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All You Need To Know About COVID19 Vaccine Safety

Written by Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch, a tech millionaire who funded covid vaccine trials was so shocked at what he saw he became an COVID anti-vaxxer. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur risks everything to join the growing army of whistleblowers exposing the deadly dangers of these experimental ‘vaccines.’

In truth, the COVID pandemic is a pysop to persuade a gullible, scientifically-illiterate world population to willingly put into their bodies a toxic potion that will kill the infirm and sterilize the healthy. All part of a eugenics program perpetrated by a psychopathic global elite who want the planet all its resources for themselves.

After making his fortune as the founder of Infoseek, the search engine that was the Google of its day, Kirsch has donated millions into fighting humanity’s biggest threats.

Below we present Kirsch’s presentation to help wake up the masses before it is too late:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (1 of 2) The vaccines kill more people than they can be expected to save for all groups, especially young adults. So far, over 150K Americans have been killed by the vaccines. We can show this 8 different ways.

There is no doubt that the vaccines are the cause of all of these deaths because we can prove this with the Bradford-Hill criteria. The FDA and CDC have deliberately ignored the safety signals: assuming the VAERS URF=1, ignoring clear fraud in Phase 3 trials, and refusing to do autopsies.

They look the other way when highly respected pathologists such as Peter Schirmacher have determined that the vaccines are deadly. Government-led censorship is used to silence critics. Fear and intimidation techniques are used against doctors who try to speak out.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (2 of 2) Early treatment can get us to near zero COVID without any of the safety risks associated with the vaccine. They are superior to vaccination in virtually every aspect. We’ve had 99% effective treatments since March 2020 and now they are even better (99.76%).

The one thing every hospitalized COVID patient has in common: they didn’t use a proven early treatment protocol. Nobody in America will debate our team on the safety of the vaccines because nobody in America wants to admit they were wrong.

The vaccines should be immediately HALTED. Instead, we are doing the opposite by mandating deadly, experimental vaccines that were never properly tested.

The vaccines are killing more people than they are saving
Killed: 150K  [1]
Saved: 10K    [2]

Nobody has been able to attack the data or our methodology [3]

Nobody wants to debate this “on camera” [4]

Even worse… COVID vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups over a 6 month efficacy period [5]

Killed>Saved for all ages The table above shows the Killed by vaccine:Saved from COVID death in 6 months numbers. Units for both columns are per million doses. You can read this article which details how all these numbers were calculated. For kids, we kill over 6 kids to save 1 kid from a COVID death. Mandating vaccination for anyone, especially school-age children, is proof of a corrupt society. Bottom line: It is nonsensical to vaccinate any age group.

3 stopping conditions have already been met 1. # killed > # saved 2. >150K killed 3. >300K permanently disabled [6,7,8]


So they changed the story… “the vaccines help prevent you from being hospitalized if you get infected”

90 percent of hospital admissions are vaccinated in a region where 50 percent are vaccinated. Note: This is a rare US hospital which tracked all-cause admissions by vaccination status. Most hospitals refuse to do this. This was an exception because one person spoke out to make the change. [9]

So they changed the story again… “the vaccines help prevent you from dying if you get infected”

If you are <50, vaccines make you slightly more likely to die if you get infected. [10]

Today in the UK, 66.7 percent fully vaccinated, but 80 percent of the deaths are fully vaccinated. Whoops.

Pfizer’s own study showed that you had to vaccinate 22,000 people to save 1 COVID life. Even with the a ridiculously conservative VAERS underreporting factor (URF) of 3, and 220M vaccinated and 7,437 deaths in VAERS and 86% of those being causal, that means for every 22,000 people you vaccinate, you kill 1.9 people So even under extremely conservative assumptions, the vaccines are nonsensical: you are killing 2 people to save 1 person.

Norway also confirmed vaccine may cause deaths 1. 100 reported deaths in nursing home patients examined (87.7 avg age) 2. Using medical records alone: a. 10 cases: probable b. 26 cases: possible c. 59 cases: unlikely d. 5 cases: unclassifiable 3. The 36% possible number aligns with the 30% to 40% estimated by Schirmacher The big question is: How are Germany and Norway both able to determine causality in sample sizes of 100 or less, but the CDC can’t determine causality in a single case of over 14,000 deaths it investigated?!? [11]

Germany found boosters were too deadly… even for the elderly This is a brief from a regional association of physicians in Germany to their members informing them about an incident in a nursing home where 90 inhabitants were given the third booster shot. Out of this resulted 1 death, 2 resuscitations, and 9 critically ill with cardiopulmonary symptoms. “Given the fact that neither German authorities (PEI) nor European Medicines Agency EMA has approved this booster,” the association is urging the members to seriously reconsider the need for a booster as of now. [12]

They’ve been gaming all the safety data Hospitals instruct staff not to report to VAERS 90 percent of hospital admissions are vaccinated in a region where 50 percent are vaccinated. The same rise in serious adverse events is happening at other hospitals, but nobody is talking. [13]

“In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions!” (it’s even worse if you are younger) [14]

Vaccination is nonsensical

Vaccines, mandates, and boosters are all nonsensical. We have > 2:1 V:C ratio, but need at least 1:10 to be viable. If we want to end the pandemic and get back to normal, we should copy what Uttar Pradesh did. They didn’t rely on vaccination at all. They used early treatment. If we don’t want to end the pandemic, we should keep mandating vaccination over and over again, just like Israel.

