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Elon Musk is Right




Elon Musk is Right

By Alicia Colon
Elon Musk is presently the richest man in the world. He may also be the smartest. In an interview with the British prime minister, Musk warned about the dangers of AI (artificial intelligence). He said, “There will come a point when no job is needed – you can have a job if you want for personal satisfaction, but the AI will be able to do everything.” Breitbart.com has added a new category to its menu: AI danger.
Here you can read some of what Musk has concluded: Google has replaced its ad sales employees with AI An L.A.-based company, Channel 1, claims it will become the first news network to utilize AIgenerated news anchors starting next year H&R Block launches AI Tax Filing assistant Wendy’s is implementing AI powered by Google to take customers’ drive-thru orders- (actually , this may be a good thing, based on my disappointing experience.) Elon Musk may be a technological genius and he understands the dire consequences of a world consumed with how easily artificial creations can duplicate human labor. But AI can be even more devastating to our lives right now due to our ignorance of its potential to create a world of fake images. The images of celebrities are presently being used to perpetrate fraudulent advertising that will allow access to customers’ data and bank accounts. Video ads showing Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Garner giving away cookware and deluxe mixers free of charge except for a small shipping fee are all fake.
In addition, internet ads show Elon Musk inventing all kinds of devices such as small heaters, electrical plugins and mosquito killers and offering them for only that same small shipping charge. Yesterday, I saw one with Musk promoting a weight loss product) I admit to being just as ignorant and one time even falling for these scams because I hadn’t yet known that AI had been implemented with realistic videos. I had become good at recognizing when a picture had been manipulated by Adobe’s Photoshop program but this was quite different. At this very moment, it is obvious that one can no longer trust one’s eyes even when looking at a site that one has been visiting without any previous problems in the past, such as Instagram and Facebook. AI can replace any face on a subject with one of a celebrity and completely change the expression on their faces.
Naturally, the Trump-deranged Democrats will be using AI to plant negative fake images of Trump and others to influence the 2024 presidential election. It appears this is already happening. I’ve just watched such image that was an attack on our former president. Several real videos that I saw were distorted and showed the persons, including Melania Trump, standing next to Trump making weird faces as if they smelled something awful. After all the fake videos aired, the narrator intoned seriously, “Is this who we want for president?”
But I watched his inauguration and Melania certainly did not have anything but an adoring and proud expression as she watched her husband assume the presidency. Now Trump fart compilation videos are all over YouTube, and “Trump stinks” has been trending on Twitter for days. How sophomoric. But it’s typical of the classless leftist agenda. I wonder if the Generation Z people residing on the pages of TikTok know that once their images are online, their voices, mannerisms, faces and gestures can be inserted into situations that might be considered illegal. They are also now owned by China. This situation has been included in the Breitbart AI danger page: “Crooks and scammers are having a field day thanks to the advent of AI technologies used for cloning voices and extracting personal information from social media platforms. Cybercriminals are using AI to create convincing copies of young people’s voices, which are used to power “grandparent scams” targeting elderly relatives….This development is particularly alarming in the context of the notorious “grandparent scam.” In its original form, this scam involved fraudsters calling elderly individuals, impersonating their grandchildren, and making urgent requests for money to cover emergencies like bail or car repairs. The scam’s ef ectiveness was often limited by the scammer’s ability to convincingly impersonate a family member. Scammers often resort to claiming to have a cold to account for the dif erence in their voice.”
What I’ve concluded from what I’ve learned of AI’s capabilities is that nothing can be trusted unless it’s on a live feed. AI can make false words come out of one’s mouth. It can add the head of a celebrity to any moving image. It can create fake humans and have them say anything it’s programmed to. We haven’t reached the level of the Hollywood disaster films starring rogue robots and cyborgs, but it is now a possibility. More than 50 years ago, I visited Disneyland in Anaheim, and one of the amazing features was watching an animatronic Abraham Lincoln walk onto the stage to say the Gettysburg address and other speeches. This amazing faux Lincoln sat down on a chair and gestured perfectly as any human would. Naturally, Hollywood came up with the film, Stepford Wives, which was about wealthy men trading in their human wives for submissive and perfect cyborgs. Farfetched then, but not so unbelievable now. Asian manufacturers have made a fortune selling realistic sex dolls that eliminate the need for real women. Considering that so many men are turned off by the screaming Karens and harpies masquerading as real women, it’s no wonder that sales for these substitutes are booming. We now live in an age of total deceit, dishonesty and hypocrisy, and while escaping to a world outside the grid is an option, the other choice is to understand how we got here in the first place. We really need to pay attention to who’s behind this corruption. Its no longer wise to have the attitude of, “I don’t want to get involved in politics,” because who gets put in Congress is spearheading and funding most of these progressive changes.
Elon Musk, an independent voter, recommended on Twitter last year, for his readers to vote Republican, because Democrats “have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them.” As I mentioned in my headline, Elon Musk is right.
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  1. KEA, To be fair an electric car made in some back alley slum in Shanghai would be better designed than the cam gear on an Audi V8 ,I’ve had personal experience with the horrifically designed POS , if my memory serves me right the abortion of a thing has 5 seperate cam chains where a well designed engine could get away with 1 or 2, don’t under any circumstances buy a European car unless you can afford to update new every 2 or 3 years and sustain serious financial losses every time you do..



