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Lies We Were Told

Dee Dee A scientist and a nurse


We were told the vaccine carried instructions to our RNA about how to make the spike protein.

We were told our body would make the spike protein from the instructions, launch an immune response, and attack our own cells.

We were told even though the vaccines are new, the technology is not.

We were told if you get sick from the vaccine, it’s working.

We were told the vaccine wouldn’t be mandatory.

We were told there would be two shots.

We were told a booster was needed.

We were told another booster was needed.

We were told there had been clinical trails conducted by the pharmaceutical companies, that proved safe and effective.

We were told the vaccine would prevent the COVID-19 illness.

We were then told the vaccine would prevent serious illness.

We were told the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines caused blood clots.

We were told if everyone would just take the shot, it would be over.

We were told even if you weren’t sick, you could give the disease to grandma.

We were told the unvaccinated are spreading the virus and creating mutations.

We were told, this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

We were told it’s ok to take one shot from one manufacturer and a second from another.

We were told the time between the two vaccines was uncertain and subject to change.

We were told we wouldn’t be allowed to travel on an airplane without taking the shot.

We were told vaccine passports were the new normal and would be required.

We were told the vaccine was mandatory for employment.

We were told Congress exempted themselves from the mandates.

We were told nurses who refused the shot were stupid.

We were told the vaccine was safe for pregnant moms.

We were told the vaccine was safe for breastfeeding.

We were told there were breakthrough cases, where the vaccinated person became sick with COVID-19.

We were told, an antiviral medicine that treats COVID causes Rebound Effect.

We were told this means when the medication is finished, the condition returns worse than the original condition.

We were told it’s OK for an experimental jab to be mandated.

We were told if we refused the shot, we were selfish.

We were told pharmaceutical companies were free from liability as part of the emergency.

We were told all vaccine injuries and death were not related and are rare.

We were told, more shots to come…

Do As You’re Told, Not as I Do

This doesn’t even work for kids…so how did it work for adults…?

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  1. It is all unbelievable to me now as it was in the very beginning. I have no idea how they made people so frightened, but they did and continue to do so with the flue, and covid jabs still advertised with monotonous regularity. I really despair of this world over believing all this absolute rubbish. And the bit that really surprises me constantly was the walking into a restaurant (we were not able to go without a vaccine passport) and wearing a mask but not while you were seated eating your meal but had to replace the mask if you went to the toilet and then had to replace it to leave. That was the biggest give away that they were talking shit known to man. But those jabbed believed it. Was it something to do with the jabby that made people so frightened?



    • 60% of people go along to get along.

      Any aspiring tyrant knows this and knows they can deal with inertia; whilst more than half people will do what they are told.
      Only 15% will actively resist
      The rest will show some resistance but surrender.
      These numbers bore out with the vaXXX
      Some cohorts show less than 15% resistance and the more recent ‘under 35s’ raised with synthetic diets; flakey, directed ‘education’ ; and strong peer group pressure to conform; with electronic bullying (texts, social media), are more homogenous.
      the new resistors are more isolated than previous generations.
      their experience is more intense and from this there is increased youth suicide, self harm and the like.

      the ardern thing had training at Tavistock Inst. by all accounts.

      Check out Tavistock
      A centre that produces some real shits
      The sweet and light Wikipedia version :-
      The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British not-for-profit organisation that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. It was initiated in 1946, when it developed from the Tavistock Clinic, and was formally established as a separate entity in September 1947.

      From 2022 :-
      The Tavistock clinic, named the Gender and Identity Development Service (Gids), was launched more than three decades ago to help children and other young people struggling with their gender identity. But in recent years, concerns have repeatedly been raised about the service

      Tavistock is just fking evil.
      but powerful.



  2. Lizziep, the ultimate absurdity is that the piece of smelly pig shit that spouted all those dangerous lies is now Dame Jacinda Ardern, AKA Cnutface Ardern ,the worlds gone crazy when a vile lying self promoting bastard like Ardern can destroy a Country and 100s of thousands of her countrymen and womens lives and get a royal honor despite her being anti Royal her whole life…



  3. I can’t believe the truth about the vax excess deaths hasn’t been exposed. Why are a chunk of vaxxed NZers dying suddenly or being inflicted with a debilitating nasty chronic illness? Informed and qualified people like Mike Yeardon, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Dr John, etc, etc, etc, etc have been laying out the truth for three years. Paid for authoritarian censorship by government and it’s media arm has achieved their intended outcome fully supported by the compliant populous refusing to engage their brains to question WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!! ☠️☠️☠️💩💩💩



    • Posted the other day.
      Shows that some do know, as it seems authorities, then alter the form of the actual data.
      The pirates are full of murderous gold fever.

      ….. On May 12, 2023, we took a snapshot of New Zealand excess deaths from the Human Mortality Database (on the left hand side).
      Today we took a snapshot of the same data which miraculously has been altered to the extent that it is almost unrecognisable. ….


      That way the jab can still be advertized, as they can point out that the data shows there is no excess deaths, proving the vaxx is not part of any problem. 🙁

      This why New Zealand need people to run like in Canada, a “National Citizens Inquiry” NCI;—
      where they seem to have the support of enough qualified people to run it.
      I do not know what powers it has, but seems to be able to co-opt, & or subpoena people.

      Probably not the actual authorities, & of course Mainstream media are not saying anything.
      But once the testimony is said, collaborated, with other supportive, it will take a life of its own, when edited into smaller critical sound bites.

      But still it seems to have momentum too big to ignore, and all that testimony is going on a record,
      So at least many of the public can find out, that they are not the only ones to notice things, experience things, and so much more to think on.
      That it can not remain hidden to just die off,

      Not government run & organized to narrow terms of focus & conditions.
      Can New Zealand organize such a level of Canadian NCI



    • That old dog has been in too many pit fights to let Sean create a narrative and then roll him. Unfortunately Winston can’t state anything but what he stated in the clip for the sake of his re-election campaign. Once in power he can loosen up and call a number issues into question. A master at work. Talk about about a coalition nightmare if Winston gets back into parliament. Dave’s dream of being a puppet master pulling the strings of National will be over. I’ll be popcorn viewing at its best.



      • Wankstone Peters. Career piss head, chain-smoker
        and a snake-oil sales rep. The mangy prick is way
        past his use by date. Never forget, he gave the maggot
        Ardern the green light to become a tyrant.



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