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Rich People & Journalists Made Exempt From Having to Enter COVID Quarantine

“High value business travellers” won’t have to self-isolate.

Paul Joseph Watson:


Journalists and rich people defined as “high value business travellers” will be made exempt from having to enter a 2 week COVID quarantine when they return to the UK under new rules announced by the government.


“From 4am on Saturday, people in a number of categories will no longer have to self-isolate upon returning to England, even if they are travelling from a country not on the travel corridors list,” reports Sky News.

Those categories include journalists, “high value business travellers,” performing arts professionals and wealthy sports stars.

Under current rules, anyone returning from a country not on the UK’s “travel corridor” list has to self-isolate at home for 14 days or face escalating fines.

Public Health England said the new measures will not raise the risk of domestic transmission of coronavirus.

The rule change is being pitched as a way to help boost the economy, but many responded by framing it as a classic example of elitist privilege.

“We are being governed by absolute fools, clowns and charlatans. If I’m rich enough to afford Business Class I’m immune to Covid?” asked one Twitter user.

“Ah! One rule for “us” and another for all the “little people”. Shrewd move just when trust and social cohesion is needed,” remarked another.

“What a load of rubbish. You mean those well off don’t need to follow “quarantine measures,” said another.

“There will be some big businesses that are able to take advantage of it,” said Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy The PC Agency, underscoring once again how the rules favour large transnational corporations while small businesses continue to go bust.

Does this mean a blog owner can be classed as a journalist? Yay I knew this blog would pay off for me. Sorry. the rest of you plebs can suck it up and stay under the thumb.


  1. There you go

    “Those categories include journalists, “high value business travellers,” performing arts professionals and wealthy sports stars.”

    The reward for :-
    -journalists, FOR suppressing facts; telling lies, distorting election outcomes, maintaining fear generation et al
    Being general scum

    – “high value business travellers,”
    whatever that means, got $$$ will travel – the British Class system NEVER went away

    -performing arts professionals
    So Hollyweird wankers and twiterers

    -and wealthy sports stars. Take the knee, take the knee, your rewards will accrue.

    Many of the above are very low IQ people
    -Journalists are so stupid they think at 18 ‘I’m going to change the world and be Watergate II’ then by 23 they are cynical cogs in the wheel of selective story telling.

    -Hollyweird- usually over paid twats who repeat lines that others write; Making a movie requires a good script, planning, location scouting, financing, camera technique, lighting control, editing, direction, sound etc
    All the actory critters have to do is spout their lines and will often get 30 chances to get it correct.
    Take 27!
    For this they get ‘fans’ and followers.

    -Sport stars: “I’ll give it 110%, maaate ” . So far, not too flash at maths. Stumbling, mumbling.
    Lewis Hamilton, soccer geezers….

    All the above well known for their drug and alcohol abuse.
    The journos of old were cynical and imbibed their booze.
    (It is not like the Hearsts and Packers of 100 years ago were truth tellers. They manipulated stories as much as media filth does today. )
    Now the escapism tends to come in baggies.

    But hey, as if 2020 is not stupid enough already we (UK Govt) will make even more stupid rules.

    Even in managed isolation the Paki crichet team broke rules.
    Self isolation for 14 days, my arse !

    Just not clear on “high value business travellers”
    Are these the ones that make political donations. Like NZs Dalis: Simunovichs, Vela, Talleys …



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