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Russian forces start shelling Kyiv

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

In response to the shelling of civilians in the liberated city of Donetsk, the RF has been shelling Kyiv. The continuous bombardment of Kyiv these last two days have given cause for the politicians there to pay heed. The Ukrainians do not know where to run to.

In Lysychansk the Ukrainian troops are surrendering en masse, thirty, fifty at a time, they do not need much encouragement. Of the original party of howitzers supplied by the Americans, the last 10 were destroyed, however more are being shipped into Ukraine through Poland. On the 20.6.22 two Polish tactical battalions crossed into Ukraine; they were immediately liquidated by Belarus missiles.

Snake Island was being hit by Howitzers based on the mainland, the positions of these 4 units were identified and the position destroyed, using long-range incendiary weapons. This was the 4th attempt to take the island. The Ukrofascists lost 12 drones and the control base was located in the Achakova region.

In the last 24 hours, 40 command bunkers were wiped clean using Caliber rockets as well as Onyx rockets (with a range of 1500+ km). Previously I mentioned that 50 plus high-ranking officers were killed in a surgical strike. The current count is that there were at least 70 or more that perished and still counting. As it turns out our reconnaissance is doing a wonderful job. The meeting included not only Ukrainians but also high-ranking military personnel from England, Poland, France, US, and Germany. The RF has warned that any spy plane that is spotted will be shot down, disregarding its location.

A friend of mine that works in the space industry mentioned that the RF had taken offline 3 US satellites, and impaired the functioning of several others. Other NATO satellites were forced to change their orbits while they were still able. We have now introduced our S500 systems into the mix. They are able to destroy satellites in low orbit and planes at high altitudes.

My understanding is that the US is rather upset after they tried to launch 5 satellites into space using a Russian space engine but failed. NASA has written to the pentagon concerned that they were unable to acquire titanium and aluminum used in the construction of rockets and other space equipment. It turns out that Russia was the supplier of these particular specialty items.  I expect this will have a detrimental impact on the American space industry.

Russia has ceased transporting hydrocarbons through Ukraine and Turkey. Seems Canada’s Trudeau believes that blocking the return of the Siemens equipment destined for Russia is a grand idea. I doubt the EU thinks the same about this. As such we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons to the EU, these items are critical to the safety of the plant and its operators. Even in the event that Trudeau decides to release the units, it will take months to install and commission them, perhaps winter will arrive later as opposed to sooner.

In the Lozovaya region, a group comprising approximately 800 militants was hit by the RF’s artillery. Within a short time, the Ukrofascists started contributing to the operation by using air support against the militants. Once the fireworks subsided, we discovered that approximately half of the combatants had been liquidated. The interesting thing is that most of the combatants turned out to be Canadians.

The RF officers gathered for a meeting in their command center. They made it very clear that they expected the full support of the Russian authorities and that there will be no half measures when it comes to the distribution of penalties against the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren.

Recently I watched the wife of a Ukrainian soldier tell her husband’s story. The Ukrainians were instructed to drop their troops off at a designated location. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the Russians were already there. They lost 80 fighters and two armored personnel carriers (БТР).  The RF has lost patience with the Ukrainian forces, we now simply state surrender or die, we are not here to negotiate.

The Polish are now arresting their Ukrainian guests and returning them to Ukraine in handcuffs.  It is becoming more commonplace for the Ukrainian military to tell their commanding officers to go to hell. They are now stating rather frequently that Zelensky should go to the front himself and shoot at the RF himself.  He has essentially lost all respect, assuming he had any in the beginning, which is highly doubtful. I believe Kyiv may be waking up, they are demoralized and are struggling to find fighters. The Ukrofascists are digging in deep between Kyiv and the Belarus border, they are roughly 150klm apart. We can see their activities with our satellites, trucks delivering logs, and other construction items. These fortifications will not save them.

The American switchblade drones are falling out of the skies on a very regular basis. We have been collecting them and I expect our tech-savvy lads will be able to tweak them so that we can send them back in the same spirit in which they were given. They carry a payload of 4/5 kg of explosive generally for use against tanks. However, our T72 tanks are generally able to withstand 5 to 10 hits before they expire.