      • A friend of mine in Japan (he was a man of means and a great deal of common sense) wanted to buy a Mercedes convertible, some 30 years ago.
        A little background. In those days of the 90s, electronic toll paying was still a way off. When paying the toll, you would pull up to the tollbooth window (on the driver’s side). This meant that owning a “foreign car” (German, Italian, American or English) was a pain, since these were ALL left-hand drive (even the Jaguars and Bentleys) because they were FOREIGN cars.
        My friend ordered a right-hand drive Mercedes, and met a lot of resistance from the sales agent, due to their fear that this would harm the “foreign car status” (all foreign cars are left-hand drive, remember…)
        My friend persisted, and 30 years later he still enjoys the same Mercedes convertible. (He did have some trouble with the air conditioning and electrics early on, but fixed the problem by throwing money at it.)



    • 2006
      Me: So lets get this right you replaced the cambelt on my Toyota Curren 5 years ago for $250 to $280. But the Audi A4 is est at $1100 to $1200. Why is that. Inflation has not been that big.

      Rhys the trusty mechanic : Well Toyota make the car so things that need to be got at can be got at. Audi and Germans put things in awkward places where you have to pull out lots of bits before you get tot he real offender bit. That’s Germans for you
      Me: OK, Don’t replace the cambelt.

      Next step. Trade in audi and buy marvelous new Toyota (except for 4 recalls in the next eight years; one to be fair Toyota lied about the sticking accelerator pedal, one was Takata airbags.)

      Not a perfect world.
      There has bee a sinking lid on Germany for 30 years.
      Mmmmm. Coincides with reunification. And the ascent of Merkel from East Germany.
      German appliances now are crqp. They to a degree degraded their own products to avoid moving manufacturing to China, to compete. Now in a spiral.

      The yanks are bagging them constantly and have attacked them economically a number of times in last 20 years.
      $7 billion fine to Deutschebank for doing what he yanks initiated and did leading to the GFC.
      Big hit on Volkswagen over fiddling air quality standards when US corporate cheating is world class and ‘how to cheat’ is now half an MBA course. Ask Chris Liddell.
      And Bayer bought Mon-satan-o . Just Why. WTF!
      Who the hell will be hit first in a war with Russia with all the US b@.mbs and war bases in Germany, 80 years after WW2.

      The Turkish labour helped Germany in its recovery. The people from further south, ah yeah, not so much.
      Their spirit is broken.
      They rejected nuclear power but UK with it next door in France, wall to wall.
      The nordstream was blown up by the very party that wants to sell them CNG transported on diesel (German invention) run ships.

      Their spirit is broken.
      Who runs USA and who wants to break Germany ?



  2. Elon Musk is conman. Space X has only got to very low earth orbit. Something the USSR did in the 1950’s and it has stalled there. It is funded by tax dollars, same as the private contractors were for the Apollo program. Tesla cars are junk and are rapidly falling behind other EV makers in their tech. Musk’s talent is milking green subsidies and sucking in low information pretentious people to invest in his start up scams. His various other companies, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, Solarcity etc are all money pit scams.

    I do support his free speech stance but everything else is bullshit. Check out Thunderfoot, Common Sense Sceptic, and other YouTube channels for detailed breakdowns of his lies.

    Don’t believe me? Awesome. Put everything you’ve got into Tesla stock.



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