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Do You Believe Them? Covid Mandates Gone.




Goodbye restrictions: Major COVID-19 announcement from Health Minister

From NewsHub

The final remnants of New Zealand’s COVID-19 response restrictions are going to be removed, the Health Minister has announced.

The last measures will end on Tuesday, about three-and-a-half years after COVID-19 first emerged globally and New Zealand began introducing restrictions to limit its spread, keep people healthy, and avoid deaths.

At the moment, anyone who is infected with COVID-19 has to isolate for seven days. Household contacts are exempt from isolation rules, but are recommended to take a rapid antigen test each day for five days and limit contact with the person who has tested positive.

There also continues to be a requirement for people to wear a mask in certain healthcare facilities, like hospitals.

Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall confirmed the seven-day mandatory isolation and mask rules would be removed from 12:01am on Tuesday, August 15.

She said fluctuations in cases from week to week are expected, but overall COVID-19 case rates, wastewater levels and hospitalisations have been trending downwards since the beginning of June and over the past month reported COVID-19 cases have hit their lowest levels since February 2022.

More than 5000 cases have been reported in the last week as well as 20 deaths.

Dr Verrall said public health officials have advised the risk from COVID-19 “is now considered low compared to other stages of the pandemic and it’s safe to remove the final requirements”.

She said COVID has put less pressure on the health system this winter and other illnesses have been better planned for and managed.

“This, paired with the population’s immunity levels, means Cabinet and I am advised we’re positioned to safely remove the remaining COVID-19 requirements,” Dr Verrall said.

“We’ve only reached this point thanks to the hard work and care New Zealanders have taken over the course of the pandemic.

“And while not mandated, the Ministry of Health guidance is to stay at home for five days if you’re unwell or have tested positive for COVID-19,” she said.

She said mask wearing was still important to preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like COVID-19, in health and disability care settings.

“COVID-19 changed the world. It was an unknown to virtually all of us. I appreciate from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South the efforts Kiwis took to keep themselves and their community safe,” Dr Verrall said.

Last September, then-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the COVID-19 Protection Framework – better known as the traffic light system – would come to an end that month.

That brought an end to mask requirements in most setting other than in hospitals, GPs, and aged residential care facilities. Vaccine mandates also ended, as did vaccine requirements for travellers.

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  1. It’s good that is gone. But will the nurses get re-employed? Will the Doctors get reinstated ?

    It says there have been 20 deaths in the last week –how many autopsies? Ardern closed the closed the country down over 1 case (not a death). All the logic you could expect from a corrupt Government and medical bureaucracy. Oh that’s right there is an election coming up!!



  2. It’s a pathetic and a useless government dragging the “control chain” back into the Labour Parties dungeon where it belongs. I would throw the whole 60 odd Liarbour idiots back in there as well😂🤣



      • As in most things the passage of time erases our memories to a far greater extent than we would think possible. I refer to the various utterances from government leaders & public officials pushing us to roll up our sleeves for Pfizer’s poison.

        Statements like that of the Mad Queen telling us that the unvaxxed would end up as a second tier of society & Seymour’s “if you want to do certain things come to mind but there were many others & many authors.

        I’m not much of a fan of being told to put historical opinions on the fire & “just get on with it” not so much from a desire for revenge but my absolute certainty that such arseholes should never be able to squirm back into a position of power over us.

        Could you tease some of the other quotes & their authors from your readership before they’re lost for all time.



  3. The horse, Bloomfailed and Chippy – day after day starring in the show.

    Flatten the curve, eliminade, vaccinade, world leading, etc etc. Just another two weeks…..

    How many businesses gone, people kept isolated from loved ones, mental health problems, missed funerals, refused entry into their own country. The list goes on.



  4. So. The mandates are gone.
    Just like that, gone, and somehow we’re all expected to be grateful to the government for this 7 weeks out from an election .
    Well. No. I’m not.
    I’ve been told, by many , to just let it go, and move on.
    I won’t, ever.
    I will never forget the people that simply stood up for personal choice, and I will never forget the hell they went through .
    I will never forget those brave enough to make a stand on their own beleifs , ridiculed, classed as scum, hounded out of employment and expunged from society simply because they exercised their basic human rights.
    And as long as I live I WILL NEVER FORGET what happened to those brave people, that day on parliament grounds, nor will I forgive the wickedness of the state for the brutal way they behaved towards ordinary people that just wanted to make their voice heard.
    I will never forgive this government that let in the wiggles, so citizens of new Zealand overseas sat and watched loved ones pass away via Skype.
    I will never forgive this government for creating division, and deliberately breeding hatred towards those who thought differently and used common sense and reality to justify their position.
    I’ve witnessed so many lives, careers and family bonds destroyed from this awful infantile approach to covid , and I want to make this very, very clear.
    You never forget, I won’t, and you never stop the investigation into this awful destruction of society based on a flu like virus. The lies . ” if you are vaccinated, you can’t spread or catch covid”. Remember that. However.
    What I will never forgive is that fact that she lied, and enforced mandates after saying shecand her governmentwould not do so, and then , laughed about it in on TV. Now I’m saying this dead set fucking straight up. That woman is pure evil.
    never forget the lies, the false promises, and don’t you dare forget what jacinda ardern did to new Zealand.
    Tore peoples lives to shreds, willingly so
    And yip-yiped about it with a socialist sunshine grimace.
    Before you enter the ballot box this year, think about what party stood up and visited the protestors.
    Just a thought.



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