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COVID Vaccine Protection Lasts 3-6 Months




COVID Vaccine Protection Lasts 3-6 Months, Then ‘Vanishes’

Written by Kenneth Richard

A summary of some of the latest research affirms COVID vaccine effectiveness at preventing and reducing disease/viral load is very temporary and prone to disappearing.

This suggests shot after shot in perpetuity is required to maintain one’s “vaccinated” status.

Disturbing research on the waning effectiveness of COVID vaccines has been elevated from the pre-print to a peer-reviewed publication in the journal Nature Medicine.

Although “initially effective” in reducing the severity of disease for the first month or two after vaccination, the authors (Levine-Tiefenbrun et al., 2021) assert an infection with the Delta variant ultimately renders “no difference” in the Ct (cycle threshold), or viral load, of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.

“[V]iral load reduction effectiveness declines with time after vaccination, significantly decreasing at 3 months after vaccination and effectively vanishing after about 6 months.”

Another recent study (Israel et al., 2021) also indicates the COVID infection protection that vaccines are advertised to offer plummets by up to 40 percent per month within 2½ months after the second dose.


In stark contrast to the rapidly disappearing viral load and infectivity effectiveness of vaccines, a study with a sample size of over 5.7 million people has determined a recovery from a COVID infection offers (a) 7.7 times greater protection from severe disease (compared to the vaccinated: 0.6 versus 4.6 rates) as well as (b) “substantial natural immunity against reinfection”

Unvaccinated individuals with a prior infection are more than six times less likely to be (re)infected with COVID than the vaccinated with no prior reinfection.

According to 11 studies with a collective sample size of 615,77, the re-infection rate is just 0.27 percent for those who have been infected previously (Murchu et al., 2021). That is, 1 of every 370 people are infected with COVID twice.

People who do happen to get COVID twice are hospitalized at a rate of only 0.03 percent (5 per 14,840). The COVID death rate for those with natural immunity (but who nonetheless are re-infected) is just 0.01 percent (Kojima and Klausner, 2021).

On a final note, it is encouraging to learn that healthy (no underlying condition) children aged 5 to 11 in Germany are hospitalized at a rate of just 2 per 100,000 if infected COVID (Sorg et al., 2021). And, even better, there have been zero deaths linked to COVID among the 404,847 confirmed cases this age group.

This begs the question: Why are we vaccinating children aged 5-11?

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    • Alice ,a close friends 24 year old Son had a stroke 2 days after his 2nd jab ,he is OK but will need a lot of time to get back to normal and the powers that be have put his stroke down to the Vaccine.
      He is eligible for financial compensation and will be paid when the figure is agreed to, has anybody heard that compensation is being paid for vaccine damages as this was the first I’d ever heard of it.??



      • If this is the case, and compensation paid, it will start a precedent, as it should. However, like military war, this biological war would have been better not being fought in the first place. The only thing that allowed this war to start and gain hold, is that good men, ignorant of history, did nothing.

        Modern war is not always won on how many people on the enemy side you can kill, but how many people you can maim and injure. Maiming and injuring ties up valuable and costly resources caring for the wounded, and the massive ongoing costs can bring a country to its knees financially.

        In any case, with even one compensation precedent, you will see an army of lawyers rubbing their hands together in glee in anticipation of compensation lawsuits or class action lawsuits against the government, but more importantly against those that made the mandate. This could be govt departments, councils or any business.

        It it one thing for the govt to make illegal mandates, quite another for councils and private businesses to make voluntary mandates on their own initiative, and not backed by govt mandate. This shifts the responsibility and liability. Any business or organisation will a decent IQ / AQ on the board or management team should be running from voluntary mandates at 100 miles per hour. Forget EQ and SQ, they are woke Quotients,

        I was thinking that the compensations, being an acknowledgement of harm, might finally wake up the woke, and stop them voluntarily mandating the vaxx, or lining up for the vaxx, but then reality hit home:

        [1] It is too late for those people that have had the vaxx, especially booster shots, as they will become dependent on future vaccines and medications as their immune systems crash.

        [2] In one fell swoop, our glorious (world/country) leaders could acknowledge the vaccine side effects/injuries/deaths, but put it down to “well we didn’t know and we had to act fast to stop covid, so that is the price we paid to stop humanity being killed off.” And “the vaccines may have had side effects, but the vaccine companies did their best in the heat of the moment to pull back humanity from the brink of annihilation, so that is why we had to grant them immunity.”

        [3] There is no civil liability, by design, for the vaccine companies, the entire cost will be borne by government, private business, and maybe, but not likely insurance companies. This will bankrupt the country, hastening the demise towards the great reset. All part of the plan. Any company or employer should be having in detail meetings with both their solicitors and their insurers, who, if they are any good, will tell them there is no defense or insurance for participating in genocide

        This whole scenario is what biological warfare looks like. In the last century, over 200 million people died at the hands of their own governments, through communism and tyranny. That pattern is continuing, but the weapons are no longer bullets. They are biological weapons.

        Jesus wept.



