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COVID Jabbed Are Emitting Bluetooth Codes




The bluetooth challenge explained, why Covid-vaxxed people are emitting bluetooth codes and how you can see it for yourself.

So Tivon and I did the Bluetooth challenge for ourselves in an outdoor restaurant here in Marrakech.

We knew we were surrounded by double or triple vaccinated Europeans who have received the COVID injections that have been found to have nanotechnology inside of them. This nanotech causes a human being to emit an anonymous IP address called a MAC address from their bodies.

In order to see the code the vaccinated are emitting you need to put your phone in developer mode and then scan for Bluetooth devices in your area. We did this and it worked. I recorded the moment in this short video. Please excuse my cursing in the video, but I truly was horrified when I saw for myself that I was surrounded by people who were emitting codes.

Later on Tivon and I recorded a discussion we had that fully explains the technology and the science behind the Bluetooth codes emitted from vaccinated people. I turned this into the blog post below, as so many people have been asking us for a thorough explanation on this topic.

In this post Hope and Tivon discuss the Bluetooth challenge in great detail to try to explain how human beings who have received the COVID injections are now emitting Bluetooth codes or anonymous IP addresses that you can see using your phone.

So we’re going to go through several different important points and explain why it is that these digits that come up on your phone are indeed codes coming from the vaccinated people. First let’s allow Tivon to explain his background in IT so that we can understand the technical perspective that this information is coming from.

The Perspective From A Technician Who Understands These Networks.


I have a technical background in network engineering, hardware, maintenance, software configuration, and installation. A lot of my knowledge and training came from my previous career in the military as a US Navy Technician and then afterwards I worked for several companies. After the military, I continued my training for my own personal projects and got my interest in electronics.

I have an understanding of network schematics, the installation of networks, especially fibre optic and the equipment around fiber optics, configuration of that equipment, the repair of that equipment, which means if you can’t repair the circuit board, you send it in to get replacement. And then the software configuration of that of that equipment, meaning the routers, the switches, the servers from the operating system to the firmware.

Different Access Levels Of Information Between Consumer Mode And Developer Mode.

So from this, I want you to explain to people the difference between consumer mode on your phone and developer mode on your phone. Because in order to see these Bluetooth codes that are coming from vaccinated people, you need to have your phone in developer mode. There’s two different levels of information that you can see between those two different modes. So what does a person see? Like what is consumer mode and what does a person see in consumer mode?

Consumer mode is the default mode that people have when they first purchase their phone. This default setting is what allows you to see what other wireless devices are available in your area, to pair to them or to connect to them. And you will be able to recognize those devices simply by the name. So consumer mode will scan for devices that that you can see and recognize.

So for the average person, your phone is in consumer mode, which means when you click that Bluetooth button to scan for any Bluetooth devices that might be available to you in your area, you get a limited set of information shown to you because that’s all your able to see when you’re in consumer mode.

Tell us what developer mode is and why you would have a different mode. Who would use developer mode?

Developer mode is mainly for people who would have to repair equipment, repair the phone, repair the wireless device. It’s just a common practice in in technology, in electronics, gadgets, when something is broken and it requires a special access to get into the firmware. If it’s if it’s the chipset, if it’s something that’s broken at that level or maybe in the software level, you need to get into it.

You need to have an elevated access authority in order to get into that device and to and to be able to troubleshoot and to fix that device, whether it be on hardware or software. And it has to be done in a way that doesn’t necessarily require the technician to know any special passwords or anything like that, although that could be programmed in the device, but rather to know the necessary steps to get to that elevated level or authority that the general population doesn’t know about.

The technology tends to be open enough for you to to get in that mode if you need to. But general for the general population, they’re not trained or interested.

So in developer mode, you have a higher authority like you’re a network administrator of some kind. Or a technician that has the knowledge and skill set, you would need a higher level of access, which means you would need to be able to see more.

Understanding The Machine Codes And MAC IP Addresses

So let’s talk about the codes to understand what these codes mean. So if you’re scanning for Bluetooth devices available, you may see devices or codes on your phone that come up that say it’s somebody’s phone or it’s a car for example that has a Bluetooth connection. In all these different codes, it gives it a name so you can clearly read “Oppo” phone with the code for example. But then there’s these other codes that don’t have any name associated with them, they are just anonymous IP addresses. We’ve heard these referred to as machine codes or MAC addresses.

