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Does Cindy still believe They are Us?





Say hello to Palestinian cleric Ali Abu Ahmad. Below is a short (one minute) part of a sermon/prayer/rant he preached at the Al-Aqsa Mosque that was uploaded to the Internet on June 28, 2019 so that others of his religious persuasion could learn from his wisdom.

Here are some brief excerpts from the end of the sermon/prayer/rant:

“Yes, oh servants of Allah – this is how the Muslim countries will be protected: by means of a Caliph and a Caliphate. We pray to Allah for that day to arrive soon!”  Audience: “Amen!”

Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, make the plots of the infidels backfire on them!” Audience: “Amen!”

Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, kill all the infidels!” Audience: “Amen!”

Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, enable us to kill them!”  Audience: “Amen!”

Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque from all evil!” Audience: “Amen!”

Ali Abu Ahmad: “Oh Allah, cleanse it from the filth of the Jews, amen, amen!” Audience: “Amen!

You’ll notice that the crowd responds “Amen” to Ali Abu Ahmed’s call to kill all infidels and especially all Jews.

Oddly enough, no one in the crowd spoke up and said “Now wait a minute, Mr imam sir. We all know that Islam is a religion of peace! So surely we shouldn’t be killing anyone?”

I am very confused.

Lets ask Cindy what we should be doing about this. Oh that’s right, she is away on yet another holiday jaunt trying her best to give away some more of our money.


  1. Posted late last night, but bears repeating in this context.

    China does not mince about when it has the power, and even gets the major islamic countries to agree with it.

    The world’s top Muslim governments didn’t just settle for abstract praise of China’s human rights. Instead, they explicitly defended China’s crackdown on Muslims in Xinjiang.

    “Faced with the grave challenge of terrorism and extremism, China has undertaken a series of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures in Xinjiang, including setting up vocational education and training centers,” the letter reads. “The past three consecutive years has seen not a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang and people there enjoy a stronger sense of happiness, fulfillment and security.”

    The war of letters humiliated Western governments which had failed to convince a single Muslim country to sign on to a letter criticizing China’s crackdown on Muslims. And they humiliated the Muslim signatories who demonstrated that China could intimidate them into endorsing a crackdown on Islam.

    The People’s Republic of China’s idea of de-radicalization measures had allegedly included forcing Muslims to drink alcohol and eat pork, a ban on beards, hijabs and the name Mohammed.

    Even Qatar, whose Al Jazeera propaganda outlet has broadcast claims of Islamist oppression in Xinjiang, was finally forced to sign on to a letter that effectively disavowed what its own media has been saying.

    The Uyghur Muslims are a Turkic minority, its Islamists had sought to set up a separatist Turkic Islamic state, and the Islamist regime in Turkey had been vocal about their cause.
    Erdogan, the Islamist thug running Turkey, had in the past accused China of genocide. This year, the spokesman for Turkey’s foreign ministry had described China’s crackdown on Islamists as a “great cause of shame for humanity”.
    The spokesman had accused China of engaging in torture and brainwashing in concentration camps.

    But then Erdogan, the most aggressive national exponent of Islamist causes in the region, visited China, and declared,
    “It is a fact that the peoples of China’s Xinjiang region live happily in China’s development and prosperity.”
    Then he told critics to keep quiet to avoid spoiling Turkey’s relationship with the PRC.

    …. The People’s Republic of China doesn’t view insults and threats as an incentive for outreach. Instead, it uses its economic clout to reward or punish countries based on how those countries treat it. ….

    So it seems ok that things do not have to be halal, enjoy so bacon, ham and pork, and ok wash that down with alcohol and be merry and the 17 islamic countries agreed with this. 🙂

    An interesting comparison is made how China shows up the USA in dealing with muslim countries and the problems they create.

    Clean up like China did, sort of a democratic flexibility,,, a new revised koran, no beards, no hijabs, and their media do not genuflect to islam.
    No kids to be called a ‘Mohammad’ version, as after all was not Mohammad’s likeness not to be made. 🙂



  2. As relayed from Allah, to Gabriel the angel, to Mohammad’s hearing, those calls relate to the most important overiding abrogating verses that Mohammad commanded them to do.

    As in the hadiths, as seen by Mohammad’s sayings, guidance actions and deeds to inspire his followers to ensure as Mohammad said, “I am victorious by terror”

    The koran is all jumbled up, but it makes a bit more sense when it is read in a chronological order, understanding the power and command of the Medina verses over the Meccan verses, and even the koran explaining abrogation, and ensuring their commanding importance.



  3. Take your pick of default excuses:

    1. He’s a lone wolf.

    2. He’s been taken out of context. (Don’t expect any explanations of what context is).

    3. They’re just commonly understood codewords for peace and love that haven’t translated well into English.

    4. That wasn’t real Islam.



    • Colinxy, so right about excuses of the self-deceiving ignorant academia, media, corrupt politicians of controlling governments in the Western World.

      A known wolf All of a part of being suckled in a “pack of wolves”

      Context, with the particularly the Medina abrogating verses.

      Peace in islam is submit

      Turkey’s President Erdogan;- “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”.



  4. I don’t like to be anti muslim all the time.
    But their religion is just so bad.
    And we don’t know that they are preaching/teaching.
    But I do know a few things in the Quiran etc
    And basically if you f0llow those teachings you will really dislike non muslims
    So for that reason.
    They’re out.
    Muslims do not belong in western civilisations.
    They never have and they never will.



  5. Well a couple of items that might tell what is happening in NZ. Last week Wallace Corpn. told with 2 days notice all supermarkets and butcheries in the south Island it would no longer pick up offal etc from any that also processed pork.
    Now, why. It seems their biggest customer in Indonesia put the screws on them. surely they saw that coming. apparently not so they now have to bow to the Muslims because they allowed thier business to become beholding to them.
    Best the find a better customer.
    Can’t find the link that I saw this morning.

    And then there is this.
    Auckland’s Mt Roskill town centre littered with ‘for lease’ signs
    While one side of Auckland’s Dominion Rd is bustling with people, the other side in Mt Roskill is littered with ‘for lease’ signs.


    Isn’t that the favourite home of a certain cult?



  6. Sure sounds that this halal certification process knows how to charge like wounded bulls, and most likely the highest charges will be on infidel entities, as the tentacles seeking control and money for “Allahu akbar”

    Indonesia is set to make halal labeling mandatory for consumer products and services this year with the government assuming greater control of the certifying process from the Muslim-majority nation’s Islamic cleric council.

    Issuing halal certificates to consumer goods from shampoos to toothpaste and cosmetics may net the government about 22.5 trillion rupiah ($1.6 billion) in annual revenue, said Sukoso, head of the Halal Product Guarantee Agency, known as BPJPH.

    So just what do they with the money, and how is clipped, as it passes through different the different factions.



  7. The sad fact is that diversidy is our strength we are told. That is until all the whites have moved out of an area whereupon there is no longer any diversidy and the area fairly rapidly becomes a sh1thole like the places these invaders came from. If you or I point this out we are immediately branded racist by middle class luvvies who don’t live anywhere near a mosque.



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