  1. The corruption to achieve ongoing non-liability by Pfizer.
    On the bodies of children, non-liability is granted to Pfizer.

    Hey WEF sociopaths: Leave our kids alone… 🟢
    2 mins 19 secs

    How Pfizer fudged, to get the approval for children’s vaccines, by “stomach-ache” when the child Maddy Gary is now permanently on a feeding tube and is in a very bad way.

    Are our government authorities that they have a duty of care, to weigh up what is going on?
    If not, are they aware that they are complicit first in negligence, that becomes malfeasance in not checking things out.
    The power of oppression is another form of malfeasance, becoming corruption, as there seems to be no open debate, no discussion to help find what is the truth.

    This oppression, in suppression, even censoring, then this would be deemed a cover-up and a most malignant dangerous form of corruption.



  2. Had my first shot yesterday. Fucking work mandate and I’ve got a big fucking mortgage to pay off and daughter starting University this year. Couldn’t afford to give work the big FO, so arranged to get the AstraZeneca shot. I figure the way the silly little girl is pushing fizzer, she’s getting kickbacks from them. This way at least I reduce the chances that she gets anything if she is getting kickbacks. So far the only unusual side effect was a numb hand in the arm they injected, about 30 mins after they injected the clot shot, but it went away quickly. Word of the day is Fuck, along with the verb, adjective and nouns associated with the word Fuck. Fuck, Fuckers, and I hope they all get Fucked. 😬



    • Understood Brian Marshall.
      Wish you continuing good health.

      Hope you questioned them a lot, safety, efficacy, the supposed trials, and then the “Emergency Use Approval”?
      How much support you will get and compensation for any problems. ?
      Did you get the batch number? or as they may call it the “lot number”?

      Keep us updated, on how things go, and when the 2nd shot is done.

      A painful pox on all those drug pushing authoritarians!



    • Brian…
      Sorry to hear of your predicament.
      I hope you have a lengthy paper trail between you and your employer about your questioning the safety and efficacy of their mandated injection and the health and safety risk assessments they made for both you and your vaccinated co-workers.



      • Toko, they had less than a full week for consultation. I knew then that it was coming, but played their game, gave detailed and balanced feedback, and when they announced the final policy, it was so full of fucking holes, I could sail a ship through it. As a level 3 H&S trained committee member in a big organisation, I know what I’m talking about too.
        They didn’t even have an exemption for those who have had covid for fucks sake. I resigned my role on the H&S committee and all other voluntary roles that week. (I’m sure you can guess what employer I have and why I haven’t named the particular entity). Been working there for nearly 30 years and have accumulated over 6months of sick leave. If I have side effects, I will be making a lot of fucking noise with OSH.

        Also, what is it with smartphones and the words duck and ducking? How often have I ever used those words???



    • I understand your situation and pressures you faced Brian, and wish you all the best health.

      The main thing to bear in mind, is not the short term symptoms, but long term effects.

      I lost an immediate family member to Carditis (lesions on the heart valves), who died at a young age.

      I’ve also had a friend who had similar carditis. Not being a regular checkup kind of guy, it was discovered by accident, but could have easily remained undetected. Luckily he had an operation to repair the damaged valve.

      In many cases Carditis can be a silent killer, so please make sure you get regular checkups.



  3. Covers a broad range of issues, the omicron, efficacy etc..
    Seems to cover much of what most of us know, but the shows the booster, mRNA ideas for flue shots, for even later concepts, is adding up, and what long term effects, unknowns, and not good basis’s of trials done.

    Dr. Steven Pelech explains petition to stop COVID-19 shots for pregnant women and children in Canada
    40 mins : January 5, 2022 : Rebel News

    Dr. Pelech is a tenured UBC professor of Immunology and Neurology and chair of the scientific and medical advisory committee for the Canadian COVID Care Alliance.

    Vaccines failing in efficacy,
    The VAIERS system just on 3 vaxxes and the numbers of injuries so why the continuance.
    Experimental, no long term trials. and some short term risks, has increased to 1 in 5,000 just for myocardium.
    The real risk from actual covid infection is in the region of 1 in a billion or so, for myocardium issue.

    So pregnant woman are just seen to be another ongoing “noble guinea pig” in this phase 3 experimental trial.
    Passive monitoring, but people can not talk about things, as then can be charged as creating “vaccine hesitancy”.

    So the Pfizer trials, badly run, were left with a bias to the company, that creates a false sense of protection, and is proving to be even worse.

    At 26 mins strongly focuses about vaxxing pregnant woman by government pushing is wrong.

    The question of the agencies that approve these things, that then government actually does the marketing of these drugs for the pharma companies and indemifying them.

    The data passport allows immunity to people to go out; with immunity to spread covid.
    The data is presented in such a way to give an impression of safety and the necessity of vaxx.



  4. There are people on Kiwiblog saying that everyone in New Zealand is going to catch the Covid19 virus. Last I checked 18 % of USA population and 21% of UK population have contracted the virus in the past two years. If this virus follows the trend of previous ones, it might be that many New Zealanders can avoid catching this virus. I would be very happy to not be vaccinated and also not catch the virus.



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