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Remember what Biden said, just a few days ago:


During a speech on Tuesday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that “we believe we’re on track to win this election.” And urged his supporters, “Keep the faith, guys. We’re going to win this.” But cautioned that tabulating the results is “going to go into maybe tomorrow morning, maybe even longer.”

Biden said, “We knew this was going to go long, but who knew we were going to go into maybe tomorrow morning, maybe even longer. But look, we feel good about where we are. We really do. I am here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election. We knew because of the unprecedented early vote and the mail-in vote, it was going to take a while. We’re going to have to be patient, until we — the hard work of tallying votes is finished. And it ain’t over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted. But we’re feeling good. We’re feeling good about where we are.”

Biden expressed confidence that he will win Arizona and Minnesota, said he is “still in the game in Georgia,” and said he is “feeling real good about Wisconsin and Michigan.” Biden further declared that while it will take time, “we’re going to win Pennsylvania.” But also said that declaring a winner isn’t for either him or President Donald Trump to do.

Biden concluded by telling his supporters, “Keep the faith, guys. We’re going to win this.”

President @realDonaldTrump was winning in key battleground states. Then the Democrats decided to stop counting.

Now they will keep counting “votes” until they can call it for Joe Biden

And the media is covering for them.

Can you say you didn’t expect this to happen?

The entire COVID shutdown scam

Compulsory mail in ballots

Then huge margins for Trump on election night

Pausing election counting

Huge mail drops w/ perfect margins for Biden

Ethical or unethical, they play to win.

They cheat.

The fix is in.  The Democrats, Big Tech and the corrupt Media have joined forced with state leaders in a select few states to steal the election win away from President Trump.  Here’s what’s going on in Wisconsin.

Trump supporters are questioning why absentee ballot votes in the swing state of Michigan were apparently sent in by people aged up to 120 years old.

On election night, President Trump was ahead in Michigan but his lead was wiped out after huge numbers of late mail in ballots went for Biden.

In addition to numerous other claims of vote fraud, attention is now focused on why people are almost certainly dead had ballots filed in their name.

Trump supporter Austin Fletcher posted screenshots of the information from Michigan’s voter database.

“Turns out 118 year old “William Bradley” voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan. William Bradley died in 1984. How long has this been going on?” he asked.

Another person named June Aiken voted in Jackson County, Michigan. She was born in 1900, making her 120 years old.

There are reports of more voters voting than what there are voters actually registered to vote

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  1. I’d love someone to take a look at some of our own Election night results.
    Look I expected Labour and The Greens to win and form a Government..
    But some of those rural seats turniing red? That just isn’t feasable…



    • Rural seats are not what they used to be. Rural towns were service centres to their local farming community, a large number of small farms with a Mum & a Dad plus possibly a permanent worker or two, people also with a close relationship to the area.
      Now rural towns are larger with a more transient population, many of them on a benefit, solo mums etc. The farms have been amalgamated and some large industries are around with a large labour force involved.
      The electorates are so large i.e Waitaki – The largest town in the electorate is Oamaru (pop. 13,700). Other towns include Geraldine (2,800), Twizel (1,650), Wanaka (11,550), Waimate (3,570) and Cromwell (6,480) . Not necessarily a lot of National votes in some of those towns.



  2. There should be no confusion over why the rural seats tuned red. It was because the blue alternative was about as attractive as a shit sandwich. Ditto the reason for the rise in fortunes of ACT as an alternative repository for the votes of the Kiwi right.

    However much it may pain you crusty religio/conservatives your party has lost the plot. People generally vote for what affects them……not some touchy/feely, pie in the sky crap.

    So the retards in National, led by the Pope & steered by idiots listening to their own advice instead of the electorate follow Labour into spend-up territory. Yet while promising tax funded riches to the feckless & parasitic they orchestrate opposition to the Death with Dignity bill (favoured by the vast majority of the electorate) & pander to the religiously deluded over marijuana. This to the exclusion of working on what really matters.

