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COVID-19: Current cases

What is missing?

Covid-19 by vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

There is no way in hell they will publish these figures. If They haven’t got these then how can they truly be honest in their record keeping? They will know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

It just doesn’t fit their continuing the fear amongst the populace to show who is getting reinfected and who is not. Interesting that no cases are being detected at the border. However, I doubt if many are getting tested.

What have they got planned for us?

This image is of a new clinic in Cambridge. Thanks to Komata for being vigilant.


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  1. Posted this yesterday, and fits in well here.

    Dr. McCullough’s Speech at the European Parliament
    17 mins 36 secs : September 13th 2023

    The end piece of Dr. McCullough’s speech.

    “The first false narrative was the virus is unassailable, we have to stay in lockdown and be fearful.
    The second false narrative is take a vaccine, it’s safe and effective.
    We are now seeing a third false narrative. The third false narrative is: it’s not the vaccine causing these problems, it’s covid.

    Don’t fall for the false narrative.
    The medical literature at this point in time is compelling.
    The Bradford-Hill criteria for causality have been fulfilled.
    The vaccines are causing this enormous wave of illness.”

    Time stamps are from another commentator.
    1.~ 1:45 Two waves of injury – the SARS-CoV-2 infection and the COVID-19 vaccines.
    2.~ 3:18 Coverup of the origin of the virus
    3.~ 4:00 Virus as engineered by the US and China in Wuhan, China
    4.~ 5:00 Two things that prevented hospitalization and death – early treatment and acquiring natural immunity after an infection.
    He doesn’t understand that viral respiratory infections lead to bacterial pneumonia and must be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. [I would think Doctor would run tests]
    5.~ 6:53 – the vaccine is the genetic code for the potentially lethal spike protein.
    6.~ 7:15 Install genetic code for an uncontrolled duration of time.
    7.~ 7:37 – he seems to have never heard of over twenty years of studies on the mRNA vaccines proving that subunit vaccines (known since the late 1970s as protein-based like the Novavax vaccine) are a safer technology.
    8.~ 7:45 The lethal spike protein remains in the body for at least six months.
    9.~ 8:05 He says that the spike protein causes disease, not the destruction of cells expressing (any) foreign antigen.
    10.~ 10:21 – Spike proteins cause blood clots.
    11.~ 11:34 Autopsy study – completely fake.
    12.~ 13:15 He pushes the story that different vaccine batches caused different post-vaccine reactions.
    13.~ Good conclusions about the vaccine and the WHO.

    It would seem that on 11.~ about autopsies is that so few are being done, and very few pathologists are set up to search, to have the right slides, stains, samples to check things out.



  2. Here Dr. David Martin at the same meeting as Peter McCullough, does not mince his words about the WHO and calls them out, as terrorists.

    Dr. David Martin at EU Parliament in Strasbourg: Expert Panel about WHO’s power grab!Wed, Sept. 13th
    26 mins 19 secs : September 14th 2023

    The whole transcript of that Doctor David Martin’s video.
    E&OE & some of the spelling sentences & grammar, sentence structure, phrasing & even my emphasis may have errors.
    I have left every word basically as it is.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – —
    chairman of mchem International Raza energy and is a baton fellow of the University of Virginia
    His experience includes founding the first medical device clinical trial Center at UVA while on the Medical School faculty in radiology and orthopedic surgery
    His work with global investigation of biological and chemical weapons was done through his company mosaic in which he led numerous defense to civilian technology transfer programs with the world’s largest companies and countries
    His work includes Publications and academic appointments in medicine, law firm mchem was responsible for leading investigation and supporting prosecution of some of the largest financial frauds in the U.S history as a contractor for the U.S treasury

    David E Martin will summarize the most critical points of WHO as an organization that is not serving the health of the people but is driven by the business interest of its sponsors

    Well the translators are gone and the live stream is waning which means that if we just listen to my colleague Matthias
    Thing in the world would be to leave it to you, the people, now it’s up to you to share what clearly is based on the cavernous emptiness we see in all of these spaces,[empty auditorium] is only going to be heard if you share it feels very appropriate that I should be the one with quietest voice.
    but let’s let that lion roar.

