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How Hamas use their own civilians as human shields

THE WAR on Israel is fought not only on the battlefield but in the media too. Accusations that Israel is committing ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians and ‘killing children’ have all of a sudden erupted round the word. The UN’s human rights commissioner may have set off the clamour with his resignation. Congressional ‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib attacked President Biden specifically for supporting ‘the genocide of the Palestinian people’. A campaign called Stop the Gaza Genocide has been organising such protests throughout the US.

Mounting calls for ceasefire stem from this poisonous allegation and the superficial understanding of Hamas’s tactics including its relentless jihadist quest to destroy the Jewish state. Civilian casualties in Gaza are very difficult for Israel to avoid, despite its best efforts. Hamas know that injured and dead civilians in Gaza plays well in the media, invoking sympathy for its jihadist war on Israel. Their military strategies, such as using Gazans as human shields, maximises civilian casualties.

Gaza is densely populated and urbanised. The Palestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza rise exponentially each year. Nearly half of its inhabitants are under the age of 18, which accounts somewhat for the high number of children injured or killed there. But Hamas refuse to provide bomb shelters for its citizens in Gaza; instead they have built a labyrinth of ‘terror’ tunnels for the sole purposes of transporting missiles and as training centres for militants. These are built under hospitals, homes, mosques and schools. Above ground, the civilian infrastructures function as military command bases for Hamas and as storage facilities for their rocket launchers and weapons. Yesterday the IDF found numerous bombs and weapons hidden by Hamas in a Gazan nursery school.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) also have form with their own rockets backfiring and killing civilians in Gaza. During this current war, 450 missiles have been misfired into Gaza by militants fighting for both groups. Not only does this add to the civilian death toll but also gives Hamas a PR opportunity to blame Israel, as they did when PIJ fired a rocket into the car park of a Gazan hospital on October 18.

There is no country which warns the enemy of impending attacks other than Israel, a policy long practised by the IDF in an attempt to avoid civilian casualties. On October 14, Israel warned Gazans to evacuate before it launched a ground invasion. But Hamas instructed their people to ignore the evacuation order and subsequently blocked access routes to the south of Gaza. They have also shot their own people attempting to leave their homes, including women and children trying to travel from North to South Gaza.

Breaking News: Just now, #Hamas snipers have reportedly killed dozens of children and women on the streets, targeting those attempting to travel from north to south #Gaza and those displaying white flags as a sign of peace. Similar acts have previously been attributed to…

Israel must surely also be the only country to supply essential goods to those who hate it. Hamas regularly steal supplies such as fuel and medicine from organisations like UNRWA, the United Nations organisation dedicated solely to funding Palestinians. To aid Gazans, Israel is now sending them two fuel trucks a day, as well as water and sewage systems.

The failure of Western media and the chattering classes to question the validity of anything that Hamas spokesmen claim, as well as incessant calls for a ceasefire, can only strengthen the jihadist group and their Iranian backers. Is that really what they want?


  1. ‘.[A ceasefire] ..can only strengthen the jihadist group and their Iranian backers. Is that really what they want?’;

    Short answer: ‘Yes’

    ‘From the river etc…’ requires the EXTERMINATION of 8 million inhabitants of Israel – Hamas and it’s mates’ ultimate intention.
    A ‘ceasefire’ give them strength and a chance to resupply before resuming the fight.

    Israel, kind though it is, cannot afford to let this happen again.

    The MSM, of course, have no clue and care less, a fact that Hamas et al know very well and use to their advantage.



  2. It seems that people who use the word “like” often in their vocabulary are on the rise with their support of these Arab arseholes who call themselves “Hamas”.

    It also seems the users of the word “like” are very poorly read and suffer from lack of the human instinct of logic. I am also sure these very same users of the word “like” will be happy to see their mothers and sisters treated in the same “loving and caring way”, Hamas is treating the those people who helped them rise to power in Gaza.



  3. If the goal is the security of Israel then this war is unwinnable. If they don’t attack then it will put them at greater risk in future. However everything Israel is doing is creating greater extremism and has turned the world against them. They have already lost the propaganda war and global sentiment is firmly against Israel.

    The problem is people confuse issues. I think Zionism was a mistake, as did the vast majority of Jews when it first arose. But the time to have that out was in the 1940’s. The world can’t suddenly change it’s mind in 2023 and expect Israeli’s to passively die because of historical wrongs. Regardless of the back story – Hamas attacked and continues to attack – so Israel has a right to defend its self forcefully. Wars are about winning not proportionality.



  4. Israel losing the public support? which others acclaim, which is another battle front, seems to have changed so that line seems to be not doing so well.

    Poll taken on 20th October 2023
    76% support cease fire.

    Such a success of Israel sees it at 16th November 2023
    33% support cease fire

    One swallow does not make a summer, & there are many other issues to sort through.
    Sure the public can be fickle, as so many support the media presentation by saying Israel is losing etc… & leave it to later as Israel will be cleaned out any way.

    Security of Israel, maybe that the Abraham Accords are holding, maybe not perfect, but if they can come through, and gain some time & experience to consolidate to show the values of peace.

    It is a hell of a lot of maybe’s as that means much of the koran, hadith, sirah will have to be adjusted.
    Can that be done, will the internet age, literacy, & some thinking to become beyond the grasp of imams, sheiks etc, war lords.. etc..
    Also the UNRWA, the UN, the WHO, with all the poison they allow & push needs to have a “cease-fire” & then shut down!



