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Estimated 13 Million People Worldwide Killed By Covid Vaccines

Written by Steve Kirsch

That’s twice as many as were killed by the virus. In the US, the estimates are 670K Americans killed. Perhaps it’s time to declare that the vaccines are a worldwide emergency?

The paper suggests you can take the number of vaccine doses delivered, divide by 1,000 to get an estimate of the number of people killed by the COVID vaccine.

The Details

The Paper Finds That The VDFR (Vaccine-Dose Fatality Rate) Is Exponential With Respect To Age.

The paper points out that “it is not unreasonable to assume an all-population global value of vDFR = 0.1 percent”

For the US, 670M doses have been given, so the estimate is 670,000 people have been killed by the COVID vaccines in the US.

I have said for a long time that the URF in VAERS is 41, and there are 16,300 excess US deaths in VAERS (subtracting 250 background deaths per year which gets reported into VAERS) which comes to 668K.

668K is very close to 670K, isn’t it?

What an amazing “coincidence”!

A Third Method Gives A Similar Result


The paper gives a simple way to estimate the number of people a country has killed by deploying the COVID vaccines: 0.001*# of doses.

In short, you can just take the number of vaccine doses in millions and just change “millions” to “thousands” to estimate the number of people killed by the vaccine.

Using data from Israel and Australia, the paper estimates 13 million deaths worldwide from the COVID vaccines:

The COVID-19 vaccines did not only not save lives, they are also highly toxic.

On the global scale, given the 3.7 million fatalities in India alone, having vDFR = 1 percent (Rancourt, 2022), and given the age-stratified vDFR results presented in this work, it is not unreasonable to assume an all-population global value of vDFR = 0.1 percent.

Based on the global number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date (13.25 billion 24 doses, up to 24 January 2023, Our World in Data),3 this would correspond to 13 million deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

By comparison, the official World Health Organization (WHO) number of COVID-19 deaths to date is 6.8 million (6,817,478 deaths, reported to WHO, as 3 February 2023),4 which are not detected as COVID-19 assignable deaths in ACM studies.

The full story about how universities undermine people like Denis Rancourt who tell the truth

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  1. That list above of Conspiracy theories and misinformation should be sent by every NZr to every politicians office in Wellington, I’ve already done that.
    That stinking swamp in Wellington filled with 120 compliant paid up slimy shitbag arseholes need to read that list and come up with one of the list that they didn’t lie about , I’m sorry folks but if anybody thinks that load of self promoting bludging greedy CNUTS is going to fix this countries multiple extreme problems you’re about to be badly disappointed AGAIN.
    The government isn’t the solution it’s the problem.



      • In order to think critically you first have to know HOW to think critically. There are good doctors and not so good doctors. If you go into hospital with a serious condition it becomes Russian Roulette as to whether you get a good one. And a good one is one who can think critically. Attitude and analytics are in short supply.

        There is a saying in most professions – you can teach people the required skills, provided they have the right attitude. But you cannot teach attitudes.

        Attitudes is something that is ingrained in most people. And thanks to our poor education system, controlled media, wokeness, greenies, socialists, climate change nazis, fake pandemics, and vaccines that are not vaccines, good attitudes are as rare as hen’s teeths or eggs.

        When it comes to the “doctors” that were put forward as “experts”, by observation are not critical; thinkers.

        I’m referring to Bloomfield, Baker, Verral, Pink hair and many others. The statements they have made in the media, the actions they have taken, and the attitudes they have voiced, indicate a 100% disconnection of all logic, analytical and critical thinking functions.

        But not only disconnection when it comes to medicine, but their thinking processes when it comes to their own personal integrity.

        I have no doubt that all of them are being “carrot and sticked” – bribed and blackmailed. No-one can be that stupid 100% of the time. As we know from the now public OIA requests, they knew about the vaccine being “Not safe and Not effective”.

        They need to stand up to the puppet masters, and stand up for freedom. They have to realise that the way to deal with blackmailers is to expose them.

        They are either part of the solution or pert of the problem. Whether under duress from tight puppet strings or not, they chose to be part of the problem.



        • The 120 MPs are governed by the pecuniary interest act, but maybe not if they are given a swiss bank account to hide offshore.
          But the governments consultants are not and anything can go straight into their bank accounts. Probably pay to hide it offshore.



  2. Could not have said it better revtech120. They, each and every one of the 120 of them are a huge issue and problem for this country. Not one of them could fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Fucking useless. The government isn’t the solution its the problem. And no matter who gets in the next election they will be just as useless. My hopes are being pinned on Democracy NZ but I expect to be sadly disappointed again, I hope not but???????



  3. I’ve just run the gauntlet of the GP receptionist and the insistence to wear masks!!! I refused as I had an exemption she refused to accept which is rude and ignorant. Unlike his staff my GP was understanding and joined me in not wearing his during my consultation. He’s very intrigued that I sailed through a dose of covid despite my medical status. LOL. WHAT A FARCE!

    Just entering a medical centre shouldn’t be the cause anxiety before you even get to see the GP.

    Come on opposition parties, get the mandates dropped. Wearing masks is proven to be ridiculous.



    • The sign outside my medical centre says “please wear a mask”. I did and as soon as entering my GPS cubicle he took his off and told me I could do so. He further said it was all for show.

      My GP never gave me any agro about not getting the covid19 vaccine shots.



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