    I’m talking about covid and I’m done talking about SARS cov2 and I’m done for a very simple reason.
    For 110 years we the people of the world have been lied to where a group, a very small number of criminal industrial conspirators decided to subordinate the entirety of the human population for the purpose hair [their] Sinister plans to an the rest of humanity and I’m done being polite, We’ve long passed polite

    When the words acceptable death rate become part of an industrial Norm we have lost the plot of humanity. It’s not my words, those were the words of the World Health Organization *Anna Pfizer and of Moderna when they were given the authorization to begin the process of killing human beings

    next slide:– and I’m also not going to sugarcoat. This is a criminal cartel. We are acting as though there’s some sort of redeemable quality somewhere in some esoteric layer that somehow or another the World Health Organization must have some salutatory benefit.

    Well I’m going to tell you since its formation in the 1940s the World Health Organization has been nothing more than a criminal cartel that has a soul [sole] and singular intent and I will show you the document that proves what I’m saying. This is not an allegation; actually provable by their own words in their own hand and they use a four-step process to execute every one of their nefarious plans.
    They begin by planning an exercise, then they go to the business of funding that exercise, then they create the rationale for the thing that they’re going to do.
    And then they deploy and profit from it, and in violation of 15 U.S code section 19 which for those of you list coincidentally Started With The Clayton Act in the same year that the World Health Organization in the United States 1913, the same year the World Health organization’s progenitors also started. So I find it fascinating that we passed The Clayton Act in 1913 and we set in motion 110 years ago the criminal conspiracy which we now call the World Health Organization.

    110 years later and in violation of tifu or Tepe I don’t know even how to say it the tfeu the
    treaty allegedly for the functioning of the European Union which I think needs to now be called the treaty for the dysfunctional European cabal article 101, unambiguously lays out the conditions that this was never a public health anything

    it was racketeering for the purpose of instilling Terror, to adapt the behavior of a population period.
    The that’s what it was, that’s what it always was, and we can come up with every theoretical argument we want to make about things, but the problem even with the theory that we had an outbreak of something it’s falsifiable.
    For the data from Zurich that shows us that in the year of the death pandemic of the globe life insurance companies paid 30 billion dollars, less in claims
    there’s a medical professional or a social professional or anybody else who wants to debate that we could develop a virus cunningly that could find out your
    bank account your insurance policy statements and whether you’re paid up on your premiums that’s a big ask
    It turns out that the data is unambiguous.
    We did not have a pandemic, we had genocide and we need to call it what it is

    next slide: when I say we planned it let’s make sure we understand exactly the not so fine
    print of the fine print.
    I want to call your attention first to the right hand column of the slide. This is the 2011 data that the World Health Organization. the Welcome Trust Path and the Gates Foundation did on their wonderful worldwide program for a malaria vaccine.
    For children under the age of six months of age and in their clinical trial it’s helpful to point out that they murdered 66 children in the vaccine group and then continually cunningly used the term control for a control group in which they murdered 28 children.
    Now the reason I said murdered and the reason why I use that term is because it’s exactly what it was, because it turns out that this control group was NOT a saline injection.
    It was not some sort of innocuous innocent thing.
    It was actually a cocktail of other known pathogenic disease carrying injections, the control group was known to kill people and the experimental control group was actually theoretically maybe going to kill people, and what we did was we actually went ahead and murdered them all.

    And cunningly under Article 5 Section 13 which I’ve put on this slide I want you to understand why I said at its formation in 1947, when the WHO was funded and founded, it was funded and founded by people intent to commit a crime.
    Because of their own language section 13 of Article 5 ends with the following statement immunity from personal arrest or detention blah blah blah immunity from legal process of every kind.
    Now if you didn’t intend to commit a crime why would you need to give yourself permanent and absolute immunity from every form of prosecution, and its worse, even investigation for prosecution of every kind.