  5. People calling for a ceasefire. ….. yeah right ……
    The Hamas concept of Ceasefire, the trade of hostages, has many fish hooks, like releasing hundred of Hamas that have been convicted of terror & murder.
    None of Hamas to be called to account like in a War Crime Court.
    After all they are doing their duty as God’s greatest work so no man or infidel is to judge.

    While ignoring the taking of hostages, which should be called out as a War Crime committed on the breaking the previous cease-fire in October 7th 2023. ….. Crickets ….

    Why not call for Hamas leaders & those fighters to surrender so that there is no need for bombing in Gaza ….. Crickets ….
    Then it is obvious if Israel continues bombing, that Israel is committing war crimes.
    Surely Hamas values its own citizens, or NOT.
    But it does truly value very much as the good citizen does, as martyrs.

    Hamas is based on the blood of who they can declare shaheed, martyr, that saves so many of that relations a long time in purgatory and or going to hell.
    That is how Hamas is doing its duty in saving its civilians. A few more martyrs is for the families is good & valuable.
    So Hamas is doing the most great service in following their calling, Allahu akbar



  6. We have been raised on an illusionary feather bed of “human rights”. We of the West have been brainwashed into thinking that “jaw” beats “war” yet Hamas & others show us on a daily basis what they think of the concept.

    The only “human right” that actually exists is the right to attempt to stop another from killing you. The Greens & the UN are working on abolishing that.



  7. What wonderful fore sight of “kindness” for bringing some ‘tourists’ for their greater “well being” to the most safe place & care, in hospital with such great caring, tender & very observant medical staff.

    IDF releases surveillance camera footage from Shifa Hospital showing Hamas terrorists bringing a Nepali and Thai citizen who were abducted from Israel on October 7.
    37 secs : Nov 20th 2023

    The kindness, most merciful, benevolent, all knowing , Allahu akbar.
    Must not forget; the Greatest Deceiver. Allahu akbar



  8. So from 2014, no change. & so applicable in 2023
    So many points made, that Pat Condell prophetically called being right.
    Only 1 error, Pat Condell gets wrong, that the West are wakening up to being played by Hamas Arabs.

    Boo Hoo Palestine
    4 mins 25 secs : October 21, 2014 : Pat Condell.

    Showing the biggest problem is the West, poking its nose, money, & influence in to reward the breaking of ceasefires.
    And still the West will learn nothing, but the mission creep of islam continues.
    Will we see it? Call it out? & Remove it.

    Hamas can not break a cease fire, until there is a ceasefire, that then that creates the duty for a good muslim to break, & the islamic scriptures endorses this with great support from the Islamic world, plus the bonus of more West $money.



  9. How will certain media report this?
    Or just forget how they got it so wrong.
    At least equal time for Hamas spokesman or “expert” to explain it?

    …. The tunnel shaft is reportedly outfitted with various defense measures, including a blast-proof door and a firing hole, which the army says is “used by the Hamas terrorist organization to block Israeli forces from entering the command centers and the underground assets belonging to Hamas.” …..
    …. Last week, Israeli forces found significant amounts of weapons in both the MRI center and the Qatari building of Al Shifa Hospital.
    The IDF reports that in the three weeks between the October 7 attack and Israel’s ground operations in Gaza, Hamas instructed to seal tunnel shafts and conceal weapons, using the presence of 30,000 Gazans in the hospital compound as cover. ….

    It seems to a full article and does not go into auto play, unless one clicks on the tab.

    The part that riles people is how the media over reach in using their opinions, language, to present these things.
    Let alone what they are prepared to omit, change the context etc..



  10. I believe it was either Ho Chi Minh or Mao that said a guerrilla must move within the people like a fish swims in the sea. (Or something like that). The Boers did that, the Mau Mau did that, the IRA did that, and the Vietnamese all did that too.
    They all cause pain and death among the civilian populations. The proportional response to Hamas’ attack is its total destruction and if that means civilians they hide among die, so be it. It’s all their fault.



  11. Christopher Luxon announces National has agreed policy programmes with ACT, New Zealand First

    “We have achieved a significant milestone overnight. We have closed out and agreed our policy programmes with ACT and also New Zealand First,” Luxon said.

    He said ACT and New Zealand First had met on Monday so “they can both sign on to each other’s policy programmes and agendas we have agreed with them individually”.

    Luxon said he wanted the two parties to support each other’s programmes.

    He said there were no policy trade-offs for ministerial positions, but he did say each party had to give up policies throughout the process.



  12. Dresden, Cologne, Hiroshima…. Civilians unfortunately become collateral damage in the pursuit of Military objectives. Hamas as far as possible need to be exterminated, however, those that support them will fill the gaps, maybe the supporters need exterminating as well? and then what? There is no easy answer, just lots of blood and tears on both sides. And all this strengthens the Atheist rally call…. and makes it much harder to debate…



  13. Whaaaaaaaaa! 🙄

    Te Pāti Māori have called for the resignation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade chief executive Chris Seed after the erasure of te reo Māori from some briefing papers.

    The move was made by the CEO last week, without any prior consultation while the country waits for a new government to be formed.

    Te Pāti Māori said: “[Seed] is either bowing to the anti-Māori rhetoric that was prevalent throughout the election campaign, or he has only been paying lip service to te reo Māori until we had a change of government.”



  14. From Irris Makler France 24 Correspondent.
    Who seems to vouch that this Doctor is not an Israeli stooge.

    A British doctor who used to work in Gaza’s Shifa hospital recounts: “I was told there was a part of the hospital I was not to go near and if I did, I’d be in danger of being shot.”
    Is this also totally normal in the hospitals you frequent

    2 mins 20 secs : 20th November 2023

    So has this media correspondent got any credibility?



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