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CDC Admits Covid ‘Vaccines’ Don’t Work

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the guidance they issue regarding Covid-19. On one hand, they need to get the word out about the latest dizzying spin to their “scientific” protocols. On the other hand, they have to explain why their guidance is in such a state of chaos, changing just as quickly today as it did when very little was known about the “novel coronavirus” early last year.

This week, they made changes to their guidance, and one item, in particular, got a lot of attention. But there was an even bigger admission by the CDC that went largely unnoticed. While most were busy complaining about the new face mask guidelines for everyone, vaccinated or not, there was little discussion about the item just below that particular guidance that essentially admits the “vaccines” don’t really do what we’ve been told they would do for the past eight months.

UPDATED testing guidance: If a fully vaccinated person has a known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, @CDCgov recommends getting tested 3-5 days after exposure and wearing a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until they receive a negative result.

— Weijia Jiang (@weijia) July 29, 2021


“Added a recommendation for fully vaccinated people who have a known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 to be tested 3-5 days after exposure, and to wear a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until they receive a negative test result.” – CDC Guidance Additions

The whole idea of a “vaccine” is to prevent infections from viruses. Until the definitions were changed to accommodate the Covid injections’ lack of efficacy, it was always assumed if you get vaccinated, you’re protected against that disease. Why, then, does the CDC recommend vaccinated individuals get tested if they’ve come in contact with someone suspected of having Covid-19? Why aren’t more doctors speaking up about what they know to be true regarding these “vaccines”?

The answers that they will never say explicitly but that the statistics clearly reveal is that the “vaccines” do not work at preventing the disease from spreading. This is why the spikes continue. It’s why high-profile, fully-vaccinated people keep testing positive. And it’s why the places with the highest percentage of vaccinated people continue to suffer from infection rates that are equal to or higher than areas of lower vaccine coverage.

Some will argue that the vaccines mitigate symptoms of Covid-19, but the same people won’t mention that studies show Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, among other treatments, have demonstrated much higher effectiveness in treating Covid-19 than the so-called “vaccines.”

We are being instructed by government, mainstream media, academia, Big Tech, and vaccine-nannies across the nation to get vaccinated to stop Covid-19. But even the CDC acknowledges that it does not stop infection from the coronavirus. Why would they be telling us to get the Covid shots that are essentially treatments rather than vaccines when there are better treatments available? Why are they panning these other treatments that have been safely used for decades while the experimental Covid injections have demonstrated extremely high rates of adverse effects, including thousands of deaths?

It’s taboo to acknowledge that Ivermectin and other treatments work better at mitigating symptoms of Covid-19 than the so-called “vaccines.” If the “vaccines” do not protect us from infection in the first place, why are they being pushed so hard?

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  1. https://www.brighteon.com/6657f4c5-a077-4136-b922-242c0236bb83

    Via the words of the CDC’s own director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the official narrative on vaccines and covid has just self-destructed. While in March of this year, Walenksy had publicly promised that vaccinated people could not spread the virus and infect others, this week she publicly stated that vaccines are failing, and that vaccinated people may now carry higher viral loads than unvaccinated people, contributing to the spread of covid.

    Read more at https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-29-cdc-confesses-vaccines-are-failing-the-vaxxed-can-be-super-spreaders.html



    • That’s a good one – in fact it’s on one of the VFF teeshirts.

      But sadly it only has any meaning for anyone with some intelligence or education or a combination of both. 84.37% of people hearing that wouldn’t have a clue what is meant by the term ‘control group’.



  2. I reposted the above article to Fakebook.
    .Now it carries a label from the fact checkers who failed to fact check what the CDC has said.

    Ed can we always have a link so we can send the nutters in the fuck checking Dept to the spource, please



  3. Kiwis coming back from Australia were given a 7 day lifeline to get back before having to go into MIQ for 14 days. Thousands of Kiwis will be coming back from areas in Australia that have been rife with Covid19 infections.
    What are the odds that NZ will finally get community Covid19 infections?

    My personal feelings are that it will happen eventually. I would like to get it over with ASAP. Really getting tired of worrying. Told the wife a year ago that if there was a place to get infected I would volunteer.

    Because of my occasional blog entry, she keeps telling me that she expects the police to come knocking on our door any day now. If you don’t t hear from me for more than a month, you know she was right



  4. Thousands of Kiwis will be coming back from areas in Australia that have been rife with Covid19 infections.

    With the above article proving the test is useless, How would we know if they have the Chinese flu or just the ordinary winter flu?



  5. It shows some real knowledgeable people, looking to work together.

    The Awareness Foundation Covid 19 Roundtable
    2 hours 13 minutes. : July 30, 2021

    Fourteen of the worlds highest-profile doctors, all specialists in their own fields, come together to discuss the dangers that we all face from the Covid 19 pandemic.
    They discuss in detail the merits and the dangers posed by the vaccines that are being rolled out and pushed onto society.

    Hear their honest opinions and learn about the censorship that they have all faced from speaking out.
    Discussing together in one place for the first time, learn from the experts and heed their warnings.
    Presented by Katherine Macbean of The Awareness Foundation

    Featuring the following specialist:
    Professor Dolores Cahill
    Dr Ryan Cole
    Dr Richard Fleming
    Dr Dmitry Kats
    Dr Tess Lawrie
    Dr Li-Meng Yan [that Chinese spy that escaped and came to the USA]
    Dr Robert Malone
    Dr Peter McCullough
    Dr Joseph Mercola
    Dr Lee Merritt
    Dr Sherri Tenpenny
    Dr Richard Urso
    Dr Sam White
    Dr Vladimir Zelenko

    First 22 minutes of introductions.