The BMPT, is a tank support fighting vehicle, these units essentially replace supporting infantry. We have introduced into the fray our Terminators. These are twin autocannons each capable of firing 10 30mm rounds per/sec. the guns can be loaded with multiple types of shells, including enriched uranium ammunitions. In other words, one explosive shell can punch a hole through a concrete wall while another hardened armor-piercing round can enter the same hole to do its work.

Both cannons are synchronized with each other, the operator is housed in the underbelly of this beast, generally out of harm’s way. The Ukrofascists were able to incapacitate one of these units but not before it took out 2 Ukrainian tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers (БТР), 2 amphibious combat vehicles (БМД), and 1 all-terrain infantry transport (ЛТМБ). My understanding is that the unit ran out of ammunition. These units can engage 16 targets simultaneously including airborne. They were found to be extremely effective in Syria, they were used against snipers in Syria. The RF was able to retrieve the unit which is destined for repair.

Currently, access to Kaliningrad can be achieved by sea, however, the Latvians have heavily restricted the flow of goods through their territory. The RF has indicated that this path could lead to serious consequences not dissimilar to that of Ukraine, I can only hope they heed our message.

It appears that the last Ukrainian visit conducted by the heads of state of Germany, France, and Poland was more to do with reminding Zelensky about payment as opposed to providing more weaponry. We believe that the Europeans are interested in receiving grain in exchange for goods and services. As it turns out in the last 3 years the Ukrainian farmers have not been paid for their harvest. It seems that the Ukrofascists have been helping themselves to the farmer’s crops. The farmers want Russia to take over, and the man on the land is supporting the RF.

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  1. The Russian dwarf Putin has come up with a military scheme that is simple yet extremely effective, for every shell or missile that strikes his liberated areas in the East he will retaliate with 10 going back the other way towards Kyiv.
    The stupid West should not think Russia will run out of munitions as there are apparently massive warehouses full of Soviet era artillery shells and missiles that are still capable of delivering death and destruction to western Ukraine.
    For the 3rd time in 6 weeks I have seen the headline ” U S to deliver sophisticated long range missiles to Zelensky” ,this is propaganda bullshit ,it seems to me the Americans are still manufacturing the bloody things or they’d be there by now.
    The Ukrainian dwarf Zelensky will be crying into his vodka when he realizes the red headed warrior from NZ doesn’t want to be seen with the leader of the loosing side of this drawn out senseless conflict.



  2. The photo ops for the rich and famous have come to an end very quickly.
    Albanese has publicly said he hasn’t decided, the bookies would have him at 1000 to 1 to front up.
    The media circus is at an end for the Western leaders and Actors, it very hard to tell the difference in this day and age.
    Like him or hate him, Putin appears to have the resolve of his forefathers, he doesn’t back away from a fight even when the world is against him.



  3. Trouble is western media still reckon Ukraine is going to win this…. The people I have been watching tell a different story. The people I feel for are the civilians. The Nazis can get obliterated, as can Zelensky as he is sacrificing thousands when he should be negotiating. Maybe he should watch Dowenfall. It didn’t end well for that leader either.



