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Donated Blood Shortage Coming?




Japanese Red Cross not accepting blood donations from Corona-vaccinated people

The official website of the Japanese Red Cross specifies the rules for accepting blood donations. The page states, for example, that people who have received a vaccine containing inactivated viruses may only donate blood again after 24 hours. For other types of vaccines, for example those containing live attenuated viruses, a longer period applies.

For corona vaccines (mRNA), it specifically states: “Those vaccinated with the new corona vaccine may not donate blood for the time being.”

During the time of “mad cow disease” (Creutzfeld-Jacob), the Red Cross did not accept blood donations from people who had traveled to England and the surrounding islands. This is again of interest because a study has now come out linking the corona “vaccine” to Prionic Disease.

So this is where we are now… society is not only becoming more and more divided into “the awake and the not awake” but also the non COVID-vaccinated absolutely not wanting blood form a vaccinated person (or a eg. relationship with a vaccinated). Our recent poll on Telegram showed that almost 100% of non-vaxed in urgent need for blood rather dies than getting mRNA (gene-altered) infested blood in his body.

With the “non COVID-vaccinated passport” you have your personal signed document to make clear that you are safe and not treated with mRNA therapy. And be step ahead of the rest.

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  1. My understanding is that mRNA in a “vaccine” gets into the cell (not the cell nucleus) where it triggers the cell’s production of the antibody. Afterwards, the cell breaks down the mRNA (all mRNA is broken down after it delivers it’s “message” to the cell’s protein-producing machinery. Therefore, I would expect none of the mRNA of the “vaccine” to remain in the host for very long.

    But then, I’m not a medical person, so what would I know.

    There is a lot of misunderstanding floating around.



    • I guess if they had been freshly vaccinated and there were still mRNA in their white blood cells and red blood cells, this mRNA could leach out into the cells of the person receiving the transfusion. It would depend on how long it takes for the vaccinated person’s cells to break down the mRNA.
      Looks like a whole lot of research needs to be done.

      The problem in getting any clear answer, is, as Dr. White Cat pointed out on Have Your Say, April 21, “97% of scientists agree with those who fund them.”



  2. I have got the Madcow.
    I can’t donate blood.

    I was in the UK for more than 6 months.

    Watch carely as it is easy to confuse with Rachel Maddow.

    The crazy thing in the UK is they are mixing multiple ‘injections’ (I wont say vaccine, that is wrong) into the same people.
    Singularly untested these ‘things’ are being inserted into people from more than one source.
    This makes any later ‘track and trace’ very difficult,.
    With medical knowledge where it is at, this sounds a deliberate action of a malicious nature.

    This could make Thalidomide look like tiddlywinks.



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