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Covid Vaccines Have Highest ‘Kill Rate’




Covid Vaccines Have Highest ‘Kill Rate’ In Medical History – Media Blackout

Baxter Dmitry

Covid mRNA vaccines are now officially the deadliest drugs in the history of Western medicine, killing and injuring hundreds of millions of people around the world as the fallout from the mass roll out continues to snowball.

While previous deadly drugs caused enormous scandals in their day – think of Thalidomide, for instance – nobody is allowed to talk about the fact experimental mRNA vaccines have killed an extraordinary number of people.

Big Pharma and the global elite have blood on their hands and they are using mainstream media to whitewash and cover up the greatest crime in history.

They cannot be allowed to get away with this crime – especially when Pfizer’s own documents reveal the hidden truth about the shocking extent of the carnage.

World-renowned OBGYN physician Dr. James Thorp has blown the whistle on the massive cover-up, warning the public about the disturbing numbers that governments, Big Pharma and the mainstream media are working overtime to keep hidden from the public.

During an interview with Infowars host Alex Jones, Dr. Thorp explained that in the first ten weeks of the mRNA vaccine rollout, “there were 42,086 casualties,” more than enough to have the product recalled and banned, like Thalidomide in the early 60s after the drug caused deformities in 10,000 children.

However, the shocking mRNA data was suppressed by Big Pharma and the mainstream media and the mass vaccination push continued with tragic consequences of historic proportions.

As Dr. Thorp explains, “if you calculate the injured-to-kill ratio, it’s unprecedented in warfare and medicine.”

Despite the carnage, the elite are pressing full steam ahead with their plans to inject the global human population with as many mRNA “vaccines” as possible.

Here is Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel shamelessly promoting his vaccines and the company’s new pivot to cancer treatment to capitalize on the explosion in turbo cancers in the wake of the mRNA vaccine rollout.

Unelected world health czar Bill Gates is also refusing to acknowledge the carnage caused by mRNA, beating the drum for his new generation of injectibles, declaring that mRNA will solve every problem known to man.

Remember, Gates developed a “vaccine” to protect against vaccine-induced polio.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this sociopath and vaccines, then nothing will.

If you are still not convinced these men need to face justice in the form of crimes against humanity charges, wait until you see Pfizer’s own data that puts the scale of the genocide into historical context.

While Big Pharma and the mainstream media continue to suppress real news about mRNA, Pfizer’s own legally mandated 90-day post-rollout document known as Pfizer 5.3.6 puts the tragedy into context.

Published online following orders by a federal judge, this Pfizer document is available to the public – but of course the media has done everything they can to suppress knowledge about what it contains.

Remember when former CNN host Chris Cuomo attempted to convince the masses that it was illegal to read WikiLeaks emails that exposed Hillary Clinton and John Podesta?

The mainstream media’s dirty tactics haven’t changed. They are still determined to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

This page shown in the video above proves that Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine is not only the deadliest drug ever rolled out, it is also, as Dr. Thorp explained earlier, the most injurious drug in human history.

For every death, more than 33 people have been injured by the vaccine. Remember this is Pfizer’s own data.

It is important to place this medical holocaust into a historical perspective.

The first column shows the damage caused by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. There were about 94,000 injured and 105,000 killed for an injure-to-kill ratio of approximately 0.9.

Now look at the middle column – Thalidomide. Before mRNA, Thalidomide was the deadliest drug in the history of medicine. The word still sends shivers down spines and rightfully so. Yet compared to the mRNA vaccines, Thalidomide was nothing. There were 20,000 injuries and 80,000 deaths for an injure-to-kill ratio of 0.25.

Now fast forward to 2021 and Pfizer’s experimental mRNA. They have killed 17 million global citizens. And these are just the ones they have admitted to.

Now, remember this drug is not only the most deadly in world history, it is by far the most injurious. So how do we work out the official Pfizer-admitted number of global injuries caused by their mRNA vaccine?

The injure-to-kill ratio is 33.4 to 1. Multiply 33.4 by 17 million, the number of official dead, and that makes 567 million global citizens that have been injured.

Add the number of dead and injured together for a total of 585 million global citizens killed and maimed by Pfizer.

If you have ever wondered if what happened in Nazi Germany could ever happen again, the last 4 years basically answered your question. Most people were basically on the side of the Nazis.

Take Chris Cuomo, for instance. The former CNN hack spent the pandemic shilling for Pfizer and urging Americans to get vaccinated, boosted, wear masks, and obey every authoritarian order the government issued.

Fast forward three years and Cuomo now understands he was nothing more than a useful idiot.

Life comes at you fast.

When you consider the global elite are still marching ahead with their plan to vaccinate the entire world with multiple doses of deadly mRNA for every conceivable ailment, it is clear that they must face justice in the form of crimes against humanity trials.


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  1. Gates idea of “solving every problem known to man” is to kill off most of the population down to a sustainable and sustained 500 million. In this he is not wrong of course, the majority of the world’s problems are caused by gross over population.
    It would have been better to let Mother Nature take her course, interfering with Nature, as Gates and the WEF are doing, is almost never a good idea.



    • There is no know or unknown universe in which Billy Goates could be regarded as rational or decent.
      He is pure evil.
      Without the cackling (refer H Clinton, Piglosi etc)

      Being in IT I have followed Goates since the early 1980s.
      His treatment of Paul Allen when Allen became ill with cancer in the early 1980s was telling.
      Allen was the creative brain in Microsoft.
      Goates was the business head with his lawyer father providing input . Some coding.
      (Steve Jobs was no saint and also shafted people who created great input to Apple products)

      Paul Allen got a raw deal. he was smart enough to make bank anyway.
      At that point Goates brought in the jew boy Steve Ballmer.
      Once they are in, the poison takes hold.



  2. …..”The injure-to-kill ratio is 33.4 to 1. Multiply 33.4 by 17 million, the number of official dead, and that makes 567 million global citizens that have been injured.”…….

    Or 1 in 14. It must have been the most successful PR campaign in the history of man to slip that past the unwashed.



    • Injuring the enemy in war is an effective strategy.
      Rather than outright death.
      It means that the victim is not dead but ties up resources as the enemy has to apply these resources to take care of a person who cannot fight back.
      Basic stuff.

      In this case the Pharma’s have a huge Farm full of people where they can exploit for more ‘medical care’.
      Pharma:- We won, you lost,
      We have better PR and fund 75% of commercial teevee in the USA.
      If we stop funding they wither and die.

      Have to you seen the size of an ego of a US teevee personalidy ?
      They will lie and lie and lie to remain ‘famous’ or a celebridi
      They are just an extension of Pharma –driven by avarice and ego.

      Anyhoo, it is good to see Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo suffering after his years of lies.
      Hey Fredo, Sympathy is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis .
      look it up.



  3. How does the injure-to-kill ratio ensure the inventive, productive and useful members of society remain while the “deadwood” are sacrificed? What if the deadwood survive and the useful members are sacrificed? Have the great leaders thought of the repercussions of that scenario?

    The trouble with communists is they believe anyone can be trained to fill any position. Can we trust any future infrastructure, will we have infrastructure to use?… DEI, or rather DIE anyone?



    • ……” What if the deadwood survive and the useful members are sacrificed?”……

      That’s the whole idea. Intelligent people can be difficult to control. What the elite want is peasants to pick the lettuce, haul off their garbage & mow their estates.



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