    People sit there and pretend well that’s like diplomatic immunity.
    Do you realize this this isn’t even meeting, the meeting the standard of diploma.
    Criminal organization who set in motion their own law to protect themselves against crimes they knew they were going to commit and when I say they knew they were going to commit.
    I mean they knew it because their first director General none other than Dr Rene Sand. [socialist] who happened to be in the hospitality of the Germans in Dachau in 1940. [was imprisoned by Gestapo]
    Earlier in 1947 mysteriously with the largest of the Rockefeller Foundation was nominated to become the first director general of The Who and within five short years Renee Sand decided to authorize the real purpose of the WHO in writing by then director General Dr Brock Chisholm who advocated for population control as its primary objective.
    Does that sound like public health to anyone in this room?

    This is not Public Health.
    This is the advancement of the same genocidal program that began with the Carnegie foundation’s funding of the Eugenics office at Cold Spring labs in the United States in 1913 under the philanthropy philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie.

    People stop fooling yourself.
    It was on the tree of what we call this pandemic thing, but we’re not going to the root.
    This is an organized crime racketeering entity set up to give itself first absolute immunity, and then execute its plans to make sure it controls, who lives, who dies ,and who gets any chance at life.
    And if you think that I am somehow inflating numbers let me be unambiguous
    Under every treatment of tax provision if I were to tell you that there is an 88 [aggregate] controlling interest of any organization you might conclude that.
    That was book that actually Aggregates into a controlling interest and it turns out that if we look at the foundation donations to the World Health Organization 88 [aggregate] of those come from a single organization.
    The Gates Foundation that constitutes a violation of every competitiveness law in Europe and every competitors law in the United States.
    This is absolutely not only not an independent charitably funded donation, but more importantly under the tax laws on both sides of the Atlantic this constitutes directed donations, which specifically are forbidden and do not have any place anywhere in the charter of the World Health Organization or any of the UN Affiliated organizations.

    When I say this is a crime, I mean it’s a tax crime, a racketeering crime, a money laundering crime, and now the crime of racketeering leading to murder and Global terrorism.

    next slide
    And why don’t we use the criminal’s language in their own words because it’s the best way to say it when they actually planned the release of the use of a biologically modified
    Chimera associated with the model derived from Coronavirus.
    They actually said the following, to sustain the funding based beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding, for the needful medical countermeasures such as a pan influenza or pan coronavirus vaccine.
    Now let me pause for just one moment and remind you that the crisis that they were speaking of was a crisis of diminishing funding.
    There was no Health crisis!
    This was a crisis of their coffers. We’re starting to run dry, that’s the crisis and let’s read on a key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype.

    We need to use that hype to our advantage, to get to the real issues.
    Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process made by the conspiratorio cabal.
    That by that time, was the decade of vaccines put in Motion in 2011 by the global preparedness monitoring Board of the World Health Organization.
    And it was the funding base for Peter dashik’s partnership with the chimeric production of pathogens both in North Carolina and in Wuhan.
    But don’t tell me that we have to do an investigation into where this came from.
    The criminals have admitted to it in their own words.

    next slide
    One that no one in the room on October the 21st 2014, despite the multiple conversations between Senator Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci, where we’ve been told that Rand Paul has done everything he can to put Fauci on the ropes.
    He has had in his possession the letter that you see on the left and it is the letter conveniently on NIAID letterhead sent to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
    Which unambiguously states that during the gain of function moratorium which by the way, if we use the word moratorium feels like that means you’re supposed to stop.

    why don’t we go ahead and look at two pieces of this letter.
    First the second bullet under project one part of the original Bridge was to look at the novel functions of the virus pathogenesis in Vivo.
    You know what that means in living systems and models but this grant was modified with this letter to say we were going to authorize gain of function research during the moratorium in living systems.
    Love the last paragraph of this letter which conveniently says “as your Grant is
    currently funded this pause is voluntary”.
    How many times have you met a voluntary moratorium and the best part about it is that if we look at the very last line, or continue to conduct the applicable gain of function research until the end of the currently active budget period.