What is a MAC address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control. The MAC address is a code that’s used to identify a particular computer or device on various types of networks, such as wi-fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and more. It has nothing to do with a Mac Apple computer. It stands for something else. So these anonymous MAC addresses or IP addresses that people are emitting are what we are seeing show up from vaccinated people.

What is a Machine Code?

Machine codes are identifiers of all kinds of electronic products. Every consumable product that you buy that’s electronic in nature has a machine code. Now that may or may not be part of your Mac address. It depends on the manufacturer of that product.

All wireless capable devices, have a mac address, or machine code used to access control that that they emit through EMF. That is a unique identifier for that brand or that product. So, for example, if you have a Sony TV and it’s wireless, you would see “Sony Bravia LCD TV 929208” when you do the pairing on your Bluetooth phone.

Could you describe what an average person would have to do in order to put their phone into developer mode?

For and Android phone for example, you’d have to go into the settings option, then the general tab, the basic information about your phone, and you’d scroll on that panel down to the part that it says about this phone. And then you would you tap that 7 times and it’ll put you in developer mode. But to get a more in-depth process of how to do that, you can find that online. Just look up how to put your phone in developer mode. It’s very straightforward, but that’s the that’s an example. It’s a series of steps where you can elevate the authority when you get into your phone.

So it’s not it’s not easy to do? There’s nothing intuitive about it? You have to click this, then dig into this menu, and click that, and then click further down. And then you find the magic button at the end of that process and then you have to literally hit that button seven times? How very “Free Masonic” of them! Why is it like this? Is it because they don’t want average people seeing things in developer mode?

Well, most people don’t want to see developer mode so most people don’t care. But now people are starting to care ever since the Bluetooth challenge started showing up on the internet. So people now want to know how to put their phone in developer mode so they can scan the area that they are in with other people in order to see all the codes around them. This includes the unique Mac addresses that are being emitted by the people who have taken the injection.

Science That Proves That These Are MAC Addresses Emitted From Vaccinated People


How we know these are MAC addresses from individuals and not something else?

Well, this the experiment was done in France with a science team. They took random people who have taken the injection and separated them into two groups alongside people who did not take the injection, put them in the park where it’s only them and the science team with their computer that was able to pick up Mac addresses.

So there’s no other devices around there in the middle of a big park, so these codes were definitely coming from the bodies of the vaccinated people?


These Codes Have Not Been Seen In This Way Before The COVID Injections

As a network administrator,You have been in developer mode many times because that was part of your job in order to scan the area for available machines and devices, correct?

Yes. As an administrator, I’d have to troubleshoot devices that are on the network.

So in the past, before the COVID vaccine rollout, in your previous experience, have you ever seen codes like this being emitted in your line of work?


No. I have never seen any machine that would spout the series of hexadecimal characters that end as an identifier like we are seeing now in vaccinated people. For example, Let’s say as a network administrator you were working on some kind of magic box, and for whatever reason or for security reasons, it would just only give you the machine code.

Again, you’re only talking about one device with one machine code. But now we are seeing this in a public setting and you’re with other people and they are emitting unidentifiable random hex codes, that’s not normal!

So from that personal testimony, we can conclude that what we’re seeing being emitted is frequencies and signals that are coming from people that have been vaccinated.


Yes. The technology that’s used for wireless has had standards established through all kinds of organizations like Tripoli, for example. So when you have a consumer product that that was wireless enabled, it was standard practice for it to be identifiable as plain text so that people know what the device is so they can connect. If people just saw gibberish that was being broadcast, (in the form of a anonymous IP address), Clearly no one would want to pair their device to that because no one knows what that box is!

That could be anything! There could be something that will come from it, especially if it’s security related. So it’s common practice, especially for consumers to know what they want to connect to.

But now with this, we have everyone taking injections filled with nanotech and it’s been scientifically proven from the French team that people are indeed broadcasting MAC addresses. It is introduced a whole other situation where they want peole to think that this is normalized or it’s normal and it’s not! The main thing is you don’t know what these codes are because it’s a series of letters and numbers.

And that’s only consistent from what we saw in that experiment with French team. These codes are only being emitted from people who’ve taken the injection. People who have not taken the injection do not emit a code. No human being should emit a code!

