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Death by CO2. The maths of the madhouse?




By David Craig

Obviously I’m not a climate scientist. I’m not even a scientist. But I like to think I still have a few small remnants of common sense in what little is left of my rapidly-declining, alcohol-addled brain.

At the weekend, I started trying to quantify the threat that increasing CO2 levels could have on our planet and whether rising CO2 really could lead to the hysterical claims of those screaming about “Climate Crisis” and “Climate Breakdown” and “Extinction”.

Let’s accept that since industrialisation, the volume of CO2 has risen from around 300 ppm (parts per million) to around 400 ppm. A figure of 400 ppm represents (I think) 0.04%. That’s why CO2 is often referred to as a “trace gas” – because there’s really not very much of it compared to all the other stuff in the atmosphere.

How about a 4 pence a year pay rise?

Now let’s change measurements for a moment. Imagine you are a public-sector employee like most of the howling, mouth-frothing, snarling Greenies. And imagine you were being paid £30,000 a year. Well, if the bureaucracy you worked for offered you a pay rise equivalent to the rise in CO2 as part of the atmosphere from 300 ppm to 400 ppm over the last 100 or so years, you would get 33% of 0.04% of your salary – around £0.33p a month (£3.96 a year) gradually over the next 100 years. That’s about 4 pence a year.

If you were offered that, I’ve no doubt you’d be calling this “an insult” and “paltry” and “worthless” and going on strike. Yet somehow we’re expected to believe that a similar rate of increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere will lead to the extinction of the human race in just 12 years?

Cutting CO2 emissions – saving mankind?

The next claim of the Greenies, the mainstream media and our supine, pandering politicians is that humans can influence the climate by cutting CO2 emissions. Let’s quickly test that proposition.

The Earth produces about 750 gigatons of CO2 each year. Somewhere between 30 and 40 gigatons – between 4% and 5% – are estimated to come from human activity. Apparently termites release much more CO2 than humans.

The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing by around 2 ppm per year – 0.0002%. Therefore, were all human activity to cease and were we to become extinct, CO2 levels in the atmosphere would be just an almost infinitessimal 0.0002% lower each year than they are on current trends (I think – my calculator isn’t powerful enough to measure the tiny changes in CO2 levels that the Greenies claim will destroy us all). And if we were to just cut human CO2 emissions by an unlikely 10% – unlikely because the world’s population is growing so fast and China and India couldn’t give a monkey’s arse about growing CO2 emissions – this would only represent a 0.00002% reduction in CO2 as a percentage of the atmosphere.

These figures are so small that the Greenies’ claims of imminent catastrophe can start to look totally ludicrous.

Britain leads the way into lunacy

Now let’s look at our little UK. The UK produces about 1.02% of man-made CO2. Therefore, if we were to shut the UK down immediately and all live in solar-powered caves with no meat to eat, the difference in atmospheric CO2 would be something like (0.04%) x (5%) x (1.02%). This equals……. actually I haven’t a clue. And I’ve probably got the equation wrong anyway. My brain hurts and I’m getting confused by such mind-blowingly small numbers.

So, let’s just conclude that totally shutting down the UK would make “f**k all difference” (that’s a technical expression used by all the greatest mathematicians) to anything anywhere ever.

These figures would be the same for us in NZ. The mad greens want to drag us back into the dark ages. Perhaps this is why they like immigrants from the dark age religion?

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  1. Today on Stuff they are rambling on about ‘Taniwha’ and the importance of ‘Maori Spirituality’ etc in the fight against Climate Change….
    My comment?- “I thought Climate Change was purely Science Based??”
    Comment removed.



    • Just plain idiotic isn’t it? That’s like the Irish saying leprechauns are going to stop “climate change.” Stuff has seriously mentally challenged- aka RETARDED- journalists.



  2. That generation have been raised on stories about werewolves, vampires and zombies, with attractive people in the film versions to keep the population wanting more. To also believe in taniwha, or believe Maori spirituality is legitimate is not such a leap for the airhead Stuff kids.



    • Drops below 150 ppm green life becomes extinct. He also says in other clips that the CO2 levels about 450 mil years ago were around 4000 ppm. That’s 10 times the current level, and guess what, Temperature was about the same… However, green life flourished. The whole climate scam will be this century’s big “Can you believe people were so stupid….” moment.



  3. We have a daily letter writer to our local paper urging action and now promoting the notion the local authority should declare a climate emergency. We have school children writing now following his mantra while in despair that their future may be unpleasant if the council does not follow his urging to declare the emergency.

    What though are the council going to do other than increase rates to further discuss what they are going to do? Whatever will involve mindless and additional cost.

    It is farcical when one unresolved issue they have gargled on about for years is how to handle freedom camping bludgers who do not have self contained vehicles.

    Another is whether or not to demolish a clapped Victorian era and ancient smelly public dunny given it has a heritage rating that says it should be retained and near trebles the cost of doing anything sensible about providing efficient public toilets. It is also regarded as an earthquake risk which, given its heritage status, means it should be made safe from such risk at mindless cost.

    This council is no where able to handle climate change while toileting issues remain to be resolved after years of discussion and not getting to practical resolution.

    Declaring an emergency over climate is simply enhancing the climate scam.



    • Hard to know what the emergency is when the climate has changed for Millenia. The issue I see is how to suck money out to supposedly manage the climate to deal with the supposed emergency.

      A colloquial term could be they are “farting against the thunder” and seeing if they can get the peasants to pay for the services provided in doing so.

      Basically a scam.



      • Why would they want their jobs when all the science says we only have until 2023 before the planet self destructs?
        If it was me and I believed that crap, I would sell up all my goods, cash out of society and go and spend the rest of my life on an island in the south pacific. Maybe I could hitch a ride with Cindy the next time she takes the family frigate up to the islands.



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