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Epstein Was a Mossad Agent Used to Blackmail American Politicians, Says Former Israeli Spy.

Paul Watson writes;

“They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services.”

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad asset who was used by Israeli intelligence to blackmail American politicians, according to a former Israeli spy.

Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy and alleged “handler” of Robert Maxwell, told the authors of a new book, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, that Epstein ran a “complex intelligence operation” at the behest of Mossad.

Believing that Epstein planned to marry his daughter, Maxwell introduced him and Ghislaine Maxwell to Ben-Menashe’s Mossad circle.

“Maxwell sort of started liking him, and my theory is that Maxwell felt that this guy is going for his daughter,” Ben-Menashe said. “He felt that he could bless him with some work and help him out in like a paternal [way].”

Israeli intelligence bosses gave the green light and Epstein then became a Mossad asset.

“They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services,” said Ben-Menashe.

When it became clear that Epstein wasn’t very competent at doing much else, his primary role became “blackmailing American and other political figures.”

“Mr. Epstein was the simple idiot who was going around providing girls to all kinds of politicians in the United States,” said Ben-Menashe. “See, fucking around is not a crime. It could be embarrassing, but it’s not a crime. But fucking a fourteen-year-old girl is a crime. And he was taking photos of politicians fucking fourteen-year-old girls — if you want to get it straight. They would just blackmail people, they would just blackmail people like that.”

There’s also a Mossad connection to a different kind of sex offender; Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein reportedly hired ex-Mossad agents to suppress allegations against him. Working for an Israeli firm called Black Cube, these agents pressured witnesses and tried to intimidate journalist Ronan Farrow in order to “bury the truth” about Weinstein’s activity.

I guess we will never know the true answer, but nothing in this world of politics surprises me anymore.

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  1. I wonder whether blackmail hasn’t always been a part of politics. It could be that in this digital information age we are uncovering more of it.



    • “I wonder whether blackmail hasn’t always been a part of politics.”

      You only have to look at our own back yard with Winston Peters and NZF.
      2 senior staff resigning because their finances didn’t look right and pretty much being blackmailed not to speak..?
      Amazing how much power they have when Winston can say, you speak and i will sue.
      Fuck, i hope he’s gone at the next election unless these wankers are going to vote NZF to teach National a lesson !~



  2. People including victims of this jew were trying to speak out along time ago, Epstein managed to hide in plain sight and continue his offending protected by the trope known as “antisemitism” Weinstein did the same using the trope as his defense. This type of stuff goes back centuries, in Martin Luthers book “on jews and their lies” he writes.. “From their youth they have imbibed such venomous hatred against the Goyim from their parents and their rabbis, and they still continuously drink it.”

    The Goyim. The Talmud which is jewish law states it is ok for jews to lie, steal and even murder non-jews, defiling non-jewish girls as young as 3 is permitted.

    Was Epstein defiling young jewish girls? no he wasn’t, only the White goyim. Any history of any country that had dealings with jews had a really bad time, they were kicked out of 109 countries over 300 times, for no other reason than..you guessed it ..”antisemitism” LOL.



  3. The King, stand by for vile attacks, deleted posts, and conspiracy theories.

    Sadly this blog is infested by the lowest of all beings, the jew enabler.



    • You don’t have to come Kea and your new freind.
      We would not really miss you at all.
      And personally i don’t give a shit about any of the Sky fairy beleivers. They are all deluded nut cases.
      Unfortunately, the world is full of them. People have a choice.



      • No I will stick around expose you all to the thing the Zionists fear most – Truth.

        I don’t seek the approval of those who are traitors to humanity.

        Live with it You Stupid Goy.



    • Given your name you registered with Kea, I think its a bit rich you going on about the Jew enabelers. Or is it not your real name?



      • You need to read what I say Ed. Not the voices in your head.

        Then you will figure it out.

        Hint: I’m opposing religious persecution and hypocrisy.



    • That’s weird, i see worse here about the jews cousins the Islamic semites, is there a double standard? i’m not giving personal feelings on jews just historical facts, and more obvious double standards.

      Like the fact Islam and Judaism are each others greatest ally. They both come from the same father Abraham.



      • Oh they hate facts more than anything. Especially ones from the Jews themselves. Nothing inflames them more.

        And yes a huge double standard applies.



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