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Deplorables and River Of Filth To Be Blacklisted




WEF Orders Govt’s To Prepare for BILLIONS of ‘Social Credit Prisoners’ As Spy Bills Enacted Around the World

The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile “blacklists” of users who hold “politically incorrect” views and commit “wrongspeak.”

According to a World Economic Forum insider, these blacklists of so-called “deplorables” will be used to assign a “social credit score” to people before the social credit scheme is officially rolled out in the next few years.

Klaus Schwab’s evil plan is playing out to perfection in France, where WEF puppet Emmanual Macron has granted the global elite permission to spy on every single French citizen by turning on the camera and microphones on their cellphones – without a warrant or any kind of notification.

Riots have rocked France for weeks now, with thousands of buildings destroyed, libraries and museums torched, and Christians publicly raped and murdered across the entire country. French police and mainstream media cannot even keep track of which towns have been totally burned to the ground.

The chaos in France is coming to America. If anyone thinks it’s not, they’re delusional. How do we know the chaos is coming to America? Because it is orchestrated by the elite.

Klaus Schwab warned us to get ready for an angrier world and it has now become clear exactly why he wants to rule over a divided society.

The riots have given Schwab’s puppet president Macron the excuse to quietly roll out the most invasive surveillance law ever enacted anywhere outside of George Orwell’s worst nightmares.

France’s WEF-penetrated parliament has voted to approve the new clause in the justice reform bill allowing police to remotely turn on cameras and microphones in a host of internet-connected devices for up to six months to ordinary citizens for “wrongthink.”

This is an exact replica of the surveillance apparatus deployed in China to ensure social obedience and deference to the Communist central government.

This should come as no surprise, as Schwab has been praising the Chinese “social credit score” system for years and declaring that it is a model for the West.

A “good score” brings you benefits, while a “low score” gets you blacklisted – you can’t get a decent job, book tickets, or a hotel room… and your children can’t attend good schools. Your life can be “switched off” at any time.


At least the “River of Filth” author has finally gone, along with his boss.

“Deputy Leader of the House Michael Wood issued a warning to colleagues offering support to protesters outside Parliament this week, declaring a “river of filth” flows beneath the party atmosphere outside.”

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  1. ‘At least the “River of Filth” author has finally gone, along with his boss’

    The ‘author’ may have gone, but the ‘batton’ has merely changed hands (and possibly shape), with both luxflakes and seeless being in on the overall plan.

    Be under absolutely no illusions, this is coming to our little nation very soon, and to think otherwise is IMHO, to be naive.



  2. Life today is scary, no matter what your leanings are the World Economic Forum holds all the power. We are living in a time of George Orwells 1984 whether we like it or not, and no party will make a lot of difference they are all drinking from the same cup. ACT was originally as were National a freedom party, no more, they are drinking from the same cup as well. Nothing we do will make any difference to how things are in the world especially New Zealand.



  3. This is about freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of free will.
    We’ve seen the precursor to this ,via the covid response from that newly knighted crackheaded bitch to any form of dissension, debate and differences of narrative that they consider ” the truth”.
    I’m telling you all now.
    This is it, and I’m not going to be kind.
    If the left, and right embrace this then it is time to abandon them as a politicial movement and concentrate all of our efforts into creating a new political movement.
    Free trade? Sure, we are a trading nation.
    We rely on it to keep this country afloat, and thats 👌 💯, but don’t trade it for anything remotely worth our independence or let it impinge on new Zealand citizens rights.
    Stop this incessant all eggs in the basket approach in regards to China, diversify, and above all, start making consumables in new Zealand again.
    Give incentives for manufacturing to return to new Zealand 🇳🇿, because manufacturing doesn’t just create jobs, it creates individually, it creates thought, and it creates regional wealth.
    We have vast, and untapped mineral resources here that have been silenced, shut down, because of idealistic idiocy, and a cowtowance towards so called” renewable energy “.
    This concept is just utterly farcical.
    Do I need to explain the idiocy of mining all of the materials needed to create this green utopia ?
    This country, if immediately allowed to be self sustainable, could achieve it in a heartbeat, and would be richer for it.
    Yet that useless adenoidal sausage roll scoffer, Megan the stupid, insists that projects like the lake Onslow laughingstock will be the answer. For fucks sake. I’ve been an industrial electrician, involved in water reticulation, for 33 years, and the pipe losses alone would deem this abject faliure of a project unworkable.
    Never mind the vast amounts of kva needed to drive the pumps. Everything this government has pathetically tried its hand at has failed, because, in simple terms, they haven’t a fucking clue.



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