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  • Corruption, corruption everywhere – how the Covid debacle made the scales fall from my eyes.

Liz Hodgkinson

When I say that I have never been the same since the Covid debacle, I’m sure I am speaking for very many people. Before the first lockdown of March 23, 2020, I was bumbling along, writing articles and books, going on foreign holidays, meeting friends for lunch and dinner, going to the gym several times a week and pretty much enjoying life.


  1. New Zealand has Maori/Treaty and we are being taken for a massive ride by politicians, media, lawyers, civil servants, Councils and Government institutions and it has taken the last election for some people to realise it. So perhaps some good will come out of it, after all. Or perhaps not.



    • you won’t need money for that.
      They will just be given it and you can’t argue.
      You will have nothing and be happy.
      Klaus thinks he thought that up but our early immigrants had that sorted before they even met the white man.



  2. So this author person
    ….I was bumbling along, writing articles and books, going on foreign holidays, meeting friends for lunch and dinner,…

    What the hell was she writing about if she did not know 1,2,3,4,6
    Pretty naïve
    So NOT a THOUGHT leader …maybe someone who wrote meaningless waffle.
    1. Not knowing about WHO as it had never much profile, but it is part of the UN and that is evil.
    Plus it is HQ in Switzerland so one can guarantee that is it corrupt when it lives with the yodelling na..zis

    2. Bill Gates. I have known of for over 30 years- but am in IT. I saw him in Akl at the town hall circa 1995.
    He held back the world of computing by 10 years by the end of the 1990s.
    He actually said in 1995 the internet will not amount to anything.
    The Ebola outbreak in Africa, 2014, was clearly an orchestrated event to test ebola vaXXX on human guinea pigs and Gates was involved. I discussed this with my sister at the time. This was near 10 years ago.

    3. if you did not know about Big Pharma before 2020 you are naïve. What were all the lawsuits about.
    It has followed the smoking lobby in obfuscation and that has been high profile for decades.
    Jeepers in the 1940-60s doctors in the US were recommending cigarette brands.
    So when they have recommended da VaXXX it should be no surprise. Jeez Wayne.

    4. In the US the politicians have been bought since the early 1990s. Fully by then. It was over rover by then.
    The majority of the top (in power, not intellect) politicians in NZ are globalist wretches. They are so fucking stupid and idealistic they will actually do harm for no payment. Country bumpkins. But our dangerous hicks.

    6. To not know about Climate change as a hoax by 2015 is pretty dumb.

    All this article is is some lady talking about her late in the piece, awakening.
    Decades behind on many issues. So what did she write about before….handbags and makeup ?



    • That’s why she fits into the “woke” category.

      They are unaware, but always “right”, even though they aren’t. They gaslight anyone that puts out the truth, until it is “their” truth.

      And then 10, 20, 30, 40 years later, the penny drops and they finally learn the truth that they have been denying all along. But instead of admitting that those people who knew the truth all along, were right, and issue a big apology for being ignorant and arrogant, they instead double down and preach evangelically about their new found truth as if they are the first to discover the truth, and that everyone else is part of the great unwashed.

      There are different variations on the theme of wokeness and being woke. Starting from teenagers who discover orgasms and assume that no-one else has discovered the orgasm. Or Green wokies who “realise” the world will boil unless we stop eating meat, completely unaware that their own IQ of 90, is no match for experts with IQs of 160, who did the research and know its a con.

      Yet the woke 90’s insist that 160s are dumb and don’t get it. Rather like a dumb colleague I went to school with, who has lived life as a Labourer, and a member of the NZ communist party, who was sucked in by socialism. At the proud age of 20 said that smart people and greedy capitalists don’t understand the “magnificence” of a free society under socialism, and that is why socialism has to be enforced at the point of a gun, so that people get to experience its “magnificence” and fall in love with it, and then the guns can be put away. Yeah right!

      That is just another take on a wife beater telling his wife that he will continue to beat her daily until she learns to love him.



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