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Received this information late last night:
I have just read Maggie W post concerning the sentencing of the Labour Summer Camp sex offender.
I did not realise that Russell Collins was the Judge in this matter… I know Russell well, he is a former Napier Crown Prosecutor.
Both Russell’s parents  were  labour party stalwarts.   Russell’s sister (former Labour MP)  is married to Michael John Cullen aka Sullen Cullen aka Rich Prick Cullen, aka Call me Sir Cullen. I am very surprised that Russell did not recuse himself, given his connection to Labour.
There were tongue in cheek comments on the blog saying that a Labour Judge would be assigned to this case…may be some truth in it.
Nothing surprises me in this country any more. This judge should have recused himself. Given his family links to Liarbour, one wood have thought that wood be the right thing to do. To be so blatant and not give a shit shows the total arrogance the left have.
Who wood have thought it wood come down to this?
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  1. The Labour camp sexual assault court case has been swept under the Labour party rug. Gone, never to be heard of again. The same appears to have happened with the parliamentary sexual assaults connected to the PTPM’s office and Grant Robertson’s knowledge of the whole sordid affair. Congratulations to the MSM who have allowed the abuse complaints to be buried. Well done to Cindy’s obsequious media toadies. //



  2. Look, I know that this is obvious to anybody reading a right leaning blog…. but it bears repeating. The effective way that reporting has been SHUT DOWN on this and the parliamentary staffer/groper is frickin scary!

    Normally the media wet themselves over any bit of salacious innuendo they can get a hold of (viz the trial of Grace Millane’s murderer)… but everything to do with Labour’s sexual pecadillos has been very effectively buried.

    These people are very powerful. Be warned, New Zealand.



    • Yes, I didn’t hear the radio discussions around the details of the bedroom activities or the disposal of the body re; Grace, but my wife told me she had been listening in and it was disturbing. She does have thinner skin on the macbre than I do BUT I agree; Where is the detailing of the violent finger penetration alleged in the Spinoff article, and the assaulting of peers, and the physical intimidation and bullying specifics of Jacinda’s staffer? Yes, they were allegations but you had to really go looking for any detail, and people were even saying to me ‘I am confused – what is this about?’
      The story blurred with the Youth Camp assaults for a casual listener. Both were Labour Sex Scandal – Poor Response – Complainants Sidelined. I am hopeful that some journalist will bring it up again once the enquiry is completed. Hosking will directly, and the likes of Sean Plunket will at least talk about it.
      Jacinda tried to look in control (buy time) by setting up another commitee/conversation/enquiry, but once that is done: Q: What are the Facts? Q: What should have been done differently? Q: What are you doing differently? Q: Are the alleged victims now satisfied?
      And the name suppression of the Youth Camp perp – another way to distance and bury the real scandal implied by ‘connections’ and power in Labour.
      One wood ask, Why are some people protected? Wood one not?
      The judge being associated with the Labour power structure stinks too.



    • Yes! did you hear John Key pulled a ponytail?!!!!!!!! John Key apologised for his innocent and playful move, made in the presence of his wife while they were having a coffee in their local cafe but that didn’t stop Labour and their toady media friends keeping the barbs about that apparent salacious gossip going for weeks. Labour won’t be able to work that angle against an opposition MP after their wizardry making two sexual assaults disappear like a puff of smoke.



  3. It’s an appalling outcome. Whichever way it’s viewed, this matter cannot be even remotely perceived as having stemmed from, or resulted from, anything close to proper procedure.
    The prosecutor’s withdrawal of charges.
    The judge’s demonstrable unsuitability to preside over this particular hearing given his background and family connections. So, just how was his appointment effected, let alone made possible? A question for the Law Society?
    As a life-long believer in the fundamental substance of New Zealand justice, the blatancy of misconduct demonstrated in this instance at so many levels flies in the face of, and smears, every principle of justice we demand of New Zealand courts.



  4. Wood that we could name him. This shows us how corrupt Labour and their control over the justicia is. First, the lawnmower purchaser gets off. Then the son of a high-ranking politician gets away with sexually abusing a number of young people and he gets away with it because of who his parents are. And then a Labour Party insider who is active in Jacinda Arderns’ office is glossed over for numerous allegations of sexual assault; while the women he allegedly assaulted are told to go work elsewhere for their own safety.

    And the likes of Allison Mau and #Metoo support this shit?

    With NZF selling policy for dollars into their coffers, how much more corrupt can New Zealand and the Ardern government get? And how vile are the people that support her and what she is presiding over? I mean, seeing her smiling every day like none of this matters – what kind of human being is Jacinda Ardern that none of this reaches her. That she doesn’t want to fix the mess her own house is?

    It is disgusting that a thing like that is our Prime Minster. I can’t call her human. I can’t even call her an animal, because animals actually have standards. I’m beyond disgusted.



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