  4. From a comment, so no sources.
    Another area of finance, trade, that so far has not been fully recognized.
    The measured pace of the Russian Bear, is showing the strength, the foresight and its effects will ripple through the West.
    The basic foundation and framework is there, and now will gear up, for what is practicably needed.
    Turning the ‘Great Reset’ into the ‘Great Rescue’ (if that).
    Most folks say “slow” with an event-horizon in mind no longer than (to be generous), say, 90-days.
    Russia’s event-horizon (and depths) are far deeper and beyond sight of even the acclaimed ‘Great Reset’ (of WEF /Schwab /Israel / “Rothschilds” /U.S. [and its several competing ‘elite’ players] /NATO / et al. ) –
    which is turning ever more visibly into the ‘Great Rescue’ as ever more desperately driven and evidenced by the long-term and accelerating preparation for and provisioning of (for short example) SPFS (Russia) and CIPS (China) alternatives to SWIFT, and the new emerging Sergey Glazyev-architected multipolar, multi-lateral finance and economic arrangements.
    Underwritten by Russia’s SMO (‘slow’?!?) is as well as the complex emerging configuration and cooperation / ‘unifying’ of the new multi-polar world re-creating capabilities of BRICS, BRICS+, BRI (China’s Belt and Road Initiative formed in 2013, $200 billion spent so far, $60 billion in 2021 alone), SCO, EAEU, SADC, Mercosur, SACU et al. (The Southern African Customs Union (SACU), for example, consists of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Eswatini.
    The SACU Secretariat is located in Windhoek, Namibia. SACU was established in 1910, making it the world’s oldest Customs Union).
    SWIFT is a global telecommunications network for electronic message exchange between financial institutions.
    It stands for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” and is the largest international payments network in the world. It is operated by SWIFT SCRL, a company based in La Hulpe, Belgium.
    The private cooperative is wholly owned by its members, which include around 11,000 banks and other financial institutions in more than 200 countries.
    Russia’s SPFS – System for Transfer of Financial Messages – already has more than 400 member banks and handles more than 20 percent of domestic financial communications.
    The main partner of SPFS is China, whose own cross-border interbank payment system CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System) is connected to the Russian SPFS. (Dec 2021:
    While Russia’s SPFS can be three times cheaper than SWIFT, the network itself is only presently operational during weekday working hours and its messages are limited to 20kb in size. SWIFT, meanwhile, works 24/7 and allows 10mb to be transmitted across its network).
    On-going plans integrating the Russian SPFS network with the China-based Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS) continue while the Russian government is also in talks to expand SPFS to developing countries such as Turkey and Iran.
    Since 2019 many agreements have also been reached to link SPFS to other countries payment systems in China, India, Iran, as well as the countries within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) which includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
    The EAEU also has Free Trade Agreements with Serbia, Singapore and Vietnam with multiple other deals pending.
    At the end of 2020, 23 foreign banks connected to the SPFS from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Switzerland].
    Furthermore, the EAEU is in discussion with the AfCFTA which formally launched the operational phase (with Nigeria providing the critical mass number) of the “Africa Continental Free Trade Area” in July 2021.
    The AfCFTA will be the world’s largest free trade area by number of countries (55) once it’s fully up and running.
    After years of talks, the goal is to establish a single market for goods and services across all 55 African countries, allow the free movement of business travelers and investments, and create a continental customs union to streamline trade –
    and attract long-term investment.
    The agreement is seen critical for growth and job creation for Africa and its 1.27 billion people.
    Moving into the operational phase last (2021) July was a significant step:
    All of the above is much driven by (not at all exclusively) as well as supported by Russia’s presence,”pace” [‘slow’?!?], effects, and progressively effective SMO actions both immediately in and around (economic, political, commercial, financial) Ukraine.
    Russia’s SMO, its pace, and Russia’s SMO II (‘Special Multi-Polar Operations’ :-)), in conjunction with the negative boomerang effect of US/UK/NATO/5-Eyes et al. 12,000+ sanctions, are both fire-lighting the ‘Great Reset’ (and anything else they want to call that quadrillion-dollar T-Rex derivativ debt) into a futile —
    ‘Great Rescue’ and, paradoxically, also helping to fire-wall Russia and its active allies from its disruptive and deadening effects.

    Now what is Ardern signing New Zealand up to in her Europe trade deals?? —— a “strait-jacket” of controls??



  5. Another part we do not hear of in the Western media,

    Re-constituting civilian life. [in the Donbass and Luhansk]

    Accomplishing THE toughest (and no force, including past USSR forces, in the last 500 years [NONE. i.e. since the 1500’s – I stopped researching there] has done so.
    That is: Immediately and in parallel with conducting active battle Russia has started to re-build protected/acquired lands,
    provide AND continue to freely deliver (now) tens of thousands of tons of relief civilian foods, water, and basic essentials,
    provides identification (passports) and has re-started currency using (rubles),
    is re-starting pensions, benefits, and credits [new banks], re-starting education, renewed multi-language use (Ukrainian and Russian) – and so much more.

    So a population of estimated 4 million are getting the basics.
    I know there is a basic blackout of news, from that area,

    In the meantime New Zealand has the sword of Damocles hanging over it, with restricted electric power brown outs.
    Fuel rationing could happen as soon as a tanker is even just late.

    Prices of food in the super market & restrictions of goods, surging as if New Zealand in a war…
    Whoops it training people to shoot & kill Russians, whilst saying that is not war.



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