    But Here Comes the problem.
    You know who is supplying the budget an indefinite term.
    Unlimited amount contract from DARPA and from NIH.
    Isn’t it convenient to have a perpetually funded project that needs to stop when the money runs out when you find out.
    That there is no point where the money runs out, because there is no end to the thing that has no end.

    Unless you think that I’m making an allegation which I’m not.
    I’m making an accusation!
    Let’s be clear and there’s a big difference, I’m not alleging anything.
    They actually went to the trouble of telling us that it was going to be the Wuhan virus that was going to get us.
    On the right hand side of the screen published in 2016 March 14th of 2016 these stars like Wuhan Institute of virology virus 1 and I quote “is poised for human emergence”.
    Does that sound like we’re just surprised that something in Wuhan when a little Haywire in December of 2019 or does it feel like we were told look at Wuhan and look at coronavirus and look at what we’ve been doing to manipulate coronavirus in Wuhan and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and lo and behold we’re going to go ahead and tell you that we’re ready to release it in 2016.

    next slide
    We’re almost done and then they created it
    Now all of you know that I am criticized globally for my use of the term biological warfare.
    I do that because I am credentialed to do that.
    Happen to be for the United part [States] of the 2000s in the latter part of the 90s a person who was sent around the world to look at the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons.
    I make [a]cutely familiar with the definition of what a biological warfare agent is in the 18 U.S code the criminal code of violations of biological and chemical weapons and so my assessment is in fact professional and right.
    And the reason for that is I’m the one credentialed to make that determination for the United States government for many years.

    That’s why I say it, but let’s pretend for the moment that I’m just a nut job
    Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about so why don’t we look at what the criminals said themselves shall we?
    In 2005 at a conference sponsored by DARPA and the miter Corporation Ralph Barrick, the architect of the lethal strand that has been injected into millions and billions of people’s arms.
    That Ralph Barrack was sponsored to present the following and let’s go ahead and use his words presentation, synthetic coronaviruses biohacking bio Warfare enabling technologies.
    Does that sound like a public health distribution program?
    Does that sound like something that is accidentally misinterpreted to mean something else?
    Or does biological warfare enabling Technologies sound like not countermeasures or pandemic preparedness?
    It sounds to me like biological warfare enabling Technologies and the reason why I have that hunch is what followed was he received next to his NIAID grants non-competitive DARPA grants in matching funds for over 140 million dollars of aggregate funding, going into his and his related programs on synthetic biological warfare enabling Technologies.

    So do I have a problem calling the injection a biological warfare enabling technology.
    absolutely not because that’s what they called it.
    And we know that they knew they called it that on September 18 2019 because on
    September 18 2019 the racketeering co-conspiring cabal of interlocking directory it’s, it’s also known as the World Health Organization said that they were going to conduct an expert experience for the world that was going to be a rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen.
    The lethality in that statement is the problem !

    I didn’t say we’re going to maybe get a little bit of Sniffles going around.
    Said we were going to actually have the promulgation of a deadly agent and the stated reason in September 2020 the progress indicator, is that the world would accept a universal vaccine.
    Not we’ll look at other options of treatment.
    Not we’ll have a look at what might be early intervention, as Dr McCullough has so clearly advocated for in many many many instances, not that we stated on September 18 2019
    we were intending to kill.
    we were intending to kill to create the fair [fear] that would drive people to accept something that without coercion no one would have accepted.
    And that’s published by the criminal racketeers.

    next slide
    And there’s only two to go if you’re following deploy and profit from it.
    We were told investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process and lo and behold, guess what they saw; profit at the end of the process.
    2022 100 billion dollars for Pfizer
    Public funds Moderna after lying to the Congress in October of 2020 when they were asked to actually verify whether NIAID was promoting an injection that would enrich NIAID where Anthony Fauci and the entire team at NIH said that they had no financial interest in their recommendation.

