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European elections 2019: Key points at a glance




The Brexit Party was the clear winner, but the Lib Dems and the Green Party also made significant gains.

The Conservatives have come in fifth place, with less than 10% of the vote.

Voting took place against a backdrop of paralysis at Westminster over Brexit, and the two biggest parties – Conservatives and Labour – had been damaged by their various contortions on the issue. 

They were beaten by rivals – on both the Leave and Remain sides – who offered clarity while they have tried to find nuanced ways through, she added. 

Polling expert Sir John Curtice said the results demonstrated how polarised the country was on Brexit – and how evenly support is split between Remain and Leave.

Tory leadership: Johnson says party on ‘final warning’

Boris Johnson, the front-runner in the Tory leadership race, has said the party risks being “dismissed” if it does not deliver Brexit. He said voters in the EU election issued a “crushing rebuke” to the Conservatives.

Fellow candidate, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, said the party faces an “existential risk” over Brexit. 

Eight candidates have declared they are standing for leader, after Theresa May said she would resign.

Mr Johnson said voters had issued the party with a “final warning” as the Tories came fourth in Hillingdon, where he is an MP, and the Brexit Party emerged with the largest number of MEPs overall.

Senior Labour figures have called for an urgent change in the party’s Brexit policy after “disastrous” EU election results.

As Labour fell to third place, deputy leader Tom Watson said: “We need a change of direction urgently.”

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said Labour should now campaign to remain in the EU.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party would “bring our divided country together”.

With some results still to declare, Labour was on course for less than 15% of the vote – worse than the party’s previous low in 2009.

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  1. Take note National. All the pissed off voters are fleeing the old parties to a new one. One that wasn’t even there seven weeks ago. Unless you listen to mainstream NZ and change your ways, you will not have a shit show of being govt next year.



  2. It was great to see the Brexit Party do so well, but it should be noted that there was only about a 37% turnout in the UK. So those trying to spin there is an even split between leave and remain are putting on a brave face on it in my view. If they had a second referendum the remainers would be smashed –the Brexit Party got a couple of seats in London, the heartland for remainers.
    Similarly the average turnout over the EU was 51% ( up on 2014 by 8% points) –this indicates to me that EU voters do not think much of the EU Parliament and rightly so as it does not have much power. The real power resides with the bureaucrats.
    The rise in the Green vote in many countries should be viewed a little bit sceptically, in my view, because the Greens are good organisers and would get their supporters out to vote more so than other parties. So with a higher turnout the share would not necessarily increase proportionately.
    BTW. I read where the head of UKIP lost his seat –he was viewed as a good guy but no where near as charismatic as Farage.



  3. Things are changing quickly.
    Remember that the French Pleat Skirt wearing Macron was a Nobody on the political scene 2 years before he jumped in to President.
    Prior to that, long apprenticeships were served.
    The push through in France accompanied by 6 months of yellow vest protest every weekend -including in the heart of winter -has seen a strong objection to recent Macron policies and direction.
    Marine Le Pen has captured this well.
    It will remains a question of whether it holds or even spreads.

    People generally dislike bullies even if they don’t -or are not even in the position to -stand up to them.
    Across Europe the people will have seen the EU dictatorial approach and anti democracy moves by EU against the UK.
    It was straight out bullying of UK by the EU Bureaucrats assisted by that evil woman May.
    I think Israel Folau had that vicar’s daughter well pegged. A serious Liar.
    With a secret ballot citizens can express themselves.
    Much of Europe will not like Britain but they see the injustice and some must ask – there by the grace of god go I….

    I would expect next time there will be vote tampering by the elite to move closer to the result they want.
    With no observers!



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