How A “Vaccine” Can Cause A Person To Emit A Code

People might be asking, how can a vaccine generate a code inside of a person’s body? We have done extensive work and research and shown studies and things that have been found under microscopes by teams of scientists all over the world. What has been found is that there is nanotechnology inside of these injections that they are calling vaccines that actually self assembles inside of the human body.

Once that technology is heated and also when it is stimulated with EMF or electromagnetic frequencies, its self assembles in the body. This technology is literally very, very small computer parts. So this is how human beings who have had this COVID injection are emitting Bluetooth codes or MAC addresses.

Why Is Everyone Being Marked With A Code?

So my last question is, what could this entail, when everybody is marked with a code? What could that mean for a human being in our ever growing world of technology and tracking and tracing?


It would lead to a dystopic society, because it would mean that a person is forever emitting a signal that will make them targetable to all kinds of influence, for whatever reason. It can go from social control, to being ostracized from society, to what job you get, or if you get any at all, to have your bank account closed down, or even for murder. It’s far reaching!

What it would mean is that someone can be located based on the series of information that their body emits due to the Internet of Things. This technology is made possible because it’s in your body is acting as a transceiver from the wireless fields that are already in your environment at those same frequencies. So when you take these injections, your body is constantly talking to other wireless devices within the environment, real time 24/7.

This nanotechnology has been shown that it can actually do things to your body. Whomever is controlling this system could insert commands into the technology to do things inside of your body, all different kinds of things.


So people should care if they’re emitting Bluetooth codes and most people aren’t even aware of it, don’t care to look and don’t want to look. In their ignorance of this technology they turn it into a joke and think its funny. Then if you show them the truth, they’ll say it’s a conspiracy theory, that they don’t believe they are emitting a code. People are definitely choosing willful ignorance these days, choosing what they want to believe. These are people that hate the truth.


Look, an easy experiment you can do is, if you have taken these injections, put your phone in developer mode, go into a remote location such as an open field by yourself, and scan for Bluetooth. If you see only see one machine code or one mac address come up, it’s probably you!

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  1. So the pollies and poolice will be able to mount fadgets on different buildings an track the vaxed where ever they go around town! Maybe intersections out in the country aswell?
    Can they do dumb phones as well? This is going to be interesting as the crims encryption gets bypassed, tracked everywhere!



  2. When tracking codes came up for discussion at the start of the vaccination roll out more than a few mooted the possibility of a unique identifier being a bonus feature. They were laughed off the internet but once again yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s fact.

    It at least confirms why the Mad Queen & the rest of the country’s politicians were determined that everyone should be vaccinated regardless of the health risks. Tracking & ID of citizens are a control freak’s wet dream.



  3. My mate tried this out before xmas with varying results, somedays it picked up signals otherdays it didnt.

    Tested in wide open field and has various jabbed and unjabbed walk toward him with no devices on them, when the jabbed got within 10-15m bingo would pickup unknown signals yet nothing with unjabbed. Sometimes when he would repeat it with same ppl it wouldnt detect tho.



    • See for yourself bert, normal cell bluetooth wont pick it up but if you download a bluetooth scanner app they will. Get one with the gauges etc to show signal stregnth, ive seen it with my own eyes when my mate was giving it a crack its farking freaky.



    • Bert, it is a crock of crap, it looks like they are going to attempt to track the entire population.
      QR codes won’t be needed they will just help themselves
      I guess you will tell me big pharma are lying about the 1200 side effects.



      • Bert

        I’m not trying to be a smartarse as I’m a retired cocky who’s near enough tech illiterate but I need something explained.

        We are supposed to register our dogs & the local body Nazis insist that theyt be microchipped. The chip is reportedly the size of a grain of rice. A quick Google search reveals:

        …….”A microchip the size of your fingernail contains billions of transistors, so it’s easy to understand just how small the features on a chip need to be. Chip features are measured in nanometers. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, or a millionth of a millimeter.

        For comparison, a human red blood cell is 7,000 nanometers in diameter, and the average virus is 14 nanometers. The smallest structures on the most advanced chips are currently 10 nanometers.”……

        It seems that bluetooth uses & is compatible with microchips. Can you explain in simple terms why an injectable chip can’t be activated by 5G or Bluetooth.




  4. The best evidence is at your local cemetery with a cc2540 and intercept the packets from the dead vaccinated over freshly dug Jewish graves.
    Go onto either bitchute or brighteon or rumble and search for “BLUETOOTH FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE”



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