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Cindy has announced that the 2020 General Election will be on 19 September.

In effect, that means the campaign starts right now. All signs suggest we are looking at the most competitive election for a first-term Government in a generation.

A close election means all bets are off for how much the politicians will promise to buy themselves an election victory.

Jacinda Ardern and the COL have already blown the surplus with their huge spending increases to date. They will spend every cent (and more) to secure a second-term Labour-Green coalition, even if it means increasing taxes on you and your family.

In fact, the lolly scramble begins tomorrow as Grant Robertson is set to announce a $12 billion splurge.

This makes Steven Joyce’s claims of a huge deficit at the last election so wrong, but in the wrong direction.

On the face of it, Cindy should be a shoo-in. She has the benefit of incumbency in a country that has returned every first-term government for over 40 years But it’s never as easy as it seems. The National party is ahead of Labour in many polls, even if leader Simon Bridges is struggling to build a rapport with voters. The real danger to Ardern’s return may lie within her coalition partners NZ First and the Greens. The Greens should rise in support on the back of climate change policies, but NZ First and renegade leader Winston Peters are expected to throw the odd campaign grenade to maintain relevance. The proposed Imauhato payout by the taxpayer to appease and get Cindy out of the hole she herself created, might be the catalyst for Winston to say “I have had enough”



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  1. Grants “splurge” may be a big hoax
    I’ve heard that its 400 million this year
    1.1 billion next year
    1.2 billon the year after
    2 billion the next year
    and the rest after 2025!

    So really its only 400 million and they’ve alrerdy announced that much on schools this year.

    if that is true then to me it shows there is no money.
    or that Grant Robertson won’t let them borrow any



  2. “This makes Steven Joyce’s claims of a huge deficit at the last election so wrong, but in the wrong direction.”

    You mean Steven Joyce’s prediction of an $11 billion dollar hole is already larger than he predicted back in 2017 and Robbo is still to announce borrowing of billions of dollars to cover his $12 billion dollar spending spree to impress Labour voters. Well I never!!!

    An ‘$11 billion hole’: Expert analysis of Labour’s fiscal plan after Steven Joyce called it a ‘fiscal hole’



  3. You guys are forgetting one massive factor- The ‘Royal Wedding’!
    Reliable sources say it will be just a few weeks before the Election (So effectively part of Labour’s actual campaign)
    I hear rumours of Live TV coverage, Red Carpet Celebrity guests, Horse-Drawn Carriages and half the City shut down as hundreds of Cops are required for security…



    • As long as the taxpayer isn’t picking up the bill for the wedding? Socialist Cindy should cut her cloth accordingly and her wedding is not beneficial for the taxpayer so we shouldn’t have to cover the cost. She can afford to pay for her own celebrations. 🤑 🤑 🤑
      I won’t be watching Cindy marry Jethro.



  4. There is good news with this date.

    It is just **barely** at the start of spring. With any luck, we will have a long and **really cold and wet** winter. That will keep people’s mood “down”, unlike an election in the middle of summer.

    Ok, it’s not much, but **every bit counts**.



  5. Labour are set to run a dirty campaign of lies and disinformation.

    Remember they have already set up a special Ministry of Truth within MOJ. And have integrated themselves with alt left social media groups like Fakebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube.

    This will be hard out fake news. Even the press release today is riddled with lies.



    • Goodness know why Labour insists on making a rod for it’s own back, but their vow to conduct a positive, factual and robust campaign is going to be used to beat them on every corner. They didn’t learn anything from the “open and transparent” or “year of delivery” announcemnets which both turned out to be risible.



  6. Its as simple as this , if Peters is gone , then these fools are gone , remember people did not vote for this shambles , Peters selected them cause vendetta , most people I hear are saying they feel cheated , so as I say , if Pizzle stain Peters is gone , then so are the rest of the COL



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