Europe revolts.




People have had enough of the green hysteria of the global elites.

From the Netherlands to Sri Lanka, people have had enough of the elite’s green hysteria.

Turmoil in Holland, Italy looking to change government, UK government falling apart. Exciting times

The more multinationalism grows. The smaller the individual gets. The people become blinded to disrespect the great individual for an inferior global government.

If police were opening fire on protesters in a European nation, we would have heard about it, right? If there was a mass uprising of working people in a European Union country, taking to the streets in their thousands to cause disruption to roads, airports and parliament itself, it would be getting a lot of media coverage in the UK, wouldn’t it?

The radical left would surely say something, too, given its claims to support ordinary people against The System. Cops shooting at working men and women whose only crime is that they pounded the streets to demand fairness and justice? There would be solidarity demos in the UK, for sure.



  1. Boris was kicked out in a move by the establishment to crush the choice of the people, and reassert full control over the plebs. How dare they vote Brexit. The backlash against the globalist traitors will be vicious.



  2. A similar uprising here at that Wellington shithole was Dammed and ridiculed by the Ardern MSM and taken over by violent gang members ,the great majority of stupid NZrs were joyous when plod moved in to smash the protest but it scared the absolute crap out of the Government especially the piglet Ardern so for that reason alone it was a fantastic success IMHO..



    • …. the great majority of stupid NZrs were joyous ….

      The work of cracking open the lid has started.
      The stench of something is being questioned, so the stinking air from that rotten can of worms can be smelt by more people.
      The putrid smoke of the genie is coming out of the bottle, and it can not be put back.

      Slowly more kiwis are questioning & saying “open it further” as “sun light is the best disinfectant !”

      So many questions, issues, corruption that Ardern gives confidence in.
      We need to keep exposing & picking them off, so that many more people have “No Confidence” in her.
      Run, Ardern and her government; but they can not hide.



  3. To me it seems there is a connection to asylum seekers as a part of the UN-WEF Global Migration Pact, that New Zealand under Winston Peters signed up to..
    It will be when they can figure they can plug New Zealand fully in on it.
    Will it be below the radar, downplayed by NZ media?

    ….. The Netherlands’ government is reportedly planning to confiscate farms from Dutch farmers and use the expropriated agricultural land for asylum seekers, according to leaked documents.

    Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders released a bombshell letter showing the government wants to use the confiscated farmland for asylum centers. …..

    Are they to be new voters in usual conservative areas? to support WEF Prime Minister Rutte?

    Unfortunately I can not read Dutch in the Geert Wilders’ tweet of the documents that have come to light.
    It seems for me difficult to find an English version and so to be more accurate in understanding much about those documents.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    This gives some perspective of just how long the Farmers fight has been going on from this gig for Geert Wilders in 2019

    Wilders supports Dutch Farmers in their fight against environmental demands government.
    4 mins 52 secs : 17th October 2019 : English subtitles

    ….. “But I say one thing;— Keep coming. Keep protesting,
    Never mind Rutte & Grapperhaus … [Ardern, Luxon, Seymour]
    Because as soon as you leave your tractor and everything at home,
    [then] nothing will change in the Hague … [Wellington]
    So keep on coming, We will try to help you. Every day again.

    Almost 3 years ago, but seems so apt today, if not prophetic.
    Keep at it, do not relent ! ! ! 🙂



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