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The Completely Fraudulent COVID-19 Fatality Timeline: From 40 Million… to 2 Million… to 200,000… to 81,766… to 60,415 Deaths


  1. Yep.
    NZ is not Northern Italy or New York.
    Nor is the USA the same as New York, nor Europe the same as Italy.
    But this is the footage that we keep being shown.

    There was real reason for concern with Cov-19, given the way China reacted to this disease so differently to SARs or Swine flu, and then Iran went off, and then Italy. It certainly wouldn’t be like China to lock down the economy over feelz, so must have been some greater worry over mass deaths. Even though China’s stats are not trustworthy, it appears they no longer believe in hard lock down for whatever reason.
    New cost/benefit analysis? Or they no longer give a fuck now that it is global?

    It appeared genuinely dangerous, and this was the time to look at our border controls/new arrivals and basic measures on how to slow down the spread of the virus within NZ. Oh, and test for it. That is not the same as internally locking down the country hard and universally.
    Cindy’s was all but forced to cancel her sob-fest photo op and rushed to lock us down because the media feed the fear daily and relentlessly.
    Oh, for a moderate and early policy that could have spared this lock down: Go smart, Go early.

    And by now, there is enough to be sceptical of the models the experts were using, or why the very worst case scenarios were latched onto. The estimates used to justify the internal economic lock down were even then the worst possibly outlying hypotheticals
    Going to enjoy the calm analysis AFTER the world peaks and we learn to live with this.
    I think it won’t look good in the eyes of the public around sacrifices on the basis of models alone {climate change anyone?}

    Simon Thornley’s opinion piece on Stuff (a real surprise to see opinion from someone without red hair!) expressed what more than a few were starting to think when stats and reactions to Cov-19 varied even across Europe;
    “Remember swine flu in 2009? Initial estimates of case-fatality rates were about ten times higher than those calculated once the dust had settled. It turned out that swine flu, that year’s killer virus, was no more harmful than seasonal flu.”
    Might not always be the case in every country, but in NZ this certainly seems to be the case.
    Back to work, open up shop.
    Life goes on.



  2. It will be interesting to see the monthly deaths statistics by major region for each country (i.e., Northern Italy, Southern Italy, etc.) and compare 2020 data with figures from previous years. I dare the media to publish this information once it is available. (It might contradict the narrative, and we can’t have that now can we!)

    I won’t hold my breath.



  3. Then we can look at the NZ academics and their alarmist BS. From Auckland University -80,000 deaths if we do not do anything but if we do something we might get away with 10,000. The PM latched onto the 10,000 like limpet, as fact. Then we had 45,000 from the Massey academics.
    Then someone reported in the Guardian said maybe 20. Then the Otago guy saying we maybe the only country to actually get rid of it but 20 million would “succumb” overseas.
    My dart board would provide better predictions than these guys.

    Plus lets not forget that in late February the same NZ Universities were screaming from the hill tops for the Government to exempt the Chinese students from the travel ban



  4. We would do well to keep file copies of the “expert’s” opinions now.

    My best guess is when this is all over & we start picking through the shambles & the bullshit the hyperbole from the learned ones will have been disappeared.



  5. I think this whole fiasco is just a huge glaring example of the fear mentality which has gripped almost all of humanity – fed by the ease of spreading pictures, messages and videos throughout the world in real time through the internet.

    Climate change was the beginning of this…. but there were no actual pictures available of people who had been affected, let alone killed, so the totalitarians and nutjobs had to invent false ‘data’ to spread the fear.

    Even without any actual visible evidence, the anti-humans were able to succeed wildly with the global warming delusion. They were well on the way to destroying human civilisation – but there were still pockets of resistance among sane elements of society.

    Imagine the delight, however, when a previously unknown virus was accidentally released from a Chinese bio warfare lab! Now, by judiciously preventing even our health workers from obtaining the basics like masks and sanitisers and encouraging feelgood madness like ‘hug a Chinaman’, the transnational psycho elite have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, with tons of lovely panic-inducing pictures of people coughing and sneezing their way back into the middle ages! They must be literally having orgasms over this.

    Out of 7.8 BILLION people, a staggering 88 THOUSAND people have died…. OMG we’re all doomed! This is too small a percentage to calculate on a standard phone calculator, but it’s still far better for the global fearmongers than ‘climate change’ isn’t it! I mean, now we have celebrities and sports stars who have felt a bit unwell, so it must be really SERIOUS, right?



  6. This is worth reading, another experts opinion:

    ‘Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease’

    A veteran scholar of epidemiology has warned that the ongoing lockdowns throughout the United States and the rest of the world are almost certainly just prolonging the coronavirus outbreak rather than doing anything to truly mitigate it.




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