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Did You See This From Our MSM?




New Zealand To Conduct Test On WHO’s Proposals

Written by Meryl Nass MD

Will the NZ Health Ministry conduct it honestly? I decode what it announced yesterday.

NZ’s Health Ministry is joined at the hip to the WHO through Ashley Bloomfield, co-chair of the WGIHR, and former NZ PM Helen Clark.

Helen Clark, former NZ PM, who was co-chair of the committee assigned to investigate the WHO’s pandemic response.

Instead, the committee never investigated and said Rah Rah to the WHO’s plans instead.

Helen Clark moved to the UN after her term as NZ’s PM, leading the UN Development Program and then trying to become Secretary-General.

It was Tedros who appointed her as co-chair of the panel to review the WHO.

Ashley Bloomfield did such a god job locking down NZ in maniacal fashion that he too was sent to Geneva to manage the negotiations on the IHR amendments. And Helen and Ashley still exert a lot of influence on little NZ.

Let’s have a look at the “National Interest Test” and how the health ministry misrepresents the amendments to the IHR:

Consultation Opens On Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (2005)


16 January 2024

The Ministry of Health is inviting the views of New Zealanders on proposals to update a significant global health agreement.

The International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) aim to prevent and control the spread of disease and other public health hazards between countries to protect the health of their citizens. [See how this is not just about infections, not even just about diseases, but anything else that might be a risk to health. Which includes… almost everything in the world. ‘Climate change’, pollution, species extinction, the food you eat…—Nass].

They define countries’ rights and obligations in handling public health events and emergencies that have the potential to cross borders[Looks like the WHO has again broadened its mandate to include all emergencies that MIGHT cross a border. Hmmm…—Nass]. While the IHR serve countries well we can improve the IHR to ensure the regulations continue to be fit for purpose.

International negotiations are currently being held on amendments to the IHR. The Ministry is interested in New Zealanders’ views on the proposed amendments to help inform New Zealand’s position as we contribute to the ongoing negotiations. You can comment of the proposed amendments here:

The consultation will run from Wednesday 17 January to Sunday 18 February.

The consultation is only one of the steps involved in considering whether the IHRs are in New Zealand’s national interest and will inform ongoing negotiations. Other steps that are still required before New Zealand agrees to be bound by changes to the IHRs include seeking agreement from Cabinet, conducting a National Interest Analysis, and presenting that Analysis and the text of the IHR changes to Parliament for Treaty Examination.

Signing IHR changes may create new international legal obligations for New Zealand. However, this doesn’t automatically change New Zealand law – only the New Zealand Parliament can do this.

The proposed IHR amendments

At the 75th World Health Assembly in May 2022, governments agreed to establish the Working Group on the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) to develop a package of targeted amendments to the IHR. As a first step, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General asked Member States to share their proposals on how the IHR could be strengthened. Over 300 proposed amendments were submitted.

The amendments have yet to be finalised and the exact scope won’t be decided until April 2024. However, areas of negotiation include:

  • foundational articles including purpose and scope, principles, and responsible authorities—decoded: increasing the scope of the IHR to anything you could construe as a potential risk to health, giving the WHO the authority to dictate to member states
  • communicating a public health event
  • tiered alert system to determine a public health emergency of international concern
  • health measures to enable a prompt and effective response to public health risks (such as technical guidance, health products, technologies, knowledge sharing and health workforce)—decoded: new areas in which the WHO will be able to give orders to nations; the WHO will assume management of supply chains; the WHO will be able to demand supplies from one country for the use of another; the WHO will enable the use of medical products that are developed too quickly to be tested and licensed, so the WHO requires that nations enact domestic legislation to hold manufacturers, governments and the WHO harmless
  • international movement of travellers, baggage, cargo, containers, means of transport, goods, or postal parcels—decoded: the WHO will gain the right to control all of this
  • digitalisation of health documents—decoded: the WHO will demand digital vaccine passports for travel
  • establishing an Emergency, Implementation and Compliance Committee—decoded: the WHO will have ways to force every nation to comply with its edicts
  • IHR implementation—decoded, the WHO will also create national focal points as a second means of reporting on nations’ compliance and enforcing its edicts

Member states are now discussing these proposals within the WGIHR meeting process.

Further information:

  • This consultation does not relate to Cabinet’s decision on 29 November 2024, to reserve New Zealand’s position as to whether 2022 technical amendments should enter into force in New Zealand. Those technical amendments, agreed in May 2022 by countries, including New Zealand, are not part of the ongoing substantial IHR negotiations that are the focus of this consultation. View information about those technical amendments and New Zealand’s position.
  • Alongside the review of the IHR, the WHO Member States are working together to draft and negotiate an international legal instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, or ‘pandemic treaty’. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) are also currently consulting on the pandemic treaty. You can have your say here. It is expected that the negotiations will be completed in time for both the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty to be considered by the World Health Assembly meeting in May 2024.
  • Further information about both the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty can be found on the Ministry’s website.
  • The full proposals to amend the regulations can be found on the WHO website.
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  1. The outcome of any of this crap isn’t decided by “follow the science”, it’s always 100% by “follow the money”,a case in point is that piece of shit Cnut Face Dame Ardern who boosted her wealth by X25 by selling out to the mass murderers known as Pfizer.



  2. I hope the IWI Elite and the IWI Chairs forum have been consulted on this, for if they haven’t I guess they will be protesting all around the country and forming blockades everywhere.///

    But seriously, for me, I WILL NOT COMPLY!



    • I will never comply with their stupidity or greed which is basically what it is. I did not during the so called stupidity of covid and will never do it again, and see if they try and make me what my reaction is. At my age I should have a choice, I am answerable to no one in the way of health and can please myself as can anyone who is not a child. I don’t care what any Doctor says, it seems they were illiterate as were millions who listened to them last time, and many are suffering the consequences, they could have read what was warning the people. The UN is a corrupt and dreadful organisation.



  3. This seems to be already well pushed through systemic New Zealand’s health structure.

    14th December 2023 … University of Otago epidemiologist Michael Baker says New Zealand would be “on its own” if it exits the International Health Regulations.  Professor …..
    Login walled.
    If that is as true as Baker calls it, then that is ‘blackmail’ to tie NZ to unaccountable tyrannical system.
    One would have thought that free co-operation should be the name of the game but their malignant intent is exposed, for ones who want to see.

    This time the whole article is available from that baffled socialist health expert Baker.

    1st December 2023 ….. [Shane Reti] … :–“New Zealand remains committed to working with other Member States to ensure the WHO is best able to fulfil its mandate.
    We are not going to walk away from all the good work on international health carried out by the WHO over decades,” he said.


    So the systemic unaccountable public health authorities are looking to do a sly work around of the Tri-Coalition Agreement.

    Like rust already at work to undermine, & sew the seeds, as we now know how Doctors associations have total control over New Zealand’s Doctors, knowing they can bring a case of de-registering Doctors.



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