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Draining the Fetid Swamp




U.S. Attorney John Durham is conducting a criminal investigation into the FBI and Justice Department.

Those who drummed up false evidence to carry out an attempted coup on President Trump are now sweating bullets.

Including former President Obama, Obama’s CIA director John Brennan, Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Peter Strzok, Strzok’s lover Lisa Page and of course, the disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey.

Predictably, many Democrats are accusing President Trump of ‘weaponizing justice,’ but that’s exactly what the conspirators did and taxpayers spent at least $30 million to fund Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion involving Trump. He came up with no evidence whatsoever.
Somebody has to pay, and we may now (finally!) see some swamp draining. The Deep State Swamp, that is.
Round them up and lock them up!
—Ben Garrison

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      • Imagine if Kiwis get off their knees and bring justice to Ardern. What a glorious day it would be. I am thinking something along the lines of how Gaddafi was dealt with.

        Anyway – no need for all that fuss. Just tick the right boxes on the voting paper.



        • I remember watching some crazy muslim on tv trying to jam a broomstick up Gaddafi’s date when they finally cornered him’? Is this what you want for our beloved leader? If so, I’m totally behind ya !( s’cuse the pun)



        • What did Gaddafi do wrong?

          Oh right.
          He had free universal health care from the oil money and did not tax the shit out of people like Norway continued to do.
          Norway could have set income tax to zero for decades but the mindset of a socialist….
          Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’
          keep them taxes rollin’
          The healthcare was better than the USA where over 40 million people – the population of Spain – does not have access to decent healthcare.

          Gaddafi had literacy at 94% – incl women -so better than the USA.
          That’s OK.

          BUT then he attempted to sell the oil in Euros and not USD.
          Having to convert all commodities to USD before exchange props up an otherwise dogtucker US currency.
          That was the reason he died.

          Libya is the country that was secular but the evil half-African rear gunner warlord Obummner had to destroy a country within 3 years to match GWB.
          Killary was the points person. We came; we saw; he died.

          Libya was a stable country in North Africa
          So what if there are not elections in these countries
          Look at how a 7 percenter in NZ in 2017 formed the govt. Democracy. Huh!
          Try the USA Prez elections in 1960 with Daddy Kennedy buying votes and calling in favours from the underworld. Just snuck his son through with the other son as AG.
          Ask the people who voted for Brexit.

          Gaddafi had some ambitious plans for Africa incl a Pan African currency to copy the Euro- perhaps in hindsight not such a good idea- but he had good intentions.
          Good ol USA fucks up those Moozlem countries one by one.
          I wonder why ..and for whom?

          Where do people here get their information from on Libya?
          The MSM.
          You should know by now they spout shit 24/7
          For your history lesson learn about USS Vincennes; 3 July 1988.
          Do your homework.



  1. Obama used government agencies to construct conspiracy theories, and act against, a political opponent. This is very serious offending.

    He is also the biggest warmonger in the last century. He should go before an international Court and be hung, for that alone.

    I regard all Obama supporters as terrorists and way more of a threat to our society than some dirt poor and desperate Muslim goat herder in Shitistan.



  2. Just as an aisde
    I read on Steve Turley that Trump has already raised more money fro his camping so far, than Obama and Clinton did combined!
    (or something similar)
    Its going to be embarrassing for him the amount of money he has for his campaign its in the billons!



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