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Police launch AI unit to monitor Kiwis’ social media after Christchurch terror attack

Author    Newstalk ZB,
A specialised police unit is using artificial intelligence technology to scour New Zealanders’ Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and other social media channels as part of its bolstered intelligence capabilities after the March 15 terrorist attack.

An independent review into “Operation Deans” – the police response to the Christchurch mosque shootings which killed 51 people on March 15, 2019 – made a raft of recommendations into how police could improve future responses.

Tackling the issue of social media, the 49-page review recommended AI-robotics scanning capacity for open source, social media and internet for “key public safety posts”, saying it would be “beneficial”.

It said such a system was in initial trial stages.

After inquiries from the Herald, New Zealand Police have confirmed that it established an open source intelligence (OSINT) capability following the March 15 attacks.

Former intelligence analyst Paul Buchanan told Tim Dower this will be beneficial.

“Any technology is a time and labour saving device. It just speeds up the process of eventually sending a human to track down a lead.”

Buchanan said that this is better late than never.

“Police already have access to the technologies, including artificial intelligence.

“They are going to utilise what’s been sitting in front of them for at least 10 years.”

He said that the report showed in 2014 that the Police stopped using an earlier version of this monitoring program citing “resource constraints”.

There are already examples of incidents being prevented because of tips from social media, Buchanan said.

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  1. Hey Poo lice. Stop being Cindy’s little Stasi puppets
    and do some REAL fucking work. Y’know, like taking
    weapons off gangs, disbanding illegal maori roadblocks,
    hammering assholes who use their phones when driving.
    And while your’re at it, smash your guitars.
    They are not Poo licing tools.



  2. Hey Poolice watch this. Edward Snowden knows a bit about illegal government surveillance! Do you have a crime to investigate or are you just eavesdropping on our everyday conversations?! Sod off plod.


    Cindy the totalitarian now has her own Stasi. Our personal thoughts should not become political fodder or perused by the police by chance. I wonder what Edward Snowden would have to say about the horrible “former intelligence analyst Paul Buchanan” who thinks “this monitoring will be beneficial”.

    Nevermind snooping on the public is not legal eh Cindy. 🤬🤬🤬



  3. I wonder if the “open source, social media and internet for “key public safety posts” ” include left wing sites.
    If they don’t the entire exercise could be a waste of time.

    The only mass killer in NZ of recent times was a hard left, totalitarian Green.



  4. It would not have picked Brenton Tarrant as a threat.

    His postings on social media showed a well traveled leftist who spoke highly of the world’s people. Including great praise for Pakistan and it’s Muslim people.

    This is purely to target political opposition to the Ardern regime.



  5. Well no we didn’t. I posted this a couple of days ago.

    The one I think is good to do is face recognition.
    Just look at Whangamata last night.
    All those yobs. Face recognition would have them all wrapped up.
    Use it on street camera’s when needed and nail some of the bastards that steal and thieve and lock em up. Make them realise we don’t want them in our society unless they mend their ways. Kelvin & co won’t be around for long. Society will be.

    Must say that the evening events in Taurnaga last night we all good. Good behaviour,. The ?Greerton one where Iwas was well attended by mums, dads and kids along with lots of oldies and all.
    TCC are on the right track. Pity we couldn’t have fireworks there and a bit more fun for thekids would have been good. But generally well organised.



  6. People are focusing too much on Facebook. Average people snoop other people on Facebook every day. People have lost their jobs because they pulled a sick day and then posted “public” pictures of their day trip to ski Ruapehu. This is just a more efficient way of doing it to look for disturbing posts.

    It doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum you are posting something like “Jacinda/Judith/Jews/Maori/Muslims/White people must die” is just wrong and deserves opprobrium. If you don’t want to be scanned don’t post publicly which has the added benefit of my not having to see it



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