31 — two full months, including weekends.

The study found 512 total minutes of coverage devoted to Trump specifically, not counting coverage of the administration or its policies generally, Noyes wrote. That compared with 58 minutes devoted to Biden — a ratio of almost 9-1.

The extra airtime devoted to Trump consisted almost entirely of anchors and reporters criticizing the President,” Noyes wrote. “During these two months, our analysts documented 668 evaluative statements about the President, 95 percent of which (634) were negative, vs. a mere five percent (34) that were positive. Using the same methodology … we found very few evaluative statements about Joe Biden — just a dozen, two-thirds of which (67%) were positive.

Do the math, and viewers heard 150 TIMES more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting — that’s a negative advertising campaign in action.

It’s actually worse than a “negative advertising campaign.” It’s a propaganda war directed personally at the president of the United States and – by extension – the 63 million voters in the 50 states who decided he was the man to lead the country over the clearly corrupt Hillary Clinton.

This doesn’t even count the Leni Riefenstahls at CNN and MSNBC. It doesn’t include the endless column inches of anti-Trump vituperation printed in papers such as The New York Times over that same period.

It doesn’t include the rampant bias of social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t include the endless snotty shots of vacuous late-night comedians who have forgotten what “funny” is supposed to mean.

Taking all that into account, it’s clear that no one who pretends to have even a shred of intellectual honesty can disagree with Trump’s point.

By himself, the doddering Joe Biden can’t excite his own basement. On its own, the increasingly leftist Democratic Party wouldn’t draw much approval from anyone who wasn’t still being declared a “dependent” on a parent’s tax return.

But with the massive power of the American “news” media, with the blaring megaphone of celebrities in the entertainment world, Biden is actually being considered capable of taking on one of the most demanding jobs in the world. (For Biden, that probably describes putting on his own shoes these days.)

No presidential candidate — not even Barack Obama in 2008 — has ever been on the receiving end of such a wide array of media favors. (While Obama received highly positive coverage, there was no massive media effort to destroy his GOP opponent, Senator John McCain.),” Noyes wrote.

While the former Vice President sits snugly in his basement before his nomination later this week, the entire liberal ‘news’ media complex have spent the summer on the attack against his opponent, even as they refuse to report anything negative about Biden himself.”

It’s true there might be self-serving explanations for it. Reporters, editors and executives in the mainstream media might even have convinced themselves that Trump is a danger to the republic and therefore the rules of journalism no longer apply (as New York Times media commentator Jim Rutenberg declared even before the 2016 election).

Regardless, there is literally no way to deny the essence of the president’s charge.

For Trump supporters, then, there’s more than just a sign of optimism in headlines about a poll released Sunday — by CNN, of all places – that showed the president and Biden in a statistical tie nationally, with Biden at 50 percent and Trump at 46 (the poll had a margin of error of 4 percent.)

In states considered “battlegrounds,” the poll found Biden leading by a mere 1 percent – 49-48.

Given what the country witnessed about polls and Trump’s victory in 2016, it’s a virtual certainty that his support against Biden is stronger than those numbers indicate — even in the face of a media blitzkrieg.

That’s a sign that voters are looking past the propaganda — or seeing straight through it.

That’s the one factor the media can’t control — and it’s the only one that matters.

Read through this and replace USA with NZ and Trump with Judith Collins or David Seymour, and the story will be the same. Why do lefties always try to be so underhand.

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  1. The media…..We will tell you what to listen to. We will tell you what to watch.
    We are your only source of truth. Cindy’s best friends. And her ’employees’.
    $50 million buys a good re-election campaign.



  2. It is impossible not to agree with this and Ed’s comment at the bottom.

    But then you look at the hundreds of millions spent by Bloomberg and Steyer in the Democrat’s primary fight and it makes you think the media may not have the power they think they have.



  3. I’ve been thinking about all the lies and the propaganda. We see with our very own eyes what CANNOT SERIOUSLY BE TRUE, such as Biden being the US presidential candidate even though he is clearly unwell. Why won’t anyone help him, where is his wife or is she so mercenary she is propping up her brain damaged husband for money or power!? The Democratic party members and news media praising and applauding Biden’s efforts as if he is fully competent. We are made to feel like it is perfectly normal and our disbelief is dismissed.

    When you actually listen to Trump and his real and sincere connection with the US people we are instead told by the msm and the screaming dems he is a horrible and divisive individual. Make up your own mind!!

    The same thing is happening in NZ with the msm not challenging obvious lies or mistakes by the COL. They are barely acknowledged but if challenged they are spun as inconsequential, a mistake or worse someone else’s fault and the dissenter is admonished for daring to question Dear Leader and her troop of sychophantic media. We are being schooled by lefties to act like lefties and not question our leaders.

    Their answer to anyone who questions the obvious unreality being seen by our own eyes is to call us “conspiracy theorists” and are quietened by a govt propaganda campaign “to be careful about listening to others other than the official ministry of truth” 🙄

    Do not submit!!! 😲



    • Follow the money. The media and their owners go where there’s money to be made. And that’s why they attack Trump.
      BTW, the US Midwest supports him. Its the smart-arse East and West Coast “intellectuals” who attack him.
      Here in NZ, rural NZ is behind ACT and National. The cities are Jacinda territory. So what is the solution? I don’t know.



