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Excess all-cause Mortality in New Zealand




Why Are People Falling Ill and Dying in Record Numbers?

By Guy Hatchard

Excess all-cause mortality in New Zealand is running at record levels. About 100 people are dying each day in New Zealand (pop. 5 million).

A few times during the last couple of months, we have asked a key question: what are people dying of?

Ministry of Health data records that about 7 people are dying each day with Covid, but only about a maximum of 3 of these per day because of Covid. That is just 3% of deaths.

Occupancy of ICU beds with Covid hovers around 3-5%. Therefore it is not Covid that is overwhelming our hospitals, so what is?

The Ministry of Health and mainstream media have been talking vaguely
about a bad flu season, but a quick check of the FluTracking website reveals
that the 2022 flu season is not even as bad as 2019.

My plumber called in on a job last week and complained about staff falling ill continuously. Sick leave among teachers is up by 80%. The newspapers are also reporting kiwi businesses are closing because of staff shortages exacerbated by ‘winter illness’, but as the incidence flu is not that high what could be going on?

An in depth article in Stuff this morning contains an important hint:

Te Whatu Ora Taranaki hospital emergency department clinical nurse manager Therese Manning said, while there had not been much change to the number of presentations to ED in the last five years, the acuity of the patients is higher.

This means we are seeing patients presenting with more severe illnesses and injuries…So there are more patients that need to be seen within 10 minutes of arriving….This demonstrates patients are more unwell and therefore likely to stay in hospital longer”.

Acute presentations at ED are increasing, but what are they ill with? We aren’t being told and may never be if our health czars are allowed to continue to deny access to information.

This week it has been widely reported (correctly) that six Canadian doctors died suddenly (at least three of them immediately after receiving their mandatory 4th shot), but hospitals refused to release the cause of death or vaccination status citing privacy concerns.

The authorities have vehemently denied that the deaths could be related to mRNA vaccination. See this article for a summary.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but stories about sudden death incidents seem to have dropped off the MSM radar.

Three years ago a sudden unexplained death might have made the headlines, but today if they are reported at all, they only remain on the visible online page for a very short time. You might have missed this one.

Yet as the Taranaki Hospital ED data and the all cause mortality data reveal:

acute illness and sudden death are at an all time high. Life insurance data from the USA paints a similar picture.

So have our newspapers ceased to care or are they, like the hospitals and emergency services, too inundated to cope? Having heavily promoted mRNA vaccination for eighteen months, are they too embarrassed to ask questions?

Not Everyone is Keeping Silent

Professor Shmuel C. Shapira, long time Head of the Israeli Institute of Biological Research, has been speaking out about the failure of the Israeli mRNA Pfizer vaccination programme, describing it as a house of cards about to come tumbling down that will bury us all. He tweeted:

I am not against vaccines, I am against stupidity, false science and management that is not professional and ignores matters-of-fact.”

Dr. Clare Craig, former UK NHS diagnostic pathologist, is also raising her voice. Speaking on GB news she analysed the official German Government data. This shows that 1 in every 5,000 doses causes a serious reaction to Covid vaccines, but it doesn’t stop there.

The German government is never one to shrink from data collection, so they also conducted a survey of more than half a million vaccine recipients and found that 1 in 500 reported a serious reaction after an mRNA dose (more than ten times the underreported official count).

If you are worried that lightly affected Germans are inflating the figures, stop worrying. The definition of a serious adverse reaction requires that a person be hospitalised or suffer a permanently life changing event.

Dr. Craig invited us to step back from the modelling and government guidance about efficacy and safety and consider that Covid data from around the world does not show that mRNA vaccination leads to any reduction in deaths. Most illustrative are comparisons between comparable countries with high and low vaccination rates.

For example Israel with close to 100% vaccinated (and most boosted with four doses) compared to Palestine with just 40% double vaccinated. Israel has 1,204 Covid related deaths per million population and Palestine 1,182 deaths per million population roughly the same. It becomes apparent that mRNA vaccination does not reduce the Covid death rate.

Just remember that analysis of Covid death data does not include rising all-cause deaths unrelated to Covid infection, the evidence points to reduced immunity as a result of mRNA vaccination.

Dr. Craig reported that the general public in the UK are voting with their feet and failing to come in for boosters (and they are stopping bringing in their children for this dangerous jab). Aren’t we all in sympathy? We are waiting for our doctors to speak up and our courts to do the math.

Then we get this shit from the Herald

Our Covid-19 infection rate is declining, but the New Zealand Herald continues to stoke the fear factor.

They lead today with Analysis: Covid-19 now one of NZ’s biggest killers” by ‘Science’ Reporter Jamie Morton. Statisticians are probably laughing into their coffee cups, and school teachers wondering whether to use it as an example of how to misuse statistics.

The Herald reports that Covid is causing 1 in 7 deaths (week ending July 17th). Their greatest fear is that we are becoming indifferent to the ‘dangers’.

Let’s fact check their figures:

The New Zealand Herald: “Fifteen per cent of people are dying from Covid-19, about the same proportion of people who die from ischaemic heart disease, which is currently our single biggest killer” [attributed to epidemiologist Michael Baker]

Fact Check: MISLEADING For people unfamiliar with statistics, this statement could be confounding case death rates with mortality data. Thereby making some naively think Covid is fatal for 15% of people. Less than 0.25% of Covid cases have been associated with a fatality within 28 days of testing over the entire course of the pandemic, and the majority of these deaths are not due to Covid (the Omicron rate is understood to be much lower than this). This is more than 60 times lower than the Herald article erroneously could be seen to convey, and btw heart disease is not our biggest killer, cancer kills more than twice as many people than heart disease. Cases of Covid are also believed to be greatly underreported, further lowering the case mortality rate.

