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Winston Peters taking steps not to be seen as ‘Labour’s poodle’ before the election.

Political commentator Matthew Hooton says Winston Peters’ recent criticism of his own coalition partner is likely a tactic for re-election.

Mr Peters made headlines this week when he hit out at Labour over its handling of the abortion legislation, saying the issue should go to a referendum.

He told Sky News that his was the only party which had acting in good faith over the legislation, and said the issue was never included in coalition talks.

He has also been at odds with some in Labour over the Ihumātao protest.

Mr Hooton said the perceived schism could be a tactic to assure voters he is not “Labour’s poodle” when it comes to election time.

His power comes from being a wild card, Mr Hooton said, and likely wants to be seen as being able to go either way.

“On Election Day when people go to the polling places .. he needs them to think he is neutral between National and Labour – if he doesn’t secure that, he’s probably not going to get to five per cent,” Mr Hooton said.

“More importantly from his perspective, He needs to be able to genuinely negotiate with Labour and National and they both have to fear that he’ll go with the other.

“He can’t flounce out of the Government the way he did out of Jenny Shipley’s government, because that would look like he’s completely unreliable – some people might say he actually is – but he’ll want to do this progressively.

“”He needs to be independent again, so this is the beginning of that process.”

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  1. “More importantly from his perspective, He needs to be able to genuinely negotiate with Labour and National and they both have to fear that he’ll go with the other.”

    HAAAAAHAAHAAHAA! Too late, we all know he is a lying, manipulative arse. Mr used to be 7% kingmaker won’t make the threshold this year. Simple Cindy was sucked in by Winston’s negotiating flannel to gain the baubles of coalition, Simon won’t be so stupid as to follow her example.



  2. The problem is that National is a LONG way from the 61 seats that it needs.
    National needs 3 things.
    Labour to drop a lot
    The Greens to get below 5%
    And NZF to get below 3%
    Or a right wing party that gets 5%
    That is a big ask.



  3. If I was Simon I would say now or very early in the new Year.
    We will only go with NZF if they promise (in writing) to form a coalition with National now and on tv and in all the news.
    A Coalition with National and NZF and that NZF will only get 2 or 3 ministers.
    Otherwise we will not go with NZF after the election, so a vote for NZF is a vote for Ardern.



    • I think, just my opinion but Simon or who ever in the National party should not say anything until near on at the election. Don’t give winny the time to plan his next attack. If they leave it till close to or at the election it will keep him wondering if he has a chance with National. Winny is a wily old fox, National have to play their cards very close to their chests with this one.



      • That only works if Winston believes political expediency totally trumps National’s decision making over National voters hate of Peters. It will be interesting to see if Simon’s zeal to be in power supersedes National voter signals to bin Peters as a potential coalition partner.



  4. Probably forming a coalition with National this is the the only way Winston can retire and be able to hold his head up, so he might do that and behave himself if it happened. At the moment he is looking at retiring with a fairly filthy reputation, and human nature would suggest that is not what he wants his swan song to be.



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