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562,000,000 People Across the Globe Now Own Cryptocurrency, According to New Study

Roughly 6.8% of the global population now holds crypto assets, according to digital currency payment company Triple-A.

In a new report, Triple A says the number of people who own cryptocurrency is now 562 million, up by about 34% from 420 million in 2023.

Of the countries worldwide, the United Arab Emirates has the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate at 25.3%, followed by Singapore at 24.4%.

Other leading countries include Turkey (19.3%), Argentina (18.9%), Thailand (17.6%), Brazil (17.4%), Vietnam (17.4%), United States (15.5%), Saudi Arabia (15.0%), Malaysia (14.3%) and Hong Kong (14.3%).

Says Triple-A,

“Among the top 30 countries with the highest ownership rate, we find countries from various continents and economic standings – ranging from emerging markets like Turkey and Argentina to smaller economies such as Slovenia and Luxembourg.

Asia strengthens its reputation as a hub for digital currency adoption and innovation, with 10 of its countries ranking among the top 30 globally with the highest adoption rates.”

As to what drives the global surge in cryptocurrency ownership, Triple-A points to regulatory changes that paved the way for the approval of Bitcoin (BTC) spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Discussions of crypto events such as the Bitcoin halving and the expanding educational resources that address the growing demand for information about digital assets also attract new investors.

The report says macroeconomic factors such as inflation and currency devaluation also fuel the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Triple-A says new opportunities await as more people are likely to embrace crypto.

“With half a billion users globally, increased regulation, and technological advancements, cryptocurrency adoption and use rates will continue to rise.”


  1. Money is pouring in to ETF s exposing more people to crypto. BlackRock and Grayscale along with other big funds are buying btc all the time.
    Ethereum has been approved for an ETF so millions will pour into that fund now.
    The blockchain technology is the way of the future and it is a fascinating area .
    It is a good time to invest in crypto now but it pays to learn about it first.
    Anyone interested in the markets and volumes involved should take a look at coingecko.



    • [1] Blockchain and Crypto are not one and the same. Don’t get fooled by the “blockchain is the way of the future”. The PRINCIPLES behind blockchain have been around for hundreds of years. Blockchain is just a full digital implementation of those principles, where AI controls it. AI is just programming. The Blockchain reality and the Blockchain marketing promises are two very different animals. If Blockchain works the way they say it works, Crypto exchanges could never be hacked, and people could never have their funds stolen.

      [2] Those who sing loudest from the Crypto songsheet, are those that don’t understand the technology. This is the same with AI. Like “Green Washing”, “AI Washing” is a new trend. Where everything from a new toaster, a pizza ingredient spreader, seed drills, and vacuum cleaners are now AI. WTF !!! AI is also sung about by people who do not understand intelligence or that AI is programming.

      [2] BlackRock et all have been buying and selling crypto from the outset. How do you think the large market swings were caused? Pump, dump at a high, buy at a low, pump, dump…. And all the little investors are following the ups and downs like Lemmings, chasing the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow. Yes you can make money out of Crypto, but most don’t. They are just making the likes of BlackRock rich.

      [3] Investing always involves buying into something that has intrinsic value, that has a real use in the real world. Houses, company stocks, Gold, Silver, etc.

      [4] Buying into things that have no intrinsic value always ends up in tears in the long term.

      Wake up. You are being played. It is all part of the much bigger agenda to take your freedom.



    • If eftpos goes down for a couple of hours in the month leading up to Xmas a casual observer could be forgiven for believing that Armageddon had arrived. If we had a brownout crypto investors would be jumping off tall buildings clutching their hot wallets.



    • Indeed.

      And how will you use your crypto when the value drops to zero because of “newly discovered” virus that is eating or stealing the crypto?

      Like Germany constantly devaluing their currency after WW1, what you had in your wallet/purse in the morning could buy 3 loaves of bread, but by the time you got to the grocery store you’d be lucky if it bought crumbs..

      And who underwrites the crypto that currently goes missing? No-one. Not the issuers.
      And where is it? It is not in lost sock heaven.

      If Blockchain is so good, then identifying, tracing, retrieving, and/or reversing the stolen crypto would be child’s play. But it is not. It would be as difficult as tracing who packed the vial of mRNA that killed your 10 year old.

      Stolen Crypto, is like a 1945 bottle Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, worth about US$300,000, and poured into a hotel swimming pool by your wife after she caught you shagging a bikini clad busty glamour girl you met at the swimming pool.

      You know where the wine went, you know it can never leave the pool, and where it will stay until they drain the pool, but you can never get it back, never drink it, or re-sell it.

      Crypto exists in the Cloud.
      Cloud is constantly under attack.



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