  4. What are all our politicians both central and local left and right and all the so called journalists that have made fun of the “stupid Donald trump ” for the last 3 years going to say when Trump wins in November,will it be ,
    a. “Well I could see this coming”
    b ” Ive been predicting this”
    c. Ive been reporting on this trend”
    d.”despite what you might think I knew this was going to happen ”
    e. “trumps a great campaigner”
    f. “this result was obvious ”
    g. “Trumps oposition was so weak”
    h. “this proves how stupid trump voters are”
    i . this was very unexpected ”
    sean plunket
    ryan bridge
    Peter Williams
    mike hoskings
    FFS the list would go on forever so I wont bother, but none of them NZ wide has the guts to stand up and go against the cowardly tide of NZ journalists that are singing from the same song sheet when it comes to Trump.



    • You forgot Don Brash.

      Honestly, you would think people who are actually involved in politics or work in the news media would be better informed. Do they not watch Trumps interviews and rally’s or are they all tuned into the idiots on CNN and other partisan lefty channels. What a propaganda shit show they run.

      Despite only being an armchair watcher of US politics, I state here and now I am 100% certain President Trump will be re-elected in a landslide on 3 November (US time). The Dems deserve to be dumped.



      • What are you saying about Don Brash, WG?

        He is a weak and vacillating man that is somewhat autistic.
        He does not connect with people which is why he got caught in stupid stunts like walking the plank.

        He is at best an Egghead.
        Personally I do not like Brash one bit.
        He was an appalling Governor of the Reserve Bank and at 14 years was there way too long.
        This really held back the NZ economy and contributed to the gap with Australia.
        Long story to explain.

        He is anti Trump and for this my disdain of Brash grows.
        I dealt with his first wife (Erica) in the 1980s and she was a nauseating Karen.

        Brash was a Director of Huljich Kiwisaver Funds when Peter H. was ‘fluffing the fund’ i.e. putting money to pretend the returns were better than their analysts had achieved.
        Peter Huljich was prosecuted.
        Brash and J. Banks were Directors but walked away scot free (no charge even laid) when they should have been in court as Directors – the same as Doug Graham and Former Labour Justice Minister Bill Jeffries did over Lombard finance (as were the other two non politician directors at Lombard)

        In fact I was talking to Brash at an ACT function in March this year and he was pissing and spewing about the mighty Trump .

        So what are you saying WG..that Brash is fair..or what?



    • It is not really a laugh.
      The media are corrupt and directly interfering with the democratic process with their extreme bias.
      They outright lie.
      They take an event or statement and make it a completely fabricated and erroneous perversion yet pretend they are the purveyors of truth..
      ..when the truth is MSM (by and large) are lying scum and totally vile filth that is lower than whale shit.

      I don’t think it is funny that they can lie so easily and that fools sucker up and think they are informed.
      In a better world there would be a simple fact test before you can vote.
      A simple set of, say, six questions.
      If you are wildly misinformed then NO vote for you dummy.

      Universal suffrage is like a schoolkids solution to the world.
      Like a participation certificate for losers.
      Many people are too dumb to be entitled to pick leadership.
      Half are below average intelligence – yet all can get to pick the key decision makers.

      If my view upsets people, good!



    • No the media won’t change for the better under National Sooty, they will just go back to reporting all those poor people living in their cars and fridges with only have half a loaf of bread and some dry cheese to feed their six kids for a week. More propaganda!



    • Given they don’t really have reporters- repeaters at best- it would be a wholesale change .

      But of course Stuffed is fair and reasonable
      They even tell us on every bit of fiction they put out:

      “If you support New Zealand journalism…
      Make a contribution

      We’d like to ask for your help. In a fast-changing world where misinformation spreads on social media, the need for trustworthy journalism has never been greater. But the media industry faces strong headwinds. Traditional means of funding journalism – such as advertising and subscriptions to our newspapers – have declined, compounded by the economic impact of Covid-19.

      We’re asking our readers to help us continue to play our vital role in society. Stuff holds a special position in New Zealand, with the largest network of newsrooms – hundreds of journalists from Northland to Southland. We’re part of your local community, doggedly pursuing the issues that matter.

      We hold the powerful to account – from making sure your rates are spent wisely to challenging Cabinet ministers who flout the rules.

      We uncover hidden truths – from the Defence Force’s activities in Afghanistan to which companies commit the greatest climate damage.

      And we champion Kiwi communities and values – from fighting for New Zealand history to be taught in schools to enhancing coverage of Te Ao Māori with our new Pou Tiaki section.

      In an age where rumours and speculation spread unchecked on social media, Stuff’s professional standards of accuracy, fairness and balance are more vital than ever”
      So there
      They champion lots of things
      They hold the powerful to account. It is true. They say so.
      They uncover hidden truths – from the Defence Force’s activities in Isolation and Quarantine centres
      Oh wait, no,,, gnews just in,. it is Afghanistan stuff they tell us grand stories on.



    • When National prevail, there is fully 25% of the population who will wear pussy hats, screech and eventually start rioting like they are in the US.

      The brainwashing that is going on in schools and via the corrupt media will guarantee this outcome.

      All I care about is how freedoms and law and order are going to be maintained.



      • The stupid part is National are Labour with a different logo. They have far more in common than not.
        I made a Jacinda lover explode when I pointed out John Key was the best Labour government this country has ever had. He took Auntie Helen’s policies and doubled down on them like WFF. I don’t see anything has changed.



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