    They are blind & tone deaf. These are attributes of a perennial opposition as opposed to a government in waiting.



  3. Which Republicans, which Senators, which Congressmen, will raise the point, that there is corrupt voting?
    Seems like they are all Missing In Action. MIA.

    When will they come out and support President Trump?

    Are they doing anything? gathering evidence of fraud?

    Are those Republicans only appeasing the crocodiles?
    Stuffed ballots will see them out on their ear too in a future election.

    Sadly that will become very soon, as their may be a “runoff” for 2 Senate votes, in Georgia in January and so the Democrats may gain the Senate.

    Can this election fraud fully exposed (and prosecuted) and to identify the RINOs, closet RINOs and traitors.
    The Republicans, many now Republicans In Name Only. RINO’s.

    A new Party, the ones who speak out now, to arise from the ashes?



    • Lindsay Graham has put for $500,000 to Trump’s fighting fund. A great gesture but it might not be needed –look at the video link I put on the main thread under one of Kea’s comments. It says, if you believe the guy, that there has been a major sting operation put in place by Trump. They used some fancy block chain type software in a “watermark” on legitimate voting forms. So if true it will blow the whole scam sky high!!



      • I have been sought of aware of that water mark talk.
        Just not sure how it can be done in a federal context, when it is the states that set up organize, run the election, ;and do the counting.
        Even if disputed then through State Judges. which are often Party hacks.

        If all true, then the sound of bodies falling will deafening. 🙂

        Will look a bit more later into it.
        It could be a way of pressuring some to turn, and be a “whistle blower”, and once some exposure is done, hopefully the whole lid pops off.



        • I understand your reservations because I thought the same thing but Trump has known about the potential for this fraud for a long time and he does not seem to be the sort of guy who would not try to find a solution and a sting seems “right up his alley”
          Also his lawyers said early in the week they would have it all sorted by the end of the week or soon after. I never really understood that but this fits in with that prediction. The guy on video said a large number of National Guard people had been sent out to 12 states (?) to start making arrests. Maybe they are waiting for this before they go public. Also they probably had to let the fraud be “visible” or known by the public as well as let the Democrats walk into the trap by continuing to find ballots.
          But who knows??



  4. I thought at first it was just Trump was a sore loser. However, I consider Senator Graham and Cruz both pretty reasonable people and they are very concerned about voter fraud and from what I have seen there appears to be some.

    We had postal votes here. Does anyone know if they had to be received before the polls closed on 17 Oct?



  5. Early voting and mail in voting is what the left want. Even here in NZ I wouldn’t trust Labour any more. The left want to win at all costs and by foul means or fair. MMP helps the left as well.
    We’re doomed !



    • What is the process to prevent someone voting more than once here?

      I could go to an early voting place, present my quick voting card, the scrutineer crossed of my name in the roll, and I vote.

      If I go to a different voting place and do the same thing, who checks that the same name hasn’t been crossed of in another roll book somewhere else?



  6. If anyone thinks that america has this on its own think again.
    Thios election we had voting booths in malls which is fine but, they were energised by people who could go into the booth, regiuster as a citizen and vote.
    No prequalifications at all.
    How many illegal votes are among that?
    and you all worry about internet voting.



    • In order to vote you need to be a nz citizen or nz resident and be enrolled.

      In order to enrol you need either a verified RealMe account, a nz passport or a nz drivers licence.

      I don’t believe you need to be a resident to get a nz drivers licence, certainly I can’t see anything obvious on nzta website.

      So I have emailed officials asking them how they ensure that someone enrolling with a drivers licence only is a nz citizen or resident. Further I asked them how they make sure someone who enrolled with a drivers licence hasn’t been out of the country for the last 3 years (which makes them ineligible to vote)

      UODATE: I downloaded the enrollment form and they didn’t ask for ANY form of id to be supplied. WTF!



  7. Just talking with a friend. Born and raised under communism.

    She said this is a communist revolution led by fake white leftists. Who promise something for nothing to the lazy. She loathes Ardern and likes Trump.

    Made my day. 👍😃



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