Vaccinating kids, pregnant women, and those who have already had COVID is even worse Our society today is driven by a single goal: vaccinate everyone alive, whether they need it or not.

Clinical Trial Fraud

Inconvenient truth: Pfizer isn’t trustworthy…
1. Pfizer’s own 6 month study showed that you were more likely to die if you got the vaccine (see page 33).
2. The age 12-15 trial was way too small to show effectiveness or safety. With just 1,129 kids, it had one permanent paralysis that was never reported to the FDA (Maddie de Garay). Today, nobody has been warned about this and there was no investigation by the FDA. Nobody has officially acknowledged it ever happened. They ignore it.
3. Pfizer paid one of the largest criminal fines ever imposed on a drug company for the arthritis drug Bextra.
4. The Pfizer consent form allows for participants who need emergency care and go straight to their doctor or hospital to be ejected from the study.
5. Pfizer Phase 3 participants had 8 to 10X lower health risks (diabetes, cardiac arrest) as we showed here. There were a LOT of exclusions that enabled them to recruit such a healthy cohort. 110 people should have died in the placebo group. Only 14 did.
6. Causes of death were higher in the vaccine group, e.g., 4X higher rate of cardiac arrest.
7. Participants found it extremely hard to report adverse events (there were messages in the Facebook group about this but Facebook removed the evidence so nobody would know)
8. Five times (5X) higher drop off in the treatment arm than in the control arm (see next slide note the 311 vs. 61 in the last two rows); that’s statistically impossible. Nobody asked about it.
9. The company is incompetent. They can’t seem to find any safety signals even though obvious in VAERS (The adverse event table shows that the vaccines adversely impact every organ in the body). Pfizer still can’t figure out if anyone has died.
10. No autopsies to determine cause of death were done in the treatment group. That’s really odd especially when a top pathologist (one of the top 100 pathologists in the world) says at least 30% of deaths within 2 weeks after vaccination were caused by the vaccine. Why weren’t autopsies done on the people who died after being vaccinated? Answer: They don’t want anyone to know what they died from.
11. They cut the trial short at 6 months. NO MORE CONTROL GROUP. We’ll never know the long-term effects like
vaccine-enhanced infectivity and replication, prion diseases, linked-epitope suppression, autoimmune diseases,

Read and/or download the full PDF at www.skirsch.com/covid/All.pdf


[1] Estimating the number of vaccine deaths computes over 150K excess deaths due to the COVID vaccines 8 different ways.
[2] Pfizer’s 6 month phase 3 trials result clearly shows 1 life saved for every 22,000 vaccinations. Since we’ve partially vaccinated almost 220M Americans, that’s at most 10,000 lives saved as of Oct 10, 2021. But that’s assuming the vaccines are as effective against Delta as they are against Alpha. So it’s probably much less than 10,000 lives saved.

[3] So they have to rely on an hominem attacks or dismissals by authorities using hand waving arguments

[4] https://trialsitenews.com/challenge-to-the-scientific-community-its-time-for-honest-and-open-debate-on-vaccine-safety/

[5] Source: COVID cost-benefit by age computation

[6] COVID cost-benefit by age computation https://www.skirsch.com/covid/VCage.pdf

[7] Estimating the number of vaccine deaths https://www.skirsch.com/covid/Deaths.pdf

[8]  OpenVAERS says 8,088 permanently disabled. Multiply by under-reporting factor (URF) of 41 to get the true number of cases https://www.skirsch.com/covid/Deaths.pdf

[9] https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/whistleblower-fda-and-cdc-ignore-3e2

[10] https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1018547/Technical_Briefing_23_21_09_16.pdf

[11] https://tidsskriftet.no/2021/05/originalartikkel/dodsfall-i-sykehjem-etter-covid-19-vaksine

[12] https://web.archive.org/web/20210907184938/https://www.welt.de/vermischtes/live230889917/Corona-live-Drei-Bewohner-von-Seniorenheim-nach-Drittimpfung-reanimiert.html

[13] https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/whistleblower-fda-and-cdc-ignore-3e2

[14] https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S221475002100161X


  1. Posted late last night.

    A calm rational explanation of the S spike, and importantly about the adjuvants in mRNA jabs and more how he sees the effects of the lipids that protects that mRNA.

    Michael Palmer MD speaks on the mRNA vaccines.
    5 mins 31 secs : (recent)

    Raises the question, just how many times can one take a booster?, that is they get past the initial jabs.
    Also shows that studies have NOT been done; have not delved into other parts of the shot that goes into the body.

    A little bit of background
    Michael Palmer MD Waterloo,Canada




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