    Has the virus been isolated.
    Fleming:- yes, substantial data, & makes a good explanation.
    It is a real virus, genetically engineered and modified.
    Malone:- concurs.
    Yan:- the first to isolate it. Very difficult to isolate though.
    Merritt :- raises the questions of the PCR tests, then piecing the pieces to get a sequence?
    Fleming answers.

    @33 mins question, will the jab make people ill this coming winter? Shedding? affecting vaccinated?
    McCulloch:- Tries to work on just where the injuries occur, blood, brain 3-6 months after jab, non fatal, but debilitating. Myocardium is a concern and not so simply to get it fixed.

    Zelenko, blood clots, and lung damage. Do not give into fear and take the vaccine. No vaccine.
    If get sick, treat early like with zinc, anti inflammatory approach. [HCQ man 😉 ]

    Kats:-, figures the manipulation of trial numbers has been twisted.
    Supports zinc. 2 other elements, treat early, Niacin, [?] and NSC [?] to help.

    Urso :- late inflammatory diseases increase. responds well to inflammatory medicines.

    Malone:- Asks Urso, about observing symptoms in the eye, retinal vascular.
    Urso :- some up tick., not a classical symptoms but there is an increase.
    Fleming:- More long term, inflammatory problems, thrombotic smoldering on, becoming chronic. Seems like a prion input.

    @ 50 minutes. Question of shedding?
    Mercola :- optimize your vitamin D. Eat your calories in 6-8 hours, so your body then fasts, to then burn fat, and no sugar. Vege & seed oils not good,
    Tennpenny:- Ivomectin HCQ, alternate, all the vitamins, zinc.
    Shedding or Transmission. Synthetic mRNA but it is a different form of Covid, like bleeding. No test able to show just what & why, but it is happening.
    Malone:- questions the data about shedding or transmission or down stream to make clinical syndrome in 3rd party. Maybe in breast milk. Wants to see the data of this shedding, the Spike protein. but wants more than speculation.
    Fleming:- Picks up their is a concern, whatever shedding is? but enough of a phneuomon, but just does not know what to look for. But there is something stimulating the immune system to react inflammatory reaction,
    Merritt :- FDA data is noting shedding, but do not know just what is being shed.
    The mouse immuno-contraceptive that mouse spread to other mouse. [hmmm interesting.]
    Malone :- realigns the mouse concept, and wants to follow the data. and to have tests done in animal models.
    Cole :- sides with Malone, but can concede a hormonal response.
    Lawrie:- To be sure not to be doing harm as a Doctor, as so much differing data.
    Fleming:- shedding is recognized, but do not know what is shed or what the “load” is that triggers some of these problems.

    @ 1 hour 23 mins, Fleming:- to get more on shedding issue, like a coalition to get samples, testing done.
    Urso:- the lipo-nano particles go every where in the body, so this could be a problem.
    Merritt:- the reproductive health, and these issues are not going away.

    @ 1hour 28 mins Question, can it be agreed to halt the vaccines?
    Fleming :- EUA are not showing statistical benefit. risk of pushing variants.
    Malone:- Raises just what is death rates and injury of Covid? compare to how death rate and severity of Covid.
    Fleming:- Using FDA data, then reaffirms vacc or not.
    Malone:- Diagonosis of Covid, Still thinks there is some benefit of the vaccine.
    Fleming:- says data is difficult, or
    Urso,:- Says there is not enough data for statement,
    Fleming :- data is needed by both sides
    Cole :- stop the vaccine. seeing other effects of the body is not helping the body.
    Other problems coming through, on early signals, at higher alarming rates.
    Malone:- supports Cole, as FDA also figures more problems arising from the vacc.
    Cahill:- picks up the from the European numbers of deaths & injuries, should stop the this vacc trial,
    Fleming:- Governments should allow Doctors to treat.
    EUA is debunked as their are alternatives that have been suppressed, censored etc..
    White :- change the narrative to treatment.
    Malone:- CDC FDA not accepting the laws.
    Wants to stop young people up to 35 or pregnant be vaccinated.
    Fleming:- supports Malone.
    Urso:- to include covid recovered. as they have good immunity
    Kats:- giving support to recovered immunity, no jab, as dangerous
    Lawrie:- seems a fan of prophetical and first treatments, that need to be known NOW
    White:- Other Doctors just follow the government narrative.
    D-dimers should be checked as then to figure the risk for future problems.
    Malone:- does not want to lump all vaccines, but future problems will come and studies need to be done.
    Jane:= No consensus to stop outright stop vaccines.
    Halt for under 35 vaccine seems more acceptable.
    Malone:- Does not want vaccine prohibition.

    Merritt :- military vaccinate all in to get it done.
    20 deaths last year from Covid. Now 80 myocarditis cases. Mandating vaccines, consider the airforce pilots. Army 50 % vaccinated. Navy 70 %
    Yan :- telling how devious China is in setting up the S Spike protein, and there seems to be a lot more to it, in what the CCP PLA had plans to spread.
    Early treatment, China pushes HCQ in combo [?]

    The governments need to get out of the Doctor’s business.
    As well as NGO’s, vested interests, 3 letter agencies,
    So will soon make a statement, about the vaccine system and push for early first treatments.

    More will also come where these people have been held back by the 3 letter agencies, censored, etc..

    Looking to coalesce, work along with others, like the Great Barrington group .
    To bi pass governments and to get info out to the people.

    E&OE as far as I could follow it. I do not know whether it is good doing such a loose transcript, as at the same time trying to take it in.
    Any way having done it will post on a covid theme post.

    Sort of interesting, and trying to bring a cohesion to be able to get around the censorship, and wrest control back from the government authorities in health and medicine.



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