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Dogs Branded ‘White Supremacist’




Dogs Branded ‘White Supremacist’ as Social Justice Warriors Seemingly Run Out of People to Call Racist and are now setting taking aim at man’s best friend.

Ben Faulding, a socialist with bylines in the Washington Post, Tablet Mag, and The Forward has declared that dogs are a “tool of white supremacy and gentrification.”

“That’s not just my opinion. There is research that shows how white newcomers dogwalking routes stake out territory. And white owners user their pets to socialize with other white owners excluding minorities,” Faulding tweeted, though he keeps changing his display name.

It isn’t just Faulding expressing this sentiment.

Alicia Sanchez Gill, the “Interim Executive Director” at Safe Spaces DC, tweeted “white folks, I don’t care how nice your dog is, dogs have been used as a tool of white control, dominance and violence, from slavery, through civil rights to police dogs today.”

“I’ve said to friends, often half-jokingly, that I love dogs, but HATE white people’s dogs. what is happening at my alma mater, @HowardU, is a perfect example of why. white folks believe their dogs have more humanity and deserve more comfort than Black people,” Gill tweeted with the hashtag “gentrification.”

The outrage over dogs, or more specifically — white people’s dogs — comes in response to a dispute over some grass by Howard University in DC. It was reported that people on campus were upset that white people walk their dogs there.

“Howard University’s yard isn’t a dog park, but the historic black university in Washington, D.C., has been reduced to as much by colonizing residents who have made it their home (and Lassie’s),” the Root article began.

A Fox 5 report on the issue found that some students were upset about the dogs cutting through the college campus — but one resident asserted that since the university is in DC it has to abide by DC laws, which means people are free to walk their dogs outside.

“They’re in part of DC, so they have to work within DC. If they don’t want to be within DC they should move the campus. I think we need to work together,” one resident who lives nearby told the reporter. “It’s our community and that’s how it should be.”

The resident’s take infuriated the SJWs who promptly named him “Gentrifying George” while organizing an outrage mob against him.

There is no mention of what type of dogs they are complaining about, but I guess they will be white labradors or poodles. After all, only black people can have black dogs, right?

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  1. I can see why Poe’s law is such an astute observation when articles like this exist. It is impossible to lampoon Leftards with satire as no matter the stupidity written, Leftards will genuinely hold that position as true.

    No wonder the satirical social science paper “Dog Park Rape” could pass peer review so easily. Into a highly reputable social science journal no less!



  2. I had a black labrador, was I channeling subliminally that I was her master/mistress? She was called Lilith I have also had blonde labradors, yes I know they are called golden, but really they were just blonde, shoot me quick. She was called Grace and the one prior to that was Abbey.



  3. “The historic black university”.
    Just sounds like a bunch of racists who don’t like white people walking their dogs on their lawn.
    #Black lives matter. //



  4. I suppose I’m ok with having a female black labrador, and a male golden retriever? That’s both sexes, black, and blond!



  5. The picture of the dads army crowd was from one of the funniest episodes they made,actually I’m convinced that our coalition uses dads army as blueprint for the ruling of our country…..



  6. My working dogs were black AND white to a boy/girl so I should get a pass from the woke crowd.

    They always worked with white sheep so I never noticed if they exhibited any racial preferences but they could clear the front door & driveway of itinerant Godnutters in an instant. 🙂



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