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What is wrong with Biden – Jill Biden, that is?

By Joan Swirsky

For generations, women whose husbands were sick have plied them with tea and honey and chicken soup (aka Jewish penicillin), bought over-the-counter bromides that promised relief, kept them away from people and people away from them, and even tried folk remedies, for instance smearing Vicks VapoRub on the bottoms of their feet (before putting socks over them) at nighttime, the better to wake up with clear nasal passages and lungs.

In other words, they did everything possible to protect their husbands from harm or hurt to help heal them.

No doubt, that was Jill Biden’s intention when she married the senator from Delaware in 1977, and raised not only the daughter they had together, but his young sons, Beau and Hunter, after the senator’s first wife and baby daughter were killed in a horrific car accident in 1972.

As the years elapsed, Senator Biden became Vice President Biden – for eight years – and the power couple Jill and Joe gained worldwide fame and huge wealth.

But before that, Jill juggled raising their three children with then teaching for years in a psychiatric hospital where her students were emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, eventually acquiring a doctoral degree in education.

Surely, in both her education and clinical work, she was aware of, sensitive to, knowledgeable about – and protective of – the students whose limitations rendered them incapable of higher function. Surely, she became capable of detecting, even diagnosing, thought and speech disorders, dissociative thinking, and incoherent ramblings.

The following examples from when Joe was running for president in 2020 are sad and once again raise the very serious question that people have been asking for the past four years: What is wrong with Jill Biden?

Joe Biden says he’s a “candidate for US Senate”
A Half-Sedated Looking Joe Biden Devolves Into Incoherence on The View
Biden on Coronavirus: “We Have to Take Care of the Cure – That Will Make the Problem Worse No Matter What”

Where did that insight go?

Why is Jill’s understanding, empathy, and take-charge persona missing in action when it comes to protecting her clearly diminished husband, who even a casual observer can see is suffering either from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? And that is not to omit the equally obvious symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. If Joe and Jill Biden were sitting in the office of any neurologist in America, the doctor would immediately put Mr. Biden on medication to alleviate his florid symptoms of both conditions.

The Bidens are practicing Catholics. Jill certainly must have taken her wedding vows seriously: “I, Jill Stevenson, take thee, Joseph Biden, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part….”

We believe the cherish thing, but what happened to the “in sickness and in health” vow? Does Jill Biden really believe that it means to “support” her clinically compromised husband in continuing the painful process of slogging it out by propping him up, by letting him read teleprompter words others have written but he can’t get through?

Does she believe her role is to plaster on a perpetual Cheshire Cat grin before a media that are collaborating with her in the “everything is great” hoax, rescuing her husband when appropriate behavior fails him, and pretending that his disjointed, confused, indeed bizarre utterances somehow, magically make sense.

Back then, every Joe Biden appearance was the Emperor’s New Clothes, with the entire Democrat establishment – including everyone at NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the NY Times, the Washington Post, et al. – going along with this pitiful charade, while ignoring or forgetting the fact that the American people they hold in such contempt have eyes and ears!

It is only since the Trump-Biden debate that the aforementioned media shills have ––in unison–-changed their tunes and are now de facto admitting what the rest of us have been witnessing for the past four years.

What’s really going on?

In 2020, Jill Biden was 68 and she and Joe were the very wealthy owners of several lavish homes and who knows how many other sources of affluence.

By appearances, I’m guessing that Jill is also quite healthy. That is why it stretches the imagination to seriously believe that either she or her husband – who was then pushing a doddering 78 – wanted to spend the next four years of their lives glad-handing foreign potentates, fielding the conflicting and contentious demands of the American electorate, or generally weathering the ferocious slings and arrows aimed relentlessly at the highest office in the land.

For Joe Biden, this would be a lot of been-there/done-that, so what was his race for the presidency really about? Even more curious, what was in it for Jill?

I believe that Joe Biden was selected as Barack Obama’s VP because of his inherent malleability and weakness. The powers-that-be had no doubt that they could plant any idea, policy, or pet project in Joe’s ear and trust that he would echo their sentiments verbatim. This trust, of course, was based on Joe’s long history of echoing – actually stealing – the words of other people in a series of plagiarism scandals.

And he delivered – whether it was leveling poisonous threats to Israel that emanated from the Oval Office or executing two massive money laundering and bribery schemes in the Ukraine, or helping himself and Obama and their cronies to make billions off China trade deals and regulatory policies, on and on.

Aha! The right guy to defeat Trump!

Again, I suspect that the powers-that-be – among them brainiacs like David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and especially George Soros, who appears, through his massive contributions, to own the Democrat party, the Democratic National Committee, and most if not all Democrat fundraising committees – got together and decided to back Joe Biden because they knew with absolute surety they could control him once in office. In the same way, I believe, Mr. Soros and Ms. Jarrett ran the country during Mr. Obama’s regime.

And when it became clear to them – as it has to the rest of America – that this faltering man would be lucky to make it till November, they simply whispered in Jill’s ear:

  • Stay in the game,
  • We’ve rigged this election so it will work this time,
  • We’ll take care of the judiciary, so Joe (and you) are not indicted;
  • We’ll run the country just as we did for Obama,
  • Just smile and fake it till you make it to November!

While Joe may have understood the imperative of him running when these offers were initially made, it’s doubtful that he understands them now, or that by next November it will matter to him at all. Jill is cheerleading the run, but again, what’s in it for her?

It all seems to depend on the Democrat candidate’s wife, who appeared to be incapable of reading the tea leaves, deciphering the signals, or smelling the coffee. Which brings me to ask once again: What is wrong with Jill Biden?

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  1. Biden was the only person ( being the former VP) that they could do any vote rigging for and get away with it at the time . They put a DEI in as VP which has backfired on their asses as biden turns into a vegetable.



  2. At least Joe has a medical diagnosis of porridge brain. Jill is just an opportunist grifter and not the brightest bulb but she can’t imagine life now without the limelight and special attention, literally flying in a private plane above the riffraff. She can’t let Joe’s worsening state ruin it all. Besides, how will crackhead Hunter fund her family coffers and lifestyle without the Big Guy as bait?



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