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Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims

Pieve di Cento is a town of 7,000 inhabitants near Bologna, Italy.

Recently the town leaders decided to cover Christian symbols in the local cemetery so as not to offend Muslim migrants. The debate in the town is still ongoing and the mayor now understands he may have made a blunder.

They should be ashamed of such weak actions. Where will it end?

UK Paper: Asking Muslim Nurses to Put Hygiene Ahead of Hijab is “Bullying”

Infections are a major cause of patient death in hospitals and medical facilities. That’s why if you enter a hospital, the odds are good that you will shortly encounter soap dispensers and signs urging staff to make sure to keep their hands clean.

The NHS in the UK has long grappled with the problem of Muslim nurses choosing hijabs and purdah clothing rules over patient safety and welfare.

Now The Independent, a British left-wing paper, claims that expecting Muslim nurses to put patients over sharia is bullying.

“A recent study has suggested that some Muslim female healthcare professionals experience bullying and harassment in the workplace over covering their heads and forearms in surgery. “

Asking nurses to follow patient safety rules isn’t bullying.

Although the original 2007 guidance published by the Department of Health on uniforms and work wear became known as the “bare below the elbows guidance”, made famous in 2011 when a surgeon interrupted David Cameron’s hospital visit by asking him to roll up his sleeves, it is important to note that the guidance is actually about ensuring hand hygiene.

The guidance was updated in 2010 and included recommendations to make dress code policies more sensitive to the obligations of Muslims and other faith groups whilst still maintaining equivalent standards of hygiene.

This is what happens when Sharia enters the workplace. Patient safety is compromised to ensure compliance with Islamic law.


    • I was going to say that I hoped this would be accompanied by all the immigrant Muslim women removing their veils and hijabs because of the offence they cause non-Muslims, then I read your comment and realised you are right.



    • I posted this on KB..
      The depravity that Islamic Extremists go to has seldom been seen in humanity’s history. Children used as suicide bombers, pregnant woman, and then the atrocities committed by ISIS reinforce the opinion that the only way to solve this problem is to exterminate these terrorists and their supporters, and to push back against the version of their religion that legitimises this type of barbarism. This is a total war, between the norms and customs of the West verse the Barbarism of Islamic Extremism. There can be no appeasement, take note, Jacinda.



  1. The Mayor may have made a blunder? Italians who don’t like Immigration will sort out this blunder…

    Quotes from https://www.rt.com/news/456057-italy-church-hides-crosses-offends/

    Right-wing and Catholic politicians were quick to denounce the move. Forza Italia (Forward Italy) deputy Galeazzo Bignami said that “If the administrators are ashamed of our tradition and our culture, they should go and hide themselves and not just behind a motorized tent.”

    Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) leader and immigration hardliner Giorgia Meloni blamed the local council for the cover-up “With the excuse of respect for others, they lack respect for our Catholic culture and our traditions,” she said. “Now the Left is beyond fanaticism. This is ideological delirium.”



  2. As a patient in NZ., I can ask that any nurse, orderly, visitor or Doctor to wash their hands. Having had major surgery in the past few years, shared a ward with a patient who had come down with a major infection requiring a constant intravenous drips, and it would take a few weeks.
    Doctors giving warnings to us patients to be very careful, to keep ourselves clean, and not risk infection. Though at that time I only first noticed the hygiene sign when being wheeled into surgery, but afterward was for my own health very observant of it for the staff, and myself and even regarding other patients in the ward.

    “But what we want to impress on patients, is that they can speak up and ask our staff if they have washed their hands appropriately before touching them. We know this is not easy for people to do, but patients have the right to speak up and we encourage them to exercise that right.” https://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/article/undoctored/why-patient-safety-week-so-important

    So it is there and it needs a quiet but outspoken movement of patients insisting on seeing health staff to not only wash up, but their fore arms. Just keep them washing until you are satisfied or senior or management comes to supervise to the standard required. 🙂

    The initiative also encourages patients and their loved ones to ask their healthcare team to clean their hands if they don’t see them do so before providing care .

    “We know that patients can feel hesitant to speak up, but they are important members of the health care team and should expect clean hands from providers,” said Arjun Srinivasan, M.D., CDC’s associate director for healthcare-associated infection prevention programs. “We know that healthcare providers want the best for their patients, so we want to remind them that the simple step of cleaning their hands protects their patients.”

    So as patients, we can enforce and get them to comply.
    We need to start now!!, as that is the best, to get best practice, and the hospitals then understand that we mean business, before staff is being swamped with non complying muslims.



    • Difficult as it may be, patients have the right to call for medical staff to practice hygiene in front of them! For me it has became automatic practice even when visiting a patient, and noting the interaction of patients, their visitors and most certainly medical staff.

      In this area we have the rights!, and I know the difficulties, and the fear of the certain staff getting their own back in other ways. That happened in my first hospital stay, as being on an intravenous drip, and then realizing that one of the nurses, seemed to be very fast, in the regular check of me, in other words not flushing the lines, during changes of the fluids, super fast blood pressure checks etc.. Very disconcerting, when we are at our weakest. I did bring to the attention of another nurse, and then to a Dr.. Never saw that nurse again, so I do not know what actually did happen. Now I am more aware of things, time to think and reflect, and so I feel that with knowledge we can push back.
      Keep a notebook, of Doctors, and anything for questions, and noting days and times.

      It is a crazy world, and we need to know things, so the balance of power can change, if we use it.



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