    The back 100 million dollars for the first payment of the royalty 400 million dollars more than any Institute of Health has ever received in a single payment for a single invention
    in the history of American Medical Research.
    And lo and behold, what do we receive after that, a request from the World Health Organization to expand its budget by 11 to make sure that the people who profited from it donate to it and guess what; they just did.
    They laundered the money right back.
    That’s what they did next and now you get

    the final slide
    This is not a public health crime, actually not a constitutional crime, it’s a criminal act done by a criminal institution established to enable criminal Behavior !
    Its foundation 1947 is what this is, and we should not be debating the merits of Democracy or Liberty or anything else as irrational as that.

    Would be if we stood at a bank robbery and debated the merits of printing dollar bills
    The problem is not the dollar bills, it’s the bank robber and the problem here is not health, and it’s not public health, and it’s not the suppression of information, and the suppression of dissident views, and the absolute unconscionable treatment of Physicians, around the world and academicians around the world, who spoke out against this.

    That’s not the crime.
    The crime is that we had criminal racketeers who can spot conspired and developed a quote emergency.
    The same criminal racketeers planned manufactured and did all agency capture to make sure that you were told;– that you would use terms, that they tell you to use vaccine, face-mask, Health social distancing, none of which had ordinary use definition.

    So we just use them criminal racketeers, price fixed with interlocking directorates, where known competitors came together, and fixed prices in direct collusion, in violation of both European Union standards and in violation of both the Sherman and The Clayton Act and the United States.

    These were crimes.
    It was organized crime and we should treat it as such criminal racketeers publicly lied under oath resulted in the death and destruction of Liberty and most importantly death and destruction of the Integrity of well-meaning people.
    Sit here today doing everything they can within their power to try to treat the calamities created by this catastrophe.

    I Will Not For a Moment denigrate the multiple contributions of amazing academic and medical professionals who’ve tried desperately to step into the gap stop the corrupt outcomes of these crimes.
    But I will without doubt say the following;– until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy of criminal racketeers resulting in global terrorism for the purpose of profiteering and murder until we have that conversation we’re having The Wrong conversation.
    Because we are not here to debate the merits of a modified agreement for a criminal racketeering organization.

    We are here to end the criminal organization itself
    This this is my call to every single person on this planet ! ! !
    Don’t just limit the power of The WHO;– Destroy the WHO !!!
    thank you very much .. amen

    Thank you David
    Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers this afternoon
    Thank you to the audience uh thank you to the audience at home
    Please share the information that you heard today
    And now we want to again thank the MEPS for letting us be here and Christina Anderson also Ivan Strong and Madame and their colleagues here in the room we would love to invite you to the stage and speak some ending words for this. “””
    — — —- — – — — – – – — – – — –

    Some in New Zealand will also see a way of aggrandizing their powers & controls in cahoots with the UN on so many issues in pushing these agendas.
    And public health, WHO, are the techno-bureaucratic storm troopers for this.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – –
    The first comment on HYS shows that Australia has some fight back against WHO.
    When we really need some politician that can see the problem, learn about these issues, and fight back, discuss, debate, to raise an awareness of where the truth is, like how Dr. Peter McCullough above points out the “false narratives”
    To truly put New Zealanders First as individuals.



  3. Is this just a tragedy of anecdote’s though I do see it is written by a Doctor although he is not a heart specialist or transplant person


    I am no Doctor, but one thing I do know, that some things showing up like 9″ blood clots in 1 case, seems to parallel the mortician’s experience of finding a pattern of many unusual clotting.

    Also in noting blood clots seem to be a feature, but in having major surgeries like that, one has blood tests every day, and some of those drugs you are on are supposed to be able to stop clotting, in a major way.
    Plus the routine daily injection in your abdomen when in hospital.
    One almost becomes like a hemophiliac literally becoming a little bloody bleeder for a year, after discharge from hospital.

    After all this may be run of the mill, but one needs some of these figures, all of the raw data to be collected, collated, & analyzed to see if there any patterns & trends.



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