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Email phishing scam targeting ANZ customers, remain vigilant with email fraud




ANZ has warned people to be careful after a fraudulent phishing scam targeted Australian customers via email inboxes.

The scam operates by accurately mirroring the official ANZ online banking website and their branding, tricking customers into divulging their security details such as their username, password, and answers to identity questions

The email sender is shown as “ANZ” with the subject: “Successful BPAY Payment Advice”, according to the NZ Herald.

The scam lures in unwitting individuals with a notification that a user-requested BPAY payment has been unsuccessful. The email includes a fake customer code, payment amount and payment date to provide a sense of legitimacy.

The email claims an attempt has been made to set up $2542.75 as a monthly payment. Recipients who click on the “view transaction history and provide detail” link are taken to a phony login page asking for their username, password, and security answers.

The scam exploits the common expectation that well-established banks will notify their clients regarding any dubious account activity.

The banking company advises its customers to take note that ANZ never sends emails requesting security credentials.

Garnering personal credentials means the cyber-criminals behind the scam can break into the bank accounts of unwitting recipients.

Although the scam is targeted at Australian ANZ customers, its online nature means it could potentially hit unaware New Zealanders.

ANZ is the country’s biggest bank. I am sure many of you are clients, so be warned. If you have elderly family members, look out for them. Get involved in warning them about the scams being perpetuated upon unwary clients of these banks.

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  1. There are so many of these types of emails out.
    Why doesn’t the Commerce Commission order that ISPs block any incoming email address that sends this stuff.
    It would save us all a lot of wasted time and stress.



    • …..”ISPs block any incoming email address that sends this stuff.”…..

      They’re too busy monitoring emails that suggest it’s okay to be white or say something unkind about Cindy!



      • I have been receiving the blackmail email messages regarding posting pictures of me supposedly masturbating and requiring bitcoin.

        My provider doesn’t/can’t even filter those out. I can imagine they are very distressing messages for some people.

        Such awful people out there messing with peoples day to day stuff.

        Those of us who are pure of mind, and body, ;), have nothing to fear from such slurs on our character lol.



  2. My elderly parents are basically past using technology and will not have on-line banking. They used to be very astute but even dear old dad was caught by the ‘windows scam’ even though we had warned him. The only amusing part is the thought of the scammer frustratingly working hard over several hours trying to get dad to carry out instructions he didn’t understand, and then finding there were no on-line banking links to scam!



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