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There Is A ‘Deafening Media Silence’ On Global Protests

Written by Sky News Australia

There is a “deafening” media silence on protests around the world protesting against the elites, according to Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer.

“They are significant protests – we’re talking about 30,000 people in The Netherlands,” Prof Schoellhammer said.

Prof Schoellhammer said the media and political campaign across the West against “disinformation” is part of a broader attempt to “undermine” organized protests against the agenda of the elites.

“That the best way to prevent pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on,” he said.

“Think about the situation of the truckers in Canada when they pulled their bank accounts … so this is undermining the possibility of those people to organize.

“It’s what interest groups, what these players do – they see there is something coming that could be a threat to their power so they try to do something to undermine it.”

Dutch farmers are continuing their demonstrations against a government climate policy that officials expect to end many farmers’ livelihoods, with organizers on Telegram planning July 4 protests they say will “flatten” the whole of the Netherlands.

The message calls on concerned farmers and citizens to organize their own regional actions with the goal of closing all “distribution centers for food supplies and all major polluters” until “the government changes its plans.”

One viral call for a July 4 protest came from a large truckers’ Telegram group, suggesting that some truckers in the Netherlands may find themselves in solidarity with the nation’s agriculturalists.

The farmers, who plan to protest at many of the nation’s airports, specifically mentioned Schiphol and Eindhoven. NLTimes.nl has reported that spokespersons for both airports say they are monitoring the situation but have little information at present.


  1. Do you think our tame farmers will do the same.
    Last time someone took a tractor to Parliament he got charges for driving on the steps.
    Last time we had protestors at Parliament we had the police nazi’s beat them up.

    Have to tame the police and their mistress first. Depoliticise them.
    Look at the bullshoit around Tamaki and yesterdays protestors.
    It ain’t the farmers going to town.

    When we see all the Labour political meetings surrounded with tractors then we might get results. Until then they sit in their cabs an whinge whilst collecting government .



    • Hey you downlicker, how about commenting on Vikings statement instead of being a drongo who just hasn’t got the nouse to make a reasoned rebuttal. At least you cannnot revert to the tried and true repost of those who haven’t got anything valid to say, and call him a wracist.



    • A few tractors joining yesterdays protest march up the Auckland motorway would have made a real statement of joint protest between city dwellers and country peoples anger toward the sorry state of the clown car. But no, our agricultural protest groups cannot be seen associating with the likes of Brian Tamaki. Don’t they realise how serious this is and we have a limited window to protest govt direction. Factions are not helpful. FFS.



  2. The only effective protest is to use the word NO ,mean it ,walk away and let the bureaucrats follow.
    Had a big part in a successful rates revolt some years ago.
    We won but by the time that happened I was the only revolter left standing.
    Watch your back!



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