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Corruption In NSW. NETFLIX Documentary Series




Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire review – a devastating and revelatory series

The ABC’s three-part docuseries about the 1979 Luna Park tragedy is gooseflesh-raising TV


Anyone who has not seen this should see it. It will highlight the level of corruption that went on in NSW in the 70’s and 80’s. Involving top police officers, Judges, and State politicians.
After watching this, pause and consider the relevance of this corruption to the past 4 years and what the most corrupt government we in New Zealand have been through, has covered up. Our police, judiciary and politicians from all sides of the parliament have been complicit in this coverup.
I hope one of the issues holding up the formation of the incoming coalition govt is the formation of a proper commission of inquiry to get to the bottom of this corruption.


  1. The bandy legged stoop shouldered pig Ardern gave any government department that held any power over the people of this country unlimited power to do as they wished during the covid plandemic, the idea was probably for those powers to be removed when things returned to normal but the tyrants running those organizations enjoyed the power over the people and Cnutface Ardern and her cabal of faggots let them keep those powers so what we are left with is every minion no matter what position they are in in those departments think they are equal to the police when it comes to controlling the citizens.



    • A similarity of the 9/11 event to where the “Patriots Act” by President W. Bush, then harnessed that fresh horse, into their “mission-creep” at even a greater speed for Power & Control for “Deep State”.
      In “Deep State” though they may not know what the other part of a government department is exactly up to, they support each other, so they have each other’s back.
      They know if any inquiry, reveals, exposes, what is going on, then the house of cards will fall.
      So they cover each another’s back.

      It is like how they cover for each another, like how the media may not know what exactly is going on, but will not question certain issues more deeply, & instead seem to create a fog, a blurring of what is happening.
      But when it suits & given the ok, then work like attack dogs, but know that in certain ways, certain issues are not to be raised.
      They have become very skilled at this, & continue this, despite going woke broke.

      Government department officials & politicians soon learn to do this also, knowing what side the bread is buttered.
      Again they know though the trough may be shifted around, but so easy to shift over to another full trough, & then infect another section of people into that culture.



    • QLD

      there were even T shirts with it on
      You could buy those
      The best T shirt you could buy !

      That Russ Hinze was a serious piece of Work
      I was at friends house in early 1988 – nice pool- and the gnews was on with the Fitz inquiry I think.
      Big V12 motor-gut Russ was on; and reference to pay to play prostitutes’ gifts.
      Friends eleven year old son – eeeew, who would have sex with that ? !!

      while was there in 1988- VIC ,the number 3 from top cop was running the car theft ring for the cars manf/assembled in VIC and shipped elsewhere.
      South Aust – the No. 2 cop was running the Drugs rings

      I saw doco last year on NSW filthy cop Roger Rogerson

      In NZ the corruption is in the pubic service and esp in things Te Raro



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