By Lyndesy Symonds

I do not support the refusal of legal tender – cash. I do support direct action against businesses – especially Big ESG corporates that are refusing cash transactions. MAKE THEM SUFFER. PAIN. First know before you buy – is this a cash free business.

You might have to hear this on the grapevine as they do not necessarily have a big sign – under their stupid QR code of course. So go and shop. Make sure the trolley is full. To the cash register we go. Let them take your selected items right through the check out. Now it is time to pay.

This is too often when customer service nice as pie, standing behind the ‘rude and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated’ sign, informs: “We are now cash only.”. OK. Is that so? Well guess what? I am a cash only customer. Customer Service will give the Big Smile and in the most reasonable tone say: “We have just had so many requests to streamline our service with all the new and easy platforms, we have listened to our customers decided to go cashless. Do you not have a card?” [ The message here – everyone wants this system.Don’t be such an unreasonable old fuddy-duddy. Just swipe your phone.]

So in the most reasonable and friendly tone, right back at the Offending Party: “As a cash only customer, I do have a card that I use for online transactions. This is not an online transaction. Are you refusing a legal tender? ” The short answer is yes. Oh Dear!

They just can not process your cash payment. So sorry. ”Our new Easy-Pay system is just not set up that way.” So as it happens, the Cash Only customer is just not set up that way either. This is where they are informed that you will not do any business, period, with a business that refuses legal tender. I told the last business that they have now ensured that I will never use my transaction card with them. Ever. Instead I will buy online from a company that will not discriminate against legal tender at their shopfront.

Leave the full trolley right there at the checkout. They can just re-check it all back in. Don’t forget to turn to the line behind you and give a Big Smile to all the YES VOTERS tapping their phones, texting and raising their blood pressure. So off you go to swipe your card with a business that does not discriminate.

If that No-Cash business is WOKE with a pride display or rainbow lanyards – then make sure there are big ticket items in your trolley.

Even if you can’t pay for it, if you did your homework on that No Cash business , you knew their policy and knew you were never going to pay for it anyway.