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Criminal Reformer Caught Out?




Former politician in court for limited licence following speeding incidents

Former politician and police officer Chester Borrows has made a brief appearance in court.

The 62-year-old, who was with National for 12 years before retiring as the Whanganui electorate MP in 2017, was in Hāwera District Court on Tuesday where he was granted a limited driver’s licence.

Only weeks before Christmas Borrows, who is based in the South Taranaki town of Hāwera, had his licence suspended for three months after racking up 100 demerit points within two years.

At the time, Borrows, who currently chairs a Government advisory group charged with helping reform the criminal justice system, told Stuff he was deeply embarrassed about the misdemeanours.

The penalty points followed four speeding tickets issued to Borrows within the two-year time frame. Demerit points are given for all non-speed camera speeding infringements. The penalty points given depend on by how much the speed is exceeded, with the maximum points of 50 given to drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 35 kilometres per hour. 

At the end of a demerit suspension, the driver will be unlicensed until they have reinstated their licence.

A limited licence can be granted during the period of suspension under circumstances of extreme hardship, such as not being able to get to work.

Defence lawyer Nathan Bourke represented Borrows, who was called by his legal name of Kerry James Borrows and was not required to stand in the court dock.

Judge Lynne Harrison granted the application without issue.

It’s not Borrows first appearance in court, in 2017 he was found not guilty of a charge of careless driving causing injury after driving over the foot of a protester in Whanganui in 2016.

Do as I say, Not as I do


  1. 4 speeding tickets to breach the 100 demerit points limit. So to have that exceed that, from an assumed 0 baseline, he’d have to have 2 offenses between 10 and 20 over (20 demerits each) and 2 of 20 – 30 over (35 demerits each).

    As I’m typing this though, between 10 and 20 over … means you’re potentially driving a 110 – 115 on a motorway. I ask myself how many times I’ve done that over the last two years and have to honestly say I’d probably be in the same boat as Mr Borrows. I’m not always a saintly, 100km/h driver.

    While I’d like to condemn him as a leadership figure, I’m not much better. Are you guys all good drivers like that?



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