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“End of Globalization”




Bank of America says that one of the dominant trends for the 2020s will be the “end of globalization” as countries increasingly realize that the phenomenon has brought unsustainable “social disruption.”

Paul Joseph Watson

In a report mapping out what to expect over the next decade, BofA analysts said that largely unchecked globalization, which ran roughly from 1981-2016, “is coming to an end.”

This change will take place due to “the widespread recognition that while globalization has meant lower consumer prices, it has also meant slower growth, precarious employment and social disruption.”

This massive shift will make commodities like precious metals and real estate safer investment because governments will move to impose protectionist economic policies.

“Countries will develop explicit national industrial policies and boost spending on R&D to foster local innovation, protect nascent industries, and shield national champions from hostile foreign takeovers,” the analysts said.

The transhumanist pursuit of “immortality” will also come to the fore in the next decade, as will a new tech arms race between the U.S. and China, dubbed the “Splinternet.”

China will eventually win the race, allowing Beijing “to reach national superiority in technology over the long term vis-a-vis Quantum Computing, Big Data, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, Robotics, and Cybersecurity.”

“Ubiquitous connectivity” will also change the fabric of society, according to the report, with the ‘Internet of things’ embedded into virtually every new physical product, a development that critics argue will create an omnipresent Minority Report-style mass surveillance grid.

Although the forecast is full of trepidation, the fact that globalism is coming to an end and that we will begin to see the possible reversal of mass immigration should offer hope for many on the right.

Not before time. Give the lefties an inch and they think they have won. Now watch the wailing from the woke and entitled in society when they realise the pendulum is swinging back to where it should be. All good for elections here and the US next year.


  1. Given that BofA is one of those organisations with an interest in ‘globalisation’ , their report should be treated with some caution, since there is more than one way to skin a cat. The intention always remain, it’s merely the methods that will change.



  2. The – internet of things – is why they want to impose 5G.

    The manufacturers want it to gather customer data and the government to subjugate you.

    Due to its miserably short range, 5G is inferior to what we have now, especially if your life is not confined to a filthy crowded city.



  3. i think there is a difference between “globilisation” and “globalism”. The former is what I would call the growth of international trade, something that has been going on for hundreds of years. Nothing wrong with that.

    The latter –globalism, is the leftie ideals for open borders, agenda 21, , EU/UN type structures, big government in general. This is pushed along by the multi nationals and big banks because it suits their anti competitive business models.



  4. Steve Turley has a view on the end of globalism, and how nationalism is rebounding:
    The 2010s Were the END of the Globalist ELITES; how’s that for a new years gift?!? That’s right, we’re going to look at precisely why we’ve just experienced the last and final decade of the rule of globalist elites, and we’re going to survey what the conservative British writer James Delingpole sees as the key events of the last decade that signal nothing less than the end of our ruling elite…




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