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Deep In The heart of Texas




A Texas Sized Green Power Failure..

In Texas, the cold snap and power outages have finally abated. For nearly a week millions of Texans suffered power blackouts during severely cold weather. Water was out as well. For awhile, Texas was plunged into the Dark Ages.


Part of the problem is America’s crumbling infrastructure. It is something President Trump addressed. He wanted to build new power plants, airports, bridges, and highways. Instead we have Biden carrying on Obama’s work of destroying America for the benefit of socialism and our enemy, China.

Biden’s regime did not want Texans to resort to emergency measures and burn more fossil fuels. Instead they had to rely on malfunctioning wind and solar farms, which proved ineffectual. It’s a bitter cold irony that Texas is rich in oil, yet the power still went out and for those who did get power, their electric bills skyrocketed.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said her new Green New Deal would have helped to prevent the blackouts in Texas. It’s illogical for her to believe that climate change, global warming, and white supremacy are causing blackouts, but logic isn’t illuminating the socialist mind of AOC.


  1. I do recall the failing infrastructure being discussed in the USA circa 2010.
    This was after the Bush 43 error and not long into Obummer’s period of lies
    I read a paper that identified massive expenditure required and that ….
    ‘it could be proceeded with because US would not be tied up in wars like the Bushs got USA involved in.’

    Harrump !!
    With Deputy Joe now fumbling around in a fog nothing will happen locally.
    It is back to wars and beating up third world countries.

    The other issue they have is that now ‘minorities’ (California 37% whites, about a third, are they not a minority?) are being recruited because of their skin colour and not their competence; then things that are actually built will not necessarily be of any quality.

    It is not just there.
    NZ is well behind.
    When was the last hydro damn built?
    Auckland’s last Water collection dam was built in 1977.
    43 years ago.
    Water and sewage infrastructure is creaking and groaning all over the show and in Wellywood the shitters are exploding, literally.

    All capex is behind time and over budget. The messy underground railway in Akl.
    5+ years to build 3 km.
    Mt Eden Station closed for 4 years (or more).
    Was double budget 18 months ago.

    Useless Chinese steel and concrete has been used in road construction.
    They could not even surface the Kapiti expressway properly.
    Transmission Gully is years behind schedule (but the excuse is 7 weeks lockdown)

    Anyhow, to think about all that would take time out of fakebooking, twittering and being a fecking ‘influencer’ on Instagram.



    • If Texas does cecede then creepy old Bidet can look forward to less oil & higher prices for his east coast corrupt buddies like cuomo, perhaps no heating during winter or air conditioning in summer would be a reminder to cuomo of how much fossil fuels mean for personal comfort, especially in jail.



  2. Biden’s regime did not want Texans to resort to emergency measures and burn more fossil fuels.

    The media, the shrills hide Biden’s administration involvement.

    …… Governor Abbott and ERCOT applied for relaxation of environmental standards to access enough regional energy to keep homes and businesses warm enough to stave off frozen pipes and, in the end, fatalities due to the extreme cold.
    Acting Secretary of Energy David Huizenga denied the requests because firing up more natural gas and other fossil fuel generators would surpass the emission allowance regulations.
    Utter contempt for life and property is undeniable as the secretary disallowed access to “local” and inexpensive power, forcing ERCOT to purchase insufficient energy from distant sources at up to 430 times the rate paid a year ago.
    The brutally callous decision that valued unscientifically-based environmental standards above human lives leaves the administration fully culpable for the weather-related deaths and destruction.
    Still, the average (meaning unexceptional) media reporting twists the story to place responsibility on energy producers for not having sliced their carbon output numbers, thus creating the invented “climate change” predicament that supposedly sparked the weather calamity.
    This inconceivable scenario is being sold to the public to force acceptance of an irrational Green New Deal which, were it ever to be instituted, would guarantee thousands more dyingin future severe weather events. …..


    One can only hope enough people have awakened from their freezing stupour, and start figuring, strongly discussing and making their voices heard about the irrational science of supposed consensus.

    There is no such thing as science by consensus!



  3. If Texas had “no standing” in their case with SCOTUS over how their votes were affected by other States illegal actions in the elections, then the reverse should hold.
    The other States should have no say over what Texas does which may or may not affect overall emissions. Texas should have told the Federal guys to take a hike.



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