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“Environmental Racism,”




WTF is this? According to that ding-bat, US Senator Elizabeth Warren, “environmental racism,” is the concept that climate change disproportionately affects minority communities.

Dumb and dumber

Warren’s plan would invest $1.5 trillion in technologies and job training programs designed to address global warming. The funds will be disproportionately allocated to impoverished communities, which, Warren argues, will suffer immediate economic disruption due to climate change.

“Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long,” the new plan states. “It is the result of multiple choices that put corporate profits before people, while our government looked the other way. It is unacceptable, and it must change.”

The details of the plan include proposals for retraining workers in fossil fuel industries, such as coal miners and oil rig workers, for jobs considered to be more environmentally friendly. “Workers should not be forced to make an impossible choice between fossil fuel industry jobs with superior wages and benefits and green economy jobs that pay far less,” the plan states.

Warren is leading the Democratic primary field in polling, ahead of Joe Biden by a slim margin.

With such a poor choice of candidates coming forward from the Democratic Party, I cannot see Trump not getting another 4 years. This would enable him to clean out the swamp once and for all.

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  1. She also said she would get the US taxpayer to cover the cost of “gender reassignment” – for f*cking prisoners including illegal aliens! These are contenders for the President? I worry not- there ain’t NO way she would bag the Electoral College. She is despised in “flyover country” which is chock full of patriotic, flag-waving, gun owning, red-blooded Americans. Trump is going to wipe the floor with any of these Dem traitors. Let the beatings commence 🙂 What a political year it will be in 2020 both here and in the US.



  2. KB has a thread telling of the announcement that Rodd Carr has been appointed as the Climate Commissioner.
    Almost all the comments (48 when I looked) are scathing of the whole AGW scam. I can recall 4-5 years ago being one of a just a few posters on KB who argued against it. It is amazing how many people have woken up to the BS since and more importantly are now not scared to voice their opinion. I really do not think the Wellington “bubble ” understand this change despite the school kids strike etc.
    If Act came out strongly next year saying they do not agree with the AGW BS then I think they would gain far mores (they may lose a few). I will not hold my breath that they will do it. I know we cannot expect National to take the stand –Bridges is well entrenched in the issue.



      • That probably had quite a bit to do with it Maggy, but I also believe a lot of people have been motivated to look into the issue for themselves in recent years and their views against the AGW issue has hardened because of it.



      • Maggy
        I should have added that your mate Dennis, with his outlandish comments would have helped motivate people to learn more as well the fact that it has become much clearer over that time, that money has much more to do with the issue than any science.



        • I only went on KB to find out if anyone knew why Jim Salinger and NIWA had made such a big deal out of revealing how they had calculated NZ Temp Record.

          I hung around after I started getting nasty abuse, trying to figure out :
          1. Why anyone would be bothered with abusing me,
          2. why DPF did bugger-all about it.

          I didn’t even know any of the climate-change blogs until Griff started telling me not to go to certain sites…which of course I did – saved me hours searching through the Scientific literature.



            • I’m aware of them in relation to papers with Willie Soon on Arctic Ice and NH Snow levels…. using historical records to show natural variation/cycles .

              I’m not really able to give a positive opinion on their view of atmospheric physics wrt global warming… apart from thinking that any holistic explanation of Earth’s atmosphere and climate needs to take oceans into account..

              But Unless they’ve refined their theory ..I think they’ve lost the plot with a concept like pervection (mechanical energy transmitted through the atmosphere) and an undiscovered phase-change.

              (or in the words of hubby… are they taking the piss?)



    • Agreed. Guns and climate change B/S could be two vote winners for ACT provided they do not claim climate change doesn’t exist. Climate change is very real but it is not caused by humans or by CO2 and the only thing we can do is to prepare for it.



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