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De Blasio’s Daughter in Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able to Steal” Election

Paul Joseph Watson;


New York Mayor De Blasio’s daughter was caught in an embarrassing on camera verbal slip up when she told an interviewer that Joe Biden “was able to steal” the election.

There were in fact two major gaffes, with Chiara de Blasio initially telling the interviewer how happy she was that “now we have the first black Asian female president in office elected,” referring to Kamala Harris.

Harris would of course become Vice President if Biden’s win is certified, although many have suggested that she could soon find herself in the Oval Office given Biden’s declining cognitive abilities.

De Blasio followed up by saying that Biden stole the election, before correcting herself.

“Joe Biden was able to steal…steal no, was able to win,” she said before apologizing.

Given what happened, maybe de Blasio was right the first time.

The 25-year-old has become a prominent left-wing activist and she was arrested back in May during a George Floyd protest.

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    • Waikatogirl ,many tens of people were involved in the disgraceful framing of POTUS trump for 4 years and how many have been held accountable ? 1 only ,a low level operative.
      The swamp is so deep that they can literally get away with murder, so “election meddling” Pffffftt.



      • I agree it looks that way but be aware there are strong forces, clever and well qualified people with good intent working against those trying to steal the election. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was once against Donald Trump as President but is now one of his most staunch supporters. There are many more Republicans who also have Donald J Trump’s back.

        If the Republican’s win Georgia Lindsey Graham will be chairman of the senate budget committee. If the Dems take Georgia Bernie Sanders will be chairman of the senate budget committee!

        Graham warns ‘most radical agenda in history’ if Senate flips
        South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham vows to donate $1 million to Sens. Loeffler and Perdue to ensure they have the resources to combat ‘a tsunami of liberal money’ that’s about to ‘sink Georgia.’

        The Devil Went Down to Georgia · The Charlie Daniels Band



    • Somebody analysed the data feed from the New York Times on the election. They found the two data points (187 and 188) where the vote total was switched between Trump and Biden. This guy incorrectly (in my opinion) calls it code. There are no instructions in that dump, merely data.

      But what I think it does show you is that between 4:07 am and 4:08 am there was a 0.6% drop in votes for Trump and a 0.6% increase in votes for Biden, with 54 votes counted additionally out of nearly 3,000,000 total votes cast. And that’s only 0.002%.

      Maybe somebody else has a better explanation? But that seems shifty as hell to me.



  1. I’m starting to feel I no longer fit in this world. I think of my father captured in Egypt taken to Europe was on the march through Europe sometimes carrying comrades on his back as those that fell were shot immediately and was in the stalag prisons came home in 1945 and wonder what the hell all those soldiers in WW 1 and 2 bothered for? The world is too woke for me now. Kids far too soft and most under 50 have no idea of how life really is. Life will get harder for them and they’ll never cope. I am so glad I’m in my 70s I won’t have to suffer so long this crazy world where at a birthday party recently my very European granddaughter sang happy birthday in Maori. It’s a new life



  2. De Blasio’s Daughter is in less trouble than the poor staffer that sent out a Biden,Harris press release spelling the VP elects name Kaumala , to be fair the way it sounds when read is a fine description of the horrible creature and FFS she gave a speech yesterday and on a hot mic asked the help “we are in Cleveland aren’t we ?” Jeeeeez.



  3. FAKE NEWS!! Lefties flip the message. The Dems accuse the Republicans of stealing the election by stuffing ballots to elect Biden. Accuse your opposition of what you are guilty of has been the Dems go to move throughout in their attempted coup to steal the election

    Trump is Attempting to Stage a Coup, With Republican Support | NowThis

    Trump is using baseless accusations of voter fraud to attempt a coup with zero evidence — and establishment Republicans are lining up behind him.



  4. If so many Democrats are “in on the act,” it must surely be easy to offer a fat reward for information about voter fraud and expect people to step forward with proof.
    How would you keep such a scandle a secret when so many people would know about it?



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