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Fact Checkers Say 78% Isn’t ‘A Majority’




GERMANY: 78% of Omicron Patients With Known Vax Status Were Fully Vaxxed, Fact Checkers Say It Isn’t ‘A Majority’

New data shows that 78% of Germans who contracted the Omicron variant with a known vaccine status were fully vaccinated or boosted, much to the chagrin of fact checkers who are now struggling to explain away this unfortunate majority.

National File recently reported on a small sample of data released by the German government which found 96% of those affected by the Omicron variant were “fully vaccinated people,” including triple vaccinated people, while unvaccinated people remained largely unscathed by the newly discovered strain. National File published its article on December 30, 2021, and the Robert Koch Institute claimed this was an error in early 2022.

This week, Germany updated their data. The latest data at the time of reporting shows that over three quarters of Omicron patients whose vaccine status is known were vaccinated.

Now, Facebook’s “fact-checking” opinion bloggers can’t seem to accept the definition of “majority.”

As of January 4, 2022, the Robert Koch Institute now claims it made an error in its original release. It has released more accurate data, and is waiting for more to be compiled.

The latest available data reveals that 78% of individuals who contracted COVID-19 with a known vaccination status were fully vaccinated. This is down from the government’s original estimate of 96%.

This would have meant that 186 people out of the 4,206 had not been vaccinated.

The news was predictably seized upon by Facebook’s fact checking partner Lead Stories, which used its power to denounce the original number and anyone who repeated it, while simultaneously saying that 78% in no way constitutes a majority.

Lead Stories is a “fact-checking” organization Facebook utilizes to offer opinion-based judgements on fact-based articles. Facebook, now Meta, recently admitted this in court to avoid a lawsuit from veteran journalist John Stossel.

As 78 is greater than 51, the team of C+ math students at National File sees fit to judge this as a clear and overwhelming majority. Lead Stories disagrees.

“The number of infections among the unvaccinated had not been updated in the report template from a previous version, listing 186 when the correct tally was 1,097. In some articles that used the RKI report to claim vaccines are not effective against the omicron variant, the percentage of vaccinated patients among infection cases has since been updated to 78.6%,” wrote the supposed “fact checkers” at Lead Stories in an opinion blog post.

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  1. It appears the fact checkers went to the same school as the bus drivers wife Robbo who continues to scream “our Country is in a better place financially than it was before the pandemic”.
    The unfathomable thing is that a majority of NZrs believe the fat bloated prick.



  2. I despise fact checkers as much as the next person but I do think that we have to be careful when looking at these infection rate figures.
    If the total of the population vaxed is 90% then if there is no protective effect at all from the vax then you should see 90% of the cases amongst the vaxed.
    I am deeply suspicious however of amended case numbers after the event, especially with such a big difference. I am also very suspicious as to what counts as unvaxed. Is 1 dose unvaxed? How many of these unvaxed people are too sick already to partake?
    Then of course we have the old chestnut of the accuracy of the testing. How many of these people were actually sick?
    At face value though overall these numbers would not certainly not justify taking the gene therapy with all the risks involved.



    • An “Independent Fact Checker” has an attitude that implies that they are self appointed and more qualified than either side of a discussion or argument and uniquely “gifted” (i.e. spezial) to be able to provide “insight”.

      Such an attitude is arrogant and fraudulent. Someone either agrees or disagrees with one or the other viewpoints and offers rational and hierarchical evidence to support their claim or thesis.

      “Fat Chekhov” is the name that always springs to mind when I hear “Fact Checker”.

      “Fat” as in a lazy keyboard warrior, who knows nothing about anything, but is vocal that they know everything about whatever subject is relevant.

      “Chekhov” as an atypical Russian KGB spy infiltrated into Western Media during the cold war, and whose only purpose was to spread disinformation.



        • In an argument between Adam and Eve, the snake would consider itself an independent fact checker.

          In a discussion about the validity and safety of the Covid vaccines, shareholders in vaccine companies with stated objectives to get consumers hooked into a recurring dependency scheme, and thereby become impoverished and becoming slaves, generating a recurring income, all based on first destroying immune systems, would consider themselves independent fact checkers, and/or pay “Fat Chekovs” to pretend to be Fact Checkers.



            • Christianity:

              The belief that a two-thousand-year-old Jewish zombie carpenter can make you live forever, if you symbolically eat his flesh, and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul, that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat an apple off a magical tree in a wonderland.



              • The belief that a two-thousand-year-old Jewish zombie carpenter can make you live forever.. A carpenter that had amnesia between the age of 8 and 31’ish,

                I got my self in trouble at Sunday School, by asking why there was no record of him from a child to when he was 30+. So 20+ years missing. I never bought the story they fed me that he “was just a carpenter.” I challenged that.

                About as likely as working in a fish and chip shop and waking up one morning as Prime Minister.



            • I don’t know ED.
              Belly buttons ?
              Maybe plastic laboratory feeding tubes?

              I dunno, I’d have to consult the original instruction manual. Adam’s one was 12,155 pages, but the printer blew up trying to print Eve’s.

              In some religious history Eve was Adam’s second wife. God supposedly created Adam and Lilith, but they continually fought as “equals”. Lilith abandoned Adam. and then God tried to fix up his mistake by creating a subservient Eve.



    • What data can we trust.
      What were the numbers based on?
      Garbage In, Garbage Out, GIGO

      Definitions that seem to be changed.
      What is a pandemic now?
      What is a case? Where it is based on tests that should not be used for diagnosis.
      What is symptomatic and asymptomatic, and so who is a carrier? super-spreader?
      What is a vaccine?
      When does vaxx start? to when does supposedly give peak protection? to when it finishes?
      When is a vaxx side effect a side effect and fit into the allowed times?

      It does not seem to add to be full on science.
      Then it is seems suppression of debate, reason, discussion, where science is supposed to be open for all questions

      However it does seem to add up to “scientism” where one of the forms of that became known as Lysenko-ism that cost hundreds of millions their lives.
      Seems to be Fraudlent so = Complicit in Criminality.



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