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SCOTUS Ruling Deems Trump’s New York Conviction Unconstitutional on Two Key Grounds

Baxter Dmitry

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) delivered two precedent-setting rulings that could significantly impact former President Donald Trump’s criminal convictions.

In a decisive 6-3 decision in the Erlinger vs United States case, the Supreme Court ruled that juries must be unanimous on each criminal count, a standard not met in Trump’s New York case, where the jury returned a 4-4-4 verdict on the underlying crime.

This ruling underlines that Trump’s conviction was unconstitutional and must be overturned. During Trump’s New York trial, the judge had instructed the jury that unanimity on the specific crimes was unnecessary, as long as they agreed that a crime had taken place.

Additionally, SCOTUS ruled that sentencing enhancements cannot be arbitrarily implemented by judicial fiat, further solidifying the protections against unjust legal procedures.

These rulings have profound implications for Trump’s legal battles, particularly the controversial case led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and the bogus J6 1512(c) charges and sentencing enhancements that corrupt federal judges have announced they will implement if the Supreme Court nukes 1512(c).

The Supreme Court’s decisions underscore the necessity for unanimous jury verdicts in criminal convictions and proper judicial processes in sentencing enhancements, casting doubt on the validity of current and future proceedings against Trump.

In 6-3 decision issued today, the Supreme Court ruled that 1) a jury must be unanimous in its findings on criminal convictions, and 2) sentencing enhancements cannot be arbitrarily implemented by judicial fiat.

The ruling and the rhetoric in the opinion have obvious… pic.twitter.com/2QsT71Hrh7

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  1. It was all political against Trump, I cannot believe that anyone (democrats) could get so incensed to try and stop another candidate from standing for election against a seriously ill old man who obviously has alzheimers disease and is past the point of no return.



    • If anyone has the illusion that Biden runs the place they are seriously deluded.
      Obama and others like Killary, Schumer,Pelosi, Mcconnel, and the Rino’s pull the strings.
      Time the republicans cleaned house as well.
      All seem to be connected to the war industry.
      Keeps the steel industry going. Replacing the steel that was once used in cars.



  2. lizziep@0529

    When you’re losing heavily, and are likely to be kicked out of the trough, anything is possible.

    Power corrupts as we know and since ‘power’ is what the Dems’ crave above all else, they will resort to all and any measures to retain it.

    It will be interesting to see what they do now in reaction to the SCOTUS decision. At minimum, IMHO, the USMSM will launch carefully planned and worded editorial attacks on both Trump and the Court; At maximum? Who knows at this stage. Anything is possible, especially as it is only five months until the election.



    • Watching US oversight committee grilling of Garland , Wray and others by Senatotr Kennedy and Josh Hawley and looking at the polling it looks like Trump and GOP will win The Senate, House and White house and reading between the lines impeachments and criminla cases will fly like confetti as they should. Whilst it may be morally dubious to do the say to the Demonrats as they are adoing to Trump it would be so satisfying to see the Democratic bastards twitching and complaining its only fair when they do shit. Garland in particular should be looking for a holday in Guantanamo Bay with many of his co conspirator criminals. I hope Trump on taking office pardosn so many the Demonrats have jailed – J committee – and then so restrict Federal funds to shitty DA’s like Bragg, James Willis and Jack Smith and force them to charge the 1,000′ s of cases uncharged and do the job they are paid to do , assuming they have not left for greener pastures.



    • I have worked out why these wankers don’t like Trump.
      Being in the same business as them, ie entertainment, (comedy in Farrahs case and a very poor one) they are jealous of his success.
      One thing you can say about Trump, is he can read the crowd, and adapt his antics accordingly.



      • ……”One thing you can say about Trump, is he can read the crowd, and adapt his antics accordingly.”……

        Populism at its finest. It works in the USA because the republican system allows it. The Presidential candidates can promise what they will yet below them are sufficient checks & balances such as State governance, the House & a senate.

        But in NZ we have a titular monarchy & a unicameral House of Representatives. This gives populists such as John Key & the Mad Queen far too much power as their parties are cut bread without them & they know it.

        We’re far closer to becoming a dictatorship than most voters realise.



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