The New Zealand Herald: “For the first time, Covid-19 has probably become the leading cause of death in New Zealand”, [attributed to epidemiologist Michael Baker]

Fact Check: FALSE Causes of death are established over long periods of time than the one week of data referred to by the Herald. Many deaths with Covid are reported over time and are delayed. They are often being entered into government statistics in batches. This causes significant and misleading volatility in daily and weekly data. If you pick one week, as the Herald article has done, you can arrive at false conclusions. The absurdity of this can be established by going back to the Christchurch Mosque massacre. If that week’s data had been taken in isolation, the Herald could have announced terrorism as NZ’s leading cause of death.

The New Zealand Herald: “In two-thirds of cases [of death reported within 28 days of Covid infection], the virus was listed as the underlying cause [by MoH]

Fact Check: MISLEADING Two-thirds of people dying with Covid are over 80 years old, but the life expectancy in New Zealand is 82 years. It is unlikely in this age range that Covid is the predominant cause of death; it is more likely that age and conditions associated with aging are major factors. As the Ministry of Health has not revealed how it is ‘adjusting’ Covid death data. The distribution of deaths by age should lead the Herald to ask questions about the latest Ministry of Health data adjustment.

The New Zealand Herald: “Our excess mortality has increased this year and is now running at 10 per cent above normal and likely to continue while we report daily Covid-19 deaths in the double digits.”

Fact Check: INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION Any analysis of the cause of our high rate of excess deaths will require information about the cause of death by category and a comparison with previous years. Current New Zealand data of this type is not available, but overseas insurance data suggests that high rates of excess all-cause mortality affecting working-age people are not related to Covid.

The New Zealand Herald: “For those most vulnerable Kiwis, being boosted remained crucial, modeler Professor Plank said. It’s much, much better to get your immunity from a vaccine than from getting infected.”

Fact Check: FALSE Studies published recently have found that unvaccinated people have 97.3% long lasting protection from severe Covid following initial infection with any variant, whereas 25% of vaccinated people are vulnerable to reinfection with more severe outcomes. Detailed studies by the German government have found the rate of serious adverse effects from vaccination is somewhere in the range between 1 in 500 to 1 in 5000 vaccination doses. The likelihood of adverse effects increases with each dose and the immune protection decreases into negative territory within weeks of boosting. This suggests that repeated boosters are risky.

At this stage of the pandemic, the public doesn’t need misleading articles like this one. It needs reliable information closely connected to current science publishing and objective data collection.

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  1. Ed

    An interesting article; Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    In respect of the final paragraph’s statement that ‘At this stage of the pandemic, the public doesn’t need misleading articles like this one. It needs reliable information closely connected to current science publishing and objective data collection’.

    As ‘He whom pays the piper, calls the tune’ (and the Hoorald is an enthusiastic partaker of dl’s media fund), it’s bias (and those sorts of articles) are to be expected, and merely serves to reinforce public perceptions about media ‘honesty’, and as a result, the one-time ‘Journal of record’ is now but a faint shadow of it’s former self.



    • . It needs reliable information closely connected to current science publishing and objective data collection’.

      Have they published their opinion on the reported “best science “ that males (humans only) can get pregnant?



  2. Falling ill and dying in record numbers?
    What could be driving this?

    – An aging population
    – A population with a higher proportion of ethnicities that tend to get ill/die younger
    – Restrictions on medical care due to: a) fewer staff, and b) people staying away from doctors/hospitals
    – Restrictions on travel (harder on ethnicities who can’t easily go back to the home country) creating stress
    – Higher levels of stress created by government “health and wellness” policies
    – Unexpected side-effects of the mRNA “vaccine”
    – Unexpected side-effects of the coronavirus mutation (are we up to BA5?)



  3. The American system is set up since 1984 to deliberately allow for the carnage in collateral damage.

    Posted this morning in HYS,

    This reveals the murderous coverup and intentions of the Doctor Fauci, FDA, NIH, CDC, and can MedsafeNZ really say they do not know how the USA operates, then they are negligence and incompetence.
    The same video..
    Hat tip Ross 12 yesterday and Webwrat this morning.
    With the transcript below.

    Same vid here
    7 mins 49 secs :
    Those people who became accomplices thinking they are under an umbrella of Immunity to prosecution may not work, when things are hidden, deceptive, as it is bad faith, totally fraud in NZ.

    However it seems that the USA had set up a legal cover back in 1984 and probably in support of swine flue vaxx in the late 1970’s that was immediately pulled when it was figured there were 50 deaths, and many other debilitating injuries.
    From a comment on the bitchute vid.:—
    Not Scaring people to take the Vax!?!?! is legal?!?!?!?!
    FYI, Not providing “Informed Consent” about Vax injury is THE LAW!!!!
    She said it, telling ppl about potential vax injury will scare them away from the injection.
    Here is the regulation that enables such medical misinformation/lack-of-info to be “legal” to spread:
    FDA said in the Federal Register: “However, although the continued availability of the vaccine may not be in immediate jeopardy,
    any possible doubts,
    whether or not well founded,
    about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.”

    I know this happened in the USA, and so the Federal 1984 law is the ruthless mask to allow for the carnage of collateral damage, with no accountability.

    If New Zealand does not have such law in place, then we may have an angle of further attack to those administrators of health and etc.. negligence & incompetence of a combination of a deceitful, arrogant, ignorance.
    Now we know what we are up against, and the seeds of that were planted deep and 40 years ago. 🙁

    Seems to be one of the reasons that the judiciary system is very difficult to win in.
    In the USA this has to be driven politically and by the people to change the legislation.



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