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Emirates Team New Zealand Launch ‘Te Rehutai’




From the Maori dictionary


te  (determiner) the (singular) – used when referring to a particular individual or thing.

rehutai (noun) sea spray.

Taiaha Hawke from Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei explained the significance of the name:

“Te Rehutai: Where the essence of the ocean invigorates and energises our strength and determination.”

Talk about taking the piss. The Maori dictionary says it means Seaspray.

On which planet can you get the jumble of crap spoken by Taiaha Hawke above?

Can this be a precursor of what they will want to call New Zealand?


1. (location) North Island – now used as the Māori name for New Zealand.

I guess they will say it means something like:

“Land of the lost tribe of natives living in the glory of saint Cindy under the Red star of China”



  1. “Adventures of the Sea spray”
    Now that was a great tv journey memory of yesteryear circa 1960’s.
    Many will recall the Willyum who many will now say was “colonized”.

    Leone Lesinawai, who played Willyum in the series, was the owner of the Seaspray ship that was featured in the series.
    He leased the boat to the filming company and got the supporting part of Willyum.


    But it was a feel good, one, not that I recall the episodes so much, but I guess it was sort of good defeating evil, with less agendas in play.



    • https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0163430/?ref_=ttep_ep_tt
      Rates 8.7 on IMDB which is ptretty high.
      From only 57 votes but it was 1965 to 1967 decades before IMDB started.

      “The story centred on widowed journalist Dan Wells, who is sailing the Pacific with on his 25-metre schooner “Seaspray”, with his three children Mike, Noah and Sue, assisted by their Fijian crewman.”

      They did actually sail around the Pacific to film on site.
      Not a bad bit of escapism.



      • Thanks howitis.
        Good escapism and dreams when a child.

        Next stage:-
        There was a more modernized voyaging version, that I made a point of watching, made this century I believe on NZ tv.
        Just can not seem to find it, or get the right name of that tv series.
        Sort of lifestyle, documentary, do it yourselfer, independent, traveller with yacht at some stages.
        Just can not get the correct key words to search on.

        Based on Albee or is it Alby? Australian?
        Around Australia, and further up in the tropics.
        Sometimes a girl friend, though it seemed that few could stick with it.
        He did fly in NZ, delivering small planes near end of those travels.
        Really had a style of “Men Going Their Own Way”, 🙂
        Like his dream of getting married, having kids, but on his block of land, the wife would have one house, and he had his house up out the back.

        Would enjoy doing a refresh on his escapades and adventures. 🙂
        Probably not via google, as “albee” would be far from politically correct these days.



          • Thanks nasska,
            Not the guy, but maybe take a view or 2. later.
            To be carving their own way, weighing up, and taking their risks, to do or die.
            Makes very different reasons, to get to the right surviving answers, that they have to live with.

            The timing of the tv series, pre my computerization, was during a hot summer afternoon, and had come in for cuppa, and rested up.
            Intrigued, as he just called out how he saw things, like Barry Crump, to what suited a guy, yet more than ok with a gal, so long as they did not geld him.

            No tv now for years. and even the links through or the occasional glimpse is to see too much of those woman putting rubber rings on males around.



  2. I trust they will glue in the mast this time.

    ‘That was your responsibility’
    ‘No, I thought it was yours.’
    ‘Oh, Craaaaap!! ‘

    For $300 million of taxpayers and ratepayers money I guess someone might get entertained.



  3. Fricking Amazing they name the F——-G thing after the very thing they’ve spent tens of millions of our dollars trying to rise above, fuck the bunch of woke prima donnas, these arseholes spend more of our money on their flash gordon racing suits than a lot of Kiwis spend buying their cars.



  4. I heard some woman on the radio talking about what an “Amazing gift” this name is…(Though I suspect someone got paid some $$ koha for it)
    Why is the name ‘Sea Spray’ such a fucking amazing gift??
    There must have been at least a gazillion yachts called Sea Spray over the years…



    • Third of a Billion buck$ of taxpayer and ratepayer money.
      Could have built over half a national stadium for that.
      I am sick of millionaire ‘sportsmen’ getting large taxpayer handouts

      At those amounts one has to wonder if there are kickbacks going to the ‘authorising party’?
      …just as one surely has to question over the PGF – Provincial Growth Fund.
      There had to be